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bloodshot12 Mar 19 2012, 11:52pm replied:

Actually FEAR also uses it for brick textures and other walls to make them look 3D. It has some pretty good uses but if you want to make it work on stuff like this the seams where walls meet create matching problems unless you have the right tech.

+1 vote     media: Parallax Mapping Test
bloodshot12 Mar 4 2012, 7:37pm says:

Wow me and a friend just installed RTCW again and I was wondering if there was coop.

Also, ironically, I was just trying to get Thief 2 multiplayer to work (which you guys mentioned) but I can't with hamachi. Would Tuungle fix the problem?

+1 vote     mod: Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Cooperative Gameplay
bloodshot12 Mar 1 2012, 8:22pm says:

It's about damn time HL1 gets something more then model replacements until BM comes out. With classic games like Quake 1 getting parallax mapping, soft shadows and super HD textures, HL1 needs the same thing too.

Plus it'll be perfect for people who want an upgraded HL1 that's close to the original without the changes that BM will bring (They will be good I'm sure, but even design errors of classic games are memorable).

+3 votes     media: subtransit
bloodshot12 Mar 1 2012, 2:24pm says:

I'm dying for this mod to come out

+3 votes     mod: Crysis Co-op
bloodshot12 Feb 26 2012, 9:13pm replied:

Have you played Cry of Fear?

+4 votes     mod: Bleak
bloodshot12 Feb 24 2012, 4:15pm replied:

Or how about just buy the steam version because that's what they made it for, and they aren't going to adapt it to something else after all that work.

+3 votes     game: Cry of Fear
bloodshot12 Feb 22 2012, 10:49pm says:

Thanks for the torrent. I'm almost done, as opposed to the actual link which started at 10 minutes, and jumped up to 10 hours.

+1 vote     game: Cry of Fear
bloodshot12 Feb 22 2012, 6:46pm replied:

lol BMS team didn't leave because of "one person", they stopped posting updates because they were fed up with all the morons who would complain about them for no good reason. They will be back once they release the mod. It had nothing to do with "one person", if it was just one person doing that, they probably would post a lot more media in places other than the forums.

+1 vote     game: Cry of Fear
bloodshot12 Feb 22 2012, 6:38pm says:

wow, traffic overload on this mod it's so damn popular.

I wish I didn't hate waiting.

+1 vote     game: Cry of Fear
bloodshot12 Feb 20 2012, 3:31am says:

Amazing game. Such atmosphere. The music gives me chills.

+4 votes     game: Unreal
bloodshot12 Feb 6 2012, 1:30pm says:

reminds me of the old narrator guy in the intro/end of Hexen 2

+2 votes     media: Low Poly Roden Weighted
bloodshot12 Feb 6 2012, 1:07pm says:

Wow, I like the track you guys posted, it's very Hexen like. I'm a huge fan of Hexen and Hexen 2. Is your composer planning to do remixes of some classic Hexen music like Wastelands/Plaza of the sun or Winnowing Hall? That'd be pretty awesome, even if it's just a new song incorporating bits of the older songs.

It's nice to see this mod progressing btw, after hearing about it for so long (my bro used to work on it with you guys)

+2 votes     mod: Hexen: Edge Of Chaos
bloodshot12 Feb 1 2012, 8:54pm says:

How do you play as the warrior? It just says LOCKED when I start a game. Do I have to beat it as duke first?

Just found this mod btw. It's amazing, best game I've played in a long time (So far :D)

I love Quake and Hexen (and Doom) so I was pretty stoked when I saw all the Q1 inspired levels and Q1 textures.

+1 vote     game: WGRealms 2
bloodshot12 Jan 29 2012, 3:43am says:

Even though I really hope they do, I'd actually be kinda ok if they don't release the Thief 4 editor. While I do really want it, the Dark mod is probably a more then competent enough alternative - especially now that Doom 3 is open source.

All I can say is great Job, and please add soft shadows :D

+2 votes     mod: The Dark Mod
bloodshot12 Jan 18 2012, 6:35pm says:

You should use the newly released classic scar in your mod. It would fit well.

+4 votes     mod: Crysis Revival V3.99 + C MOD
bloodshot12 Jan 13 2012, 3:24pm says:

Ah but can we pick up and throw things? I just couldn't see coop being nearly as fun as SP if we can't just pick up a barrel, (or a banana :D) and smash someone with it. Also, did you fix strength punches/bashing? I know Crysis Wars broke them for AI, hence why they slump to the ground when bashed, vs the original.
It can be fixed with tweaks to the basicActor.lua, but don't know if that will work for this.

+1 vote     media: Crysis Co-op Island - Trailer
bloodshot12 Jan 13 2012, 4:18am says:

We will need both Crysis and Crysis Wars installed right? When it's released, what if the person I want to play with doesn't have Wars? Can we use the free trial?

Also, is it possible if someone wanted to modify the campaign map's ToD to make it look cooler? Or is that not an option, since everyone would probably need the same map files?

