I have been modding games for many years, starting when I was about 10 years old. Every mod I had started was never finished, but now that I am older I have begun modding again. It's been several years since I've used ModDB but I'm in and out of the modding scene. I will likely be making a new RPG similar to my old project in the near future. I was in middle school when I began work on it, and now I have a lot more experience than I used to. Visit www.blaise.tk for updates on my status. My gaming career was largely started playing PSOne games as a kid. Later, I began playing a lot of games on PC such as Command & Conquer and I began modding for those. Later in life, I play a lot of games on Xbox 360 and Steam, while emulating for my PSOne. I also used to be heavily into Runescape before quitting for good on New Year's Day 2013. I was almost maxed on RS, but the game was such a grind that it really burnt me out. Lately I've been on a nostalgia kick and playing a bunch of old games.


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