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Blak-Dragon Jun 8 2012, 5:15am says:

Will this require you to start a fresh game or can you resume a saved game without problems ?

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Blak-Dragon Jun 8 2012, 4:54am says:

Hey N.Aaroe, maybe for the use of the new mutant part feature you need a "Hunting Knife" that you sometimes collect off of dead bodies to properly collect bits off of mutants, figured that would be useful since I'm not sure what that additional knife weapon was intended for in Misery.

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Blak-Dragon Jun 8 2012, 4:42am replied:

Where do I obtain the optional dynamic hud ? (if that includes the helmet display in the screenshot)

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Blak-Dragon May 28 2012, 5:00am replied:

Will you still include a rare titanium lightweight version of the armor plating ? Figured it would go good along with the other rare loot and weapons you find in Misery.

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Blak-Dragon May 28 2012, 4:50am says:

Oh wow, Awesome ! Glad I could help.

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Blak-Dragon May 27 2012, 11:21pm says:

Hey N.Aaroe, Could you update the Description with little symbols next to each weapon to indicate what can be equipped onto it ? (silencers, launchers, scopes ...)

Also aside of the unique FAL you mentioned earlier in a pic, will there be any additional weapons or upgrades to the current arsenal ?

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Blak-Dragon May 27 2012, 11:17pm says:

Awesome, can't wait to play it.

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Blak-Dragon May 27 2012, 10:59pm says:

So you're using my suggested idea for armor addons, should I still suggest other armor item types other than the kevlar plating I suggested earlier ?

Also will there be a more detailed list of specific changes & fixes with 2.0 ?

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Blak-Dragon May 26 2012, 9:16pm says:

Also would this be the appropriate place to post suggestions/ideas for the update now ?

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Blak-Dragon May 26 2012, 9:15pm says:

If you're prone to being wounded or exposed to radiation, a doctor who heals your wounds and radiation for free is a good idea to visit first.

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Blak-Dragon May 23 2012, 10:24am says:

Well I'd love to test out the armor attachments I suggested. I pretty much have most of the week free and open so I can play/test the 2.0 beta most of the time. Your call though since I guess you already have enough people for it already.

Course I suppose we're all going to wait a little longer than expected for the new version ?

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Blak-Dragon May 20 2012, 10:36am says:

"Controllers may try and stop your mind with their powers, however they cannot stop a RPG to their face"

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Blak-Dragon Apr 14 2012, 5:06am replied:

Tormented animals ... I hardly think something that will tear you apart the first moment it sees you is something that is suffering.

"If it's hostile, you KILL IT"

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Blak-Dragon Apr 14 2012, 2:58am says:

I'm not sure if anyone asked already but will mutant body parts be available in the next update ? I've found it's extremely difficult to obtain cash if you've been unlucky to find any intact gear to sell, or artifacts of reasonable trade, I figure since it's a good low-income source if you don't have any real money and would make it more interesting to hunt down mutants and not just waste ammo or avoid them.

Least then you have more of a challenge to try and kill the more dangerous mutants like Chimeras when you get that mutant hunter achievement (Which causes more of them to appear in all 3 maps)

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Blak-Dragon Apr 14 2012, 2:47am says:

I think the Recon needs to specialize in SMG's (and even some specific silenced weapons) since it's the only other weapons aside of explosives that are not utilized by the other 2 classes, mostly because he has the least appealing skills, as I've used Sniper and Assault and found their suits can stay pretty intact after a few fights and still manage to get repaired at a low cost.

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Blak-Dragon Apr 14 2012, 2:40am replied:

Speaking of rifles, that stash under the small bridge near the train that hides the basic tools at Yanov that holds a semi-auto rifle is a bit bugged, as the rifle can be picked up, but the ammo is out of reach. I think it may be the FOV adjustment may be responsible.

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Blak-Dragon Apr 14 2012, 2:35am replied:

No problem. Also check and see if the Beril5 Armor's Artifact Upgrade is fixed on your mod. Seems that most mod's aside of Swartz's don't fix it.

As for the kevlar plates (artifacts), they should come in three types in regards to how far you are into the game and what trader sells them for, possibly a rare 4th type (unique titanium kevlar alloy or something ?) that offers the best protection and also the lightest cost of carry weight.

As for the 1st and weakest plate, probably you can find them sometimes on zombie stalkers, Which could explain why they can be so resistant to shots other than the head.