+1 vote     mod: Crysis Co-op
bloodshot12 Jan 8 2012, 11:06am says:

Sounds like Hexen/Hexen 2 Soundtrack :)

+1 vote     media: Cathedral music from TH Music Expansion
bloodshot12 Dec 26 2011, 9:34pm says:

Awesome job, man. Hehe, I was just playing Quake with the best models and texture packs I could find, now I'm going to play one of my other favorite games with it!

Oh and IDK about this version, but the first version worked flawlessly with AvP gold as long as you got the custom updated executable for modern machines.

+1 vote     download: AvP Classic Redux 2.0 (Part 1 of 2)
bloodshot12 Dec 26 2011, 9:31pm says:

This mod is pretty damn cool, but not to be harsh - but the rocket launcher model looks terrible here. It looks like someone jammed three smaller pipes into a large funnel, and plopped a nice looking texture on it.

Again, not to be mean, but the custom models for Quake and the DMC RL trump this model. They look like an actual launcher, while this...doesn't.

I only bring it up because everything else looks great though. This just looks so out of place.

+1 vote     media: More weapon models
bloodshot12 Sep 26 2011, 6:00pm says:

In a recent interview which was linked to in their youtube channel (they made a new video) they said all they have left is testing, and parts of Lambda Core. That's pretty damn close.

Just remember, 2 weeks before the mod comes out, the full soundtrack will.

Don't believe me? Check out their channel. They put a new video in their channel - that's something they haven't done in almost a year.

-2 votes     mod: Black Mesa
bloodshot12 Aug 16 2011, 3:17am says:

This really is an amazing mod, you guys have transformed the Doom 3 engine into something completely new, and it's a wonderful treat for thief fans like myself.

I would love to see some sort of multiplayer incorporated in this one day, but I think that's asking a bit too much. You guys have done so much work and poured so much of your time into this mod, it's almost like that gift that the receiver can never match up to. So I think i speak for all of these thief fans and haters of how Eidos destroyed LGS flagship title when I say, thank you.

+7 votes     mod: The Dark Mod
bloodshot12 Aug 16 2011, 2:48am says:

**** this game and it's sequel were gems in a sea of genericness. RIP looking glass.

+3 votes     game: Thief: The Dark Project
bloodshot12 Jul 19 2011, 1:43pm says:

Very nice, this makes installing all the mods easier when I switch computers and loose my original installation ;)

+1 vote     download: QuakeHD quakeone com compilation
bloodshot12 Jul 19 2011, 1:42pm says:

I like the QRP a bit better. They are less gritty, but Rygel's textures look too dirty, almost like they all have the same "dirt" filter on them.

+1 vote     media: Rygel's vs QRP comparison - QRP
bloodshot12 Jul 19 2011, 1:40pm says:

Guys, you don't need news, the mod poster is just showing off a combination of a bunch of mods for Quake, they are all available to download already, just gotta do some searching. Try btw

+3 votes     mod: QUAKE - HD
bloodshot12 Jul 13 2011, 3:14pm says:

So i'm assuming you guys aren't making Crysis 1 coop anymore? Kinda disappointing - unless you're gonna convert Crysis 1 stuff and do it that way :)

+1 vote     mod: Crysis 2 Co-op
bloodshot12 May 22 2011, 1:08pm says:

I can't play, it always says errors found in EDUKE.CON, do you want to use internal defaults? I press yes it says ERROR compiling .CON files, I press no it doesn't load either.


+1 vote     mod: Duke Nukem Eternity
bloodshot12 Mar 15 2011, 10:58pm replied:

I know this is wishful thinking, given the history of FF7 mods making it past conceptual choices and basic level design (i.e. never), but I want to wish you guys best of luck on this.

I would love to see a remade 7, and this certainly would be an interesting way to do it. I don't think it's impossible on the EP2 engine either - EP2 has a larger size limits, and don't Source-based games support traveling between levels? All the areas with the exception of the world map, are quite practical in size for being made into source maps.

They would require a LOT of detail to make them match the original background quality though, so that would mean if you were to make them look that good, only higher end comps would do well with it (which probably won't be much of a problem now)

2 Crazy ideas for way later just popped into my head, Maybe as a workaround for FF7's huge overworld and source's limits - perhaps you can split them into individual maps? Certain areas would be traversed and then, you would go through a cave or an event like in the original, then it would load the next world area. Hell, if you want to put the highwind as something to fly over the world, you could make a mini overworld that has the whole world, and when you land, it would load that individual portion of the world.

Second cool idea could be coop, where other players take control of party members like Tifa or Barret.

But then again, I'm getting way too ahead of myself for now. I would still love to see an MP FF7 FPS. IMO that's a smart thing your doing, as it is easier to provide something like that first, and smarter - that way, functional MP will attract people and if it's good peak their interest, so they will take more interest into waiting for your SP portion.

+2 votes     mod: VII: Fair's Legacy
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