Returning to school college student earning a BS in CS. I'm a musician by hobby. I plan on using these skills with my girlfriend to start our own game design company.

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Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos

Game review

Great game. Still figuring it out.



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Revised Review;

I originally gave this game a 3 rating as when I bought it it was non-functional. I have to admit that the developer showed great concern in the problems that I was having and did his best to correct them.

Though the game is a little bit wonky still. I was just playing it and after about ten minutes of trying to hit something with the throwing scythe, it crashed on me. But I have no doubt that the developer cares about the game, and has already done a great job of making this game visually stunning.

I expect that this game will only get better.


NEO Scavenger

Game review

Pretty good. Hope it gets better.


Azzura Avventura

Game review

Doesn't even work on my computer.



Game review

Everything below is taking into consideration the game is still in Alpha.

As a DF inspired project, the game Towns is shaping up quite superbly. The updates are regular and each one adding more depth to the game. Like DF, this game is still in alpha and has eaten up a considerable amount of my time.

Devs, keep this standard coming. When this game is finished it can easily be in the same league as DF. Kudos.


Battle Group

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This game is not a bad take on Missile Command. The feeling of nostalgia made me enjoy it a bit. Otherwise, it's just not my type of game. But I certainly don't mind my money going to neat indie games like this. Kudos, Dev.



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Great game. This is the spirit of what an indie game should be. You take an old mechanic, and make a fantastic game around it. Sometimes the humor is a little on the low brow side, but I think that is what lends it some of its charm. I don't regret buying this game one bit.


Space Pirates and Zombies (SPAZ)

Game review

Fort Zombie

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I'd like to start off by saying the idea behind this game is genius. You would think with all the zombie craze going on lately, someone would have made a zombie strategy game. This game takes that a step further by mating it with a action game style interface. Now that I've said that, let me say here's where it falls down...

The interface and mechanics are a tad bit unworkable. I realize that it's going for realism, but it took me a dozen tries just to get to my fort. The procedurally generated town is nice. And adventuring around in it is a blast. But at the beginning of the game it's damn near impossible to survive. Again, it's real, but it doesn't make for fun.

So I get good enough to be able to get to my fort every time... What's next? I dunno. The game really doesn't give you any directions. But it gives you missions, and prioritizing which ones is fairly easy. I thought, first thing I need is people. So I take a people mission. Almost die getting to them to find out they don't like me and won't follow me.

With a little work this game will be great. Until then, don't waste your money.


Dwarf Fortress

Game review

The learning curve is steep, but the rewards are deep. If you have the patience to learn this game you will be constantly awed by the complexity. It will certainly provide you with hours of amusement. And remember, losing is fun.

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