Someone who has a dream to help build humanity into a stronger, kinder, humble and, faithful people. To go to the stars and become more advanced as we go forward. To become an engineer, programmer and computer graphics animator. To build my own ship and be it's captain, a leader of men and women. If anyone wishes to follow me that is. ;P That is what I dream and wish to be. Is it such a bad thing to dream?

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Republic at War

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Zero Ballistics

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The main game in which anyone can join though only up to eight players only as it is being developed in certain areas. The server can be hosted by individuals if one knows how to do it properly in which case the server the player wishes to connect the IP address is recorded and then the player is connected. The server lags sometimes even when looking around but it eventually catches up. Maybe though the poly count in the models or in the environment needs to be reduced to reduce the lag? The environment is mostly indestructible so you can have cover of sorts. The trees can be blown up and will act as a roadblock if you charge into it after you shoot it. The tank model differences can be seen when looking from another person’s perspective. You cannot see yourself except for the main body of the tank; which is mostly the front and back, along with the top of the tank’s sides. No turret but the player has in a way a HUD as if you were looking into a scope on a rifle making it easier to aim. However this scope does not allow the user to zoom. The user uses W, A, S, and D or the arrows as the main movement keys with the mouse as your reticle and line of sight with 360 degree view. The tank only has so many parts which can be upgraded for improved abilities on your tank: the weapon for increased firepower, the engine for increased speed and, the armor for increased health. There are also four categories in which the user can pick for the tank: the primary weapon, the secondary weapon, a special attack and, a self-protection ability which varies based on what the user picks. The user only has three choices in these four main categories which change the look of the user’s tank but they will only see the differences in the screen in which the four characteristics are chosen and after the match if they are near the winner where it goes to a bird’s eye view.


Star Wars: Empire At War

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