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GangWars Beta 1.3 Out

13 years ago News 0 comments

It is that time again to claim your set or hood! Ya, ya I am down with the slang and you do not want to mess with me or I will shoot you with my nine...

Rub The Shrub

13 years ago News 0 comments

The RTCW shrub mod is designed primarily to give admins increased control over every aspect of gameplay so that they may craft a unique form of playing...

SoF2 Mod Release

13 years ago News 1 comment

SoF2 Kill the Man with the Ball Version 1.2 of the Kill the Man with the Ball modification on PlanetSoldierOfFortune! The latest version of this Soldier...


MonkeyStrike Update

13 years ago Monkeystrike 0 comments

The Monkey Strike mod has picked up a new mapper and has done a super duper job! Arbee, the mapper has submitted his new map "fs_toradh", and he has been...

MS3D Version 4.6.3

13 years ago News 0 comments

The chUmbaLum sOft Website now offers anew version 1.6.3 of the MilkShape 3D modeling utility. The new version adds several features, several fixes, and...

Frontline Force 1.8 Info

13 years ago News 1 comment

The Frontline Force modification have updated thier site with some new information on version 1.8. Here's a brief run down in points of what is planned...


HL Rally Interview

13 years ago HL Rally 4 comments

Half-Life Rally Interview @ HomeLan Fed Fragmented along with Diablone from the HL Rally mod team were interviewed by the famous John Callaham from HomeLan...

NVIDIA Detonator XP Update

13 years ago News 0 comments

You might want to download the new patch so that you may enjoy fun fill time of gaming all day and all night if need be! ps: Download links below I will...

Learn to lan like a pro!

13 years ago News 0 comments

There is nothing like playing a game or mod and having fun. Well, than there is a lan. Lans are a load of fun with the right people. Your probably saying...

Unreal Tournament 2003 Update

13 years ago News 0 comments

The day is almost upon us. The day a game is released and bringing new and more mods to the mod world we all live in. Yep, that right PC Games did a Hands-On...

Get Your Shrub On

13 years ago News 0 comments

The RTCW server side mod called Shrub Mod has released version 2.06b and is ready for downlaod! added chat filter/censor feature added special soldier...

Calling all GTA3 Mod Developers

13 years ago News 0 comments

MultiEdit V1.1 has been finaly released. This little toy will help any GTA3 PC players modify the game to there liking. The program currently includes...


Tour Of Duty Interview

13 years ago Tour of Duty 0 comments

I finaly wrapped up the interview with Tour Of Duty and you guys are in for a big surprise when they release this mod! 9. Explain how the player classes...

New Day Of Defeat Wednesday

13 years ago News 1 comment

The new verison (beta 3.1) of the Day of Defeat Half-Life mod will be released on Wednesday. The new version will incorporate Valve's anti-cheating tech...

Mod Tools

13 years ago News 1 comment

ChUmbaLum sOft has a new a bug fix! ThE chUmbaLum sOft pAge has a new Ghoul2 GLM model importer plug-in for their MilkShape 3D modeling program that overcomes...

Tribes 2 players and mod developers

13 years ago News 4 comments

Sierra has canceled Tribes 2: Fast Attack but will release a major update to the multiplayer shooter as a free download, and at the same time the retail...

Game Development & Mods

13 years ago News 0 comments

Over on BluesNews.com there is great news for any SoF2 and JK2 mod developers! Pat Lipo's .plan responds to requests they've received for some basic documentation...


Shadow Theory

13 years ago Shadow Theory 0 comments

Phish from the Shadow Theory mod for HL is in need of help! Texture Artist with talent and time and dedicated. Must be very proficient with whatever tool...

Wolf Tactics

13 years ago News 0 comments

KnyteHawkk updated the site today with info on Wil finishing the skins for the mod! I am jealous, the Pyro and Infiltrator are sporting their new looks...

RTCW and Mods

13 years ago News 0 comments

Everyone needs to thank k3rn3lpanic for pulling it off! I have tried and I know some others have as well. Some new tools for RTCW mods and when I say...

Special Forces of WW II

13 years ago News 1 comment

Special Forces of World War II is a RtCW Mod that just never sleeps! The new screenshots to give another idea of how their maps are moving along. Today's...


ModDB.com Sits Down With MonkeyStrike

13 years ago Monkeystrike 3 comments

If you live under a big rock than this will be news to you! The Mod Expo has come and gone. The mods that were selected were: Sven-Coop HL Rally Buzzy...

learn to map like a pro!

13 years ago News 0 comments

Schrade has been so kind and loaded up on his site eight Valve Hammer Editor tutorials. Check them out and learn how to make a map for Half Life! Learn...

HL Boxing

13 years ago News 1 comment

Half Life Boxing is the new HL mod on the block. I honestly think it is a great idea if this mod is done correctly. The about page tells all! There will...

20 games have surround gaming support

13 years ago News 1 comment

For all those people out there with allota money in their back pocket here is a lil bit of hardware news! Matrox's latest 'Parhelia' graphics card has...

Shrub Mod for RTCW

13 years ago News 2 comments

The Shrub Mod has released and it is worth the download for any server admin who wants to mix it up. The Shrub Mod consists of: The shrub mod is designed...

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