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ya, I've been trying to find it everywhere, but can only find up to 2.6
something happen?
Moddb has the 3.0 page listed as mod not active blah, blah.
are you still working on it, or should i just use the 2.6?
And btw, nice work with the BFP mod, I've been watching your progress with it since you took it upon yourself to not let this mod die.
Thanks for that...

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man I forgot all about the homepage, duh:

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you know the EBFPF page is shut down?

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shane454 has 2GB file hosting for free Blackyking!

Hope that helps :)

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when is v2.5 comming i want realy to play it.:):):)

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stop annoying him..he is doing his best :)..and im sure that he will upload it soon

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look can i ask you if you could help me can u make models for bfp on mac because i really want the models for the game u have made i got it and i tried the models to transfer but it didn't work so if u could upload em to work on mac so i can make em work for my new game cause i need help for it put all in one whole zip or something!

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How come the new version isnt out yet?

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can somone help me i need a link to ebfp v2 a good link cause the link here doesnt work plz i have to play the game

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C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\md3-Android19.pk3 (27 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\md3-Android18.pk3 (37 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\md3-Android17.pk3 (43 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\md3-Android16.pk3 (46 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-thecellgames.pk3 (41 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-TenkaichiBudoukai.pk3 (126 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-space.pk3 (21 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-snakeway.pk3 (18 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-outer.pk3 (19 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-namekxl.pk3 (41 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-kiwtroom~WHITE.pk3 (51 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-kitroom0.pk3 (50 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-gpmaps1.pk3 (240 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-Gpctf0.pk3 (128 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-gpcell_terra4.pk3 (68 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-Gingertown.pk3 (48 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-ende_namek.pk3 (42 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-earth0.pk3 (25 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-Dr-Gero.pk3 (46 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-Destroy-Namek.pk3 (42 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-dayh850.pk3 (28 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-datribecle0.pk3 (28 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-dapalace1.pk3 (133 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-Dapalace0~NIGHT.pk3 (115 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-dapalace0.pk3 (125 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-danorthern1.pk3 (69 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-danorthern0.pk3 (69 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-damystic0.pk3 (49 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-dacreek0.pk3 (43 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-dacity0.pk3 (119 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-cell_game.pk3 (27 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\map-buumap.pk3 (79 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Turnier.pk3 (70 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Majin+Screams.pk3 (96 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Majin+Lookout.pk3 (167 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Kame+House+Beta+1.0.pk3 (135 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Highway.pk3 (33 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+GT+Clan+Map+3.pk3 (25 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+GT+Clan+Map+2.pk3 (26 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+GT+Clan+Map+1.pk3 (39 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+GPCELL_Terra5.pk3 (69 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+GP+Dark+City.pk3 (82 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+GP+City.pk3 (77 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+GP+Cave.pk3 (47 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Ginger+Town.pk3 (33 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Garilc+Jr+Palace.pk3 (24 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Doomed+Namek.pk3 (23 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Defi's+Time+Chamber.pk3 (41 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Dayh850.pk3 (28 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Datribecle.pk3 (28 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Dash+Namek.pk3 (69 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Dapalace1.pk3 (133 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Dapalace.pk3 (125 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Danorthern1.pk3 (69 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Danorthern.pk3 (69 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Danger+City.pk3 (198 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Dacreek.pk3 (43 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Dacity.pk3 (119 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Chronic+City.pk3 (155 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\Map+-+Buu's+Ship.pk3 (82 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\DBQ_Xmap5_Beta1.pk3 (40 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\dbq_Xmap4_Beta3.pk3 (46 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\dbq_Xmap3_beta2.pk3 (68 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\dbq_Xmap2.pk3 (77 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\dbq_Xmap1_beta2.pk3 (75 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\bfp1.2.pk3 (216 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\bfpeng\bfp0.pk3 (1163 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng/bfpeng
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\baseq3\pak8.pk3 (9 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\baseq3\pak7.pk3 (4 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\baseq3\pak6.pk3 (64 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\baseq3\pak5.pk3 (7 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\baseq3\pak4.pk3 (272 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\baseq3\pak3.pk3 (4 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\baseq3\pak2.pk3 (148 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\baseq3\pak1.pk3 (26 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng\baseq3\pak0.pk3 (2599 files)
C:\Program Files\ebfp2\bfpeng/baseq3

14081 files in pk3 files
execing default.cfg
execing q3config.cfg
couldn't exec autoexec.cfg
Hunk_Clear: reset the hunk ok
...detecting CPU, found Intel Pentium III

------- Input Initialization -------
No window for DirectInput mouse init, delaying
Joystick is not active.
----- Client Initialization -----
----- Initializing Renderer ----
----- Client Initialization Complete -----
----- R_Init -----
Initializing OpenGL subsystem
...initializing QGL
...calling LoadLibrary( 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\opengl32.dll' ): succeeded
...setting mode 6: 1024 768 FS
...using colorsbits of 32
...calling CDS: ok
...registered window class
...created window@0,0 (1024x768)
Initializing OpenGL driver
...getting DC: succeeded
...GLW_ChoosePFD( 32, 24, 0 )
...35 PFDs found
...GLW_ChoosePFD failed
...failed to find an appropriate PIXELFORMAT
...restoring display settings
...WARNING: could not set the given mode (6)
...setting mode 6: 1024 768 FS
...using colorsbits of 16
...calling CDS: ok
...created window@0,0 (1024x768)
Initializing OpenGL driver
...getting DC: succeeded
...GLW_ChoosePFD( 16, 24, 0 )
...35 PFDs found
...GLW_ChoosePFD failed
...failed to find an appropriate PIXELFORMAT
...restoring display settings
...WARNING: could not set the given mode (3)
...shutting down QGL
...unloading OpenGL DLL
...assuming '3dfxvgl' is a standalone driver
...initializing QGL
...WARNING: missing Glide installation, assuming no 3Dfx available
...shutting down QGL
----- CL_Shutdown -----
RE_Shutdown( 1 )
GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem

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