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Blak-Dragon Apr 13 2012, 12:41pm says:

From what I've found out, aside of Zombie Stalkers, there is another Zombie enemy type in the COP game files. It can be added in with modifications, have you considered using them for the next update ?

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Blak-Dragon Apr 12 2012, 7:11am says:

Hey N.Aaroe I was thinking.

Since most suits come with artifact slots, is it possible to produce some custom artifacts that could act like "optional" suit addons ? For example, additional kevlar plates which could reduce bullet damage slightly at the cost of carry weight when added into the slot. Figured since artifacts mostly protect against environmental hazards, "Suit Part Artifacts" could contribute to protection in combat.

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Blak-Dragon Apr 11 2012, 3:58am says:

Will there be more helmets and gasmasks in v1.3 ?

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Blak-Dragon Mar 22 2012, 1:35am says:

I found it relatively easy to acquire huge amounts of cash from selling weapons and other looted items even on the Master Difficulty, will this later be fixed ?

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Blak-Dragon Mar 22 2012, 1:29am replied:

It's somewhat of a bug, the green indicator seems to not to flash when you have minor radiation sickness, just use one anti-rad drug wait for 20 seconds and you should be able to sleep.

+1 vote   mod: Swartz Mod
Blak-Dragon Mar 20 2012, 4:56am replied:

Well Swartz, aside of Misery. Seems like the only suitable mod to play atm, since Redux v2 is still in progress along with others. I mean it's got a 9.6 vote, so you know you've made something right in this.

Though if not further new development, maybe just adapt existing available content ? Such as those hud visuals when you wear a helmet (Perhaps add in that G-5 Gasmask?). There hasn't been a mod compilation yet, so always options I guess.

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Blak-Dragon Mar 19 2012, 1:14pm says:

Will you add in a hunting mission for Zanton ? I figure it could be a lighter version to the Yanov hunting missions, basically eliminating blind dog groups, pigs & boars. But putting them in areas you normally don't get to explore around Zanton cause there's either nothing of real interest.

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Blak-Dragon Mar 18 2012, 1:01pm says:

Trying the 1.05 version out, seems alright. My only thoughts were the removed option to mod armor & weapons via the traders, as it was part of the core of Stalker that made it a fun secondary activity to gather cash to improve a weapon, or upgrade the suit to better survive outside and not just repair it either.

Also means you have to purchase better more expensive suits to protect yourself, which is difficult if you cannot manage the cash, specially later on.

If Redux v2 is still going to be a while, I wouldn't mind testing out a script that allows mods for Redux v1's Weapons and Armor.

+2 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Wormwood
Blak-Dragon Mar 18 2012, 6:49am says:

I had two questions,

can I update a mod that uses a older version (2.1) of Atmosfear with no problem ?

And are you planning on adding more weather effects, such as maybe hurricane style wind force and rain ?

+1 vote   mod: AtmosFear for Call of Pripyat
Blak-Dragon Mar 17 2012, 9:52pm says:

I just installed this, soon as I see the main menu, the background is somewhat glitched or displaced, when I started the game, I went to the inventory menu and items are not being displayed. Anyone else getting this too ? And is there a solution ?


Je viens d'installer ce, dès que je vois le menu principal, le fond est un peu glitched ou déplacés, quand j'ai commencé le jeu, je suis allé dans le menu d'inventaire et des articles ne sont pas affichées. Quelqu'un d'autre se présente aussi? Et y at-il une solution?

+1 vote   mod: Call of Pripyat Reloaded
Blak-Dragon Mar 11 2012, 9:31am says:

N.Aaroe You should really hide this in it's own unique stash spot. As I found this by surprise and accident while hunting down usual hidden weapon stash spots on the map. That and the other weapons like that Ump45.

Or at least, maybe randomize it along with the other weapon stashes in the game. As it spoils the experience if you can just get quick easy cash or a good high-quality weapon without having to go through the entire search or usual game play to make enough money to afford it.

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Blak-Dragon Feb 23 2012, 7:03am says:

Is there any changelog released yet ? I'm curious to check out the new specs and changes made to this since v1.4, at least to pass the time till this is finished.

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Blak-Dragon Feb 23 2012, 6:59am replied:

Just cause the Railguns looked too much like lasers (Which is Nod's usual weaponry), no high explosive damage or effect like the default.

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
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