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The Specialists mod interview

The Specialists mod interview

Dec 11, 2002 The Specialists Interview 17 comments

If you play mods and like to try out new mods to be up to date with what's out there, than this newly released mod is just for you!

Todesangst 2 Interview

Todesangst 2 Interview

Dec 7, 2002 Todesangst 2:Der Echte Feind Interview 5 comments

With the release of Todesangst 2, I just couldn't help myself!

Apocalypse Weapons
Unreal Tournament

Apocalypse Weapons

Sep 18, 2002 Apocalypse Weapons Interview 7 comments

Recently, modDB had the chance to speak with Gustavo "Darkness" Freitas, from Apocalypse Weapons mod. The mod is showing great potential and...

Real DM Interview

Real DM Interview

Sep 10, 2002 Real DeathmatcH Interview 5 comments

Recently, modDB had the chance to speak with Flewda from the Half Life mod Real Death Match in his chatroom on (gamesnet) #realdm. The result? A rather...

Half-Life Mod Expo Interviews

Half-Life Mod Expo Interviews

Jul 5, 2002 Article 14 comments

With the Valve 2002 Mod Expo having come and gone, many may still be wanting information from the fab mods that attended! Thanks to BlueWolf, he has sat...

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