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Where I am?

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Huh, it's been a long time since I wrote something here...

Anyways even though I'm no modder you can find me on several different sites starting from YouTube. If you like to stay there for longer, maybe even subscribe or comment be my guest!

Google+ profile@
reddit profile@
Twitch profile@

And the most important one!

YouTube profile@

I see you on the Internet ^_^

Welcome all + Playing AC

BlackShadow1991 Blog 0 comments

First comes first.
Welcome all. My name's Matt and I'm 17 now. I'm from Poland and I really like games. Im not any of pro gamers, just normal casual or amateur gamer who like to relax at his favourite games. For a long time I've benn thinking about making an account here but now this idea comes to realise. So, welcome all and see ya in game, maybe CSS.

Beating Assasins Creed...
So now I'm playing AC. It's really great game and I enjoyed my time while playing it. I'm just after two
memory blocks and Im in third now. I want to pass all memory genes at 100%. Now after playing 6 hours in-game I in fourth memory block. Wish my luck. Game is really fun.

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