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_Erebus_ May 29 2011, 6:42pm says:

<3 .

+2 votes   member: D3ads
_Erebus_ May 29 2011, 8:58am says:

Your mother doesn't seem to think so, champ.

+1 vote   member: D3ads
_Erebus_ May 28 2011, 12:25pm says:

why not use Max 2010? can import/export SMDs. so.

+1 vote   blog: "Absolute Zero" and Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms, etc.
_Erebus_ May 28 2011, 12:24pm says:

clipping on the satchel?

+1 vote   media: SD weapons pack: Blue Shift
_Erebus_ May 27 2011, 8:50pm says:


+2 votes   member: D3ads
_Erebus_ May 26 2011, 8:48pm says: really?

0 votes   download: Atlas PlayerModel
_Erebus_ May 24 2011, 8:06pm says:

unless the gas mask is made of play doh, he's not going to be able to move his head at all.

+8 votes   media: OF2 - Phoenix Marine
_Erebus_ May 22 2011, 11:28am replied:

yeah, but the original was about that size, so i'm sticking with it. i don't even know what it's supposed to be. looks like a weird breed of spas.

+1 vote   media: Houndeye and Vortigaunt.
_Erebus_ May 21 2011, 8:56pm says:

the hammer and wrenches look kinda... flat. this is great though, these could be great in maps--models instead of brushes. many advantages.

+1 vote   media: tools [junk/furniture] (news 21.05.2011)
_Erebus_ May 21 2011, 2:50pm replied:

citadel walls but no citadel.

+2 votes   media: The Rift
_Erebus_ May 21 2011, 2:38pm replied:

yep. i tweaked the texture myself.

+1 vote   media: Houndeye and Vortigaunt.
_Erebus_ May 20 2011, 5:21pm says:

this hurts my eyes.

-1 votes   media: The Rift
_Erebus_ May 19 2011, 5:47pm says:

you made the crowbar textures themselves additive, not the chromes.

+1 vote   download: Blue Crowbar
_Erebus_ May 17 2011, 5:52pm buried:



-15 votes   media: MP7A1 High Poly Final
_Erebus_ May 15 2011, 9:37am replied:

For v1, I'll actually make three separate releases, each for HL, OF, and BS. HL is closest to completion; expect that around mid-June

+1 vote   media: Houndeye and Vortigaunt.
_Erebus_ May 14 2011, 5:03pm replied:

because reasons.

soon. :3

+2 votes   media: Houndeye and Vortigaunt.
_Erebus_ May 11 2011, 6:00pm says:

just noticed one in particular--your comment on the OF2 soldier image. it was overall pretty damn positive tbh, yet it got downvoted.

+1 vote   member: Swaggletooth
_Erebus_ May 10 2011, 4:45pm says:

this mod is very unprofessionally done; have you done anything significant yourself, AMD? i could download a custom model for each and every HL / OF weapon, slap on a new texture for some of them, and call it a custom model pack.

using default SC weapons just looks awful, you didn't even replace the arm models. have you done anything unique that hasn't been really done before? not really.

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life: Redux
_Erebus_ May 10 2011, 4:41pm says:

lol is that my HEV finger texture? there's clipping on the right hand, as well.

overly contrasted, it just looks bad.

eli's head.. just.. why? at least make him look younger and less conspicuous.

+1 vote   media: HD Default Beretta
_Erebus_ May 10 2011, 4:35pm replied:

you're never going to please everyone. people will always find SOMEthing to bitch about.

besides, aren't you asking for criticism? constructive or not, people often have a good point. other times they're far off or just complaining for its sake; that's life, get used to it.

+7 votes   media: the god damn phoenix soldier
_Erebus_ May 10 2011, 4:31pm says:

karmaf**s on moddb, GOTTA LOVE EM

0 votes   member: Swaggletooth
_Erebus_ Apr 27 2011, 6:14pm says:

Well put.

+2 votes   blog: Becoming an Intellectual
_Erebus_ Apr 25 2011, 6:48pm says:

what general area of the US is the mod set? if it's in the more southern states, the roads should be less cracked. :P

+3 votes   mod: Opposing Force 2
_Erebus_ Apr 24 2011, 9:31am says:

well done

+2 votes   media: Easter weekend revamp (day 2)
_Erebus_ Apr 19 2011, 3:49pm says:


+1 vote   media: Crazy
_Erebus_ Apr 12 2011, 8:01pm says:

oh god. those are dark days, my friend, DARK DAYS.

+2 votes   member: ÐiamonÐ
_Erebus_ Apr 12 2011, 5:21pm replied:

1.0 will work with WON too.

+2 votes   mod: Further Data 2.0
_Erebus_ Apr 11 2011, 4:09pm says:

thanks home skillet

+1 vote   member: LTSmash
_Erebus_ Apr 11 2011, 4:08pm says:


+2 votes   member: ÐiamonÐ
_Erebus_ Apr 10 2011, 6:11pm says:

omg u do dimond hl pak?? maek for opfor plx

+2 votes   member: ÐiamonÐ
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