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Black_Drakon Aug 20 2011, 4:38pm replied:

Look on RA2 Rhino tank and RA3 Hammer tank. First one looks like tank. Second one just a plastic toy. Same about Apocalypse tanks.

+3 votes   mod: Project-X
Black_Drakon Aug 20 2011, 12:20pm says:

OK. These mod aims to change unit designs on better from classic Red Alert games. Main problem of RA3 is that most of units looks like toys and we are going to fix that.

+2 votes   mod: Project-X
Black_Drakon Jun 8 2010, 7:46am replied:

Frog-7 or Luna-M was used during GWW2 by soviets in first RA.
I think they need some upgrade
And Scud is soviet weapon.

+2 votes   mod: RA2: New War
Black_Drakon Dec 10 2009, 6:38pm says:

Класс ))
Есть предложение. Будут ли пилоты выпрыгивать из сбитых вертолетов?
Если да то советую сделать для команча так чтобы как в реальной жизни сначала отстреливалась кабина и после спускалась на парашуте.
В альфа версии Генералов было так.
И так же сделать миссии в стиле оригинальных C&C. Например миссию где надо обезвредить новейший китайский бомбардировщик "железный дракон" :)

+1 vote   mod: C&C Generals Evolution
Black_Drakon Oct 9 2008, 5:45pm says:

1) Add Air transport. Or make V-35 buildable. And remove ability of some units which make them call V-35. +1 to classic gameplay :)
2) I think voice of chinese Overord tank from C&C:Generals will be more suitable for Mammoth Mk2 ;)
2) How about add Mobile Sensor Array for GDI. And remove detect stealth ability from some defence structures?
3) Change color of GDI interface from blue to "Dark Gold" because we all know that GDI always had "Dark Gold" color, but not blue. ;)
4) Make GDI defence like in TS. Component tower with 3 upgrades - vulcan gun, anti tank gun, AA gun (or SAM)
5) spotlight tower (like in TS but it was not buildable) with detect stealth units ability and can be battlebunker with 3 infantry squads. And possible to add spotlight effect? This tower, like old wall still in game, you can see it in first GDI mission, i think its parameters here "GDIWatchTower"
6) Firestorm defence. I think this possible to realize, but can take much time :(

+1 vote   mod: Tiberium Essence
Black_Drakon Aug 18 2011, 2:51pm replied:

I thought about that, but AA vehicle place already taken by Flak Track.
Maybe we will find replacement for Sickle or make better model of spider walker :)

+1 vote   media: Let's take the guns for a spin!
Black_Drakon Aug 18 2011, 2:47pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Like my new treads?
Black_Drakon Aug 18 2011, 2:46pm replied:

Полигонов в нем 7285. Но игра должна потянуть )

+1 vote   media: Apocalypse tank WIP
Black_Drakon Aug 14 2011, 6:46am says:

It reminds me dropship from Aliens movie

+3 votes   media: Thor Gunship
Black_Drakon Aug 12 2011, 7:56am replied:

I prefer these one based on Westwood concepts

+3 votes   media: Halftrack
Black_Drakon Aug 9 2011, 1:44pm replied:

First Red Alert was serious. Only thing that i don't like is many modern vehicles in WW2 like Mig-29 or Apache Longbow.

+2 votes   mod: Project-X
Black_Drakon Aug 5 2011, 8:06am replied:

Yes. I have idea about make my own version of these mod
And it is easy work. I already have all stuff what i need :)

+2 votes   media: Some C&C Renegade units in C&C 3
Black_Drakon Jul 30 2011, 3:02pm says:

Давно слежу за модом и есть пара вопросов
1) Будут ли обезоруженные противники (например штурмовики) не беспомощно бегать а пытаться напасть на ГГ в рукопашной?
2) Будут ли среди врагов боевые машины помимо At-st?
3) И стали ли враги умнее и опаснее чем раньше?

+1 vote   mod: The Dark Pastime
Black_Drakon Jul 29 2011, 4:44am says:

Reminds me about these level in Super Star Wars on Snes

+2 votes   media: Sandcrawler tank
Black_Drakon Jul 26 2011, 3:11pm replied:

I don't think these possible. If i will find way to do these option i will do it.
But there will be some interest features about superweapons.
Superweapons will have 10 minutes timer. Soviet will have saboteur unit to disable enemy superweapon.
Also i can make version of mod without superweapons

+3 votes   mod: Project-X
Black_Drakon Jul 24 2011, 7:14pm says:

Nice! Renegade 2 Kirov

+4 votes   media: Kirov MkII (now with guns!)
Black_Drakon Jul 18 2011, 7:40pm says:

Spiderman got new suit!

+1 vote   media: Synergy - Initiate Concept Sketch and Model
Black_Drakon Jul 18 2011, 3:31pm replied:

No. Mod is not dead

+1 vote   mod: Project-X
Black_Drakon Jul 18 2011, 10:51am says:

Another unit suggestion from Battlegrounds.
Allied light corvette (Air Cruiser)

+2 votes   mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
Black_Drakon Jul 18 2011, 10:12am says:

Awesome work!

+1 vote   media: Rebel Attack Tank
Black_Drakon Jul 16 2011, 8:13pm replied:

Where i can get it? They will look good in my mods.

+1 vote   media: Hi-Res C&C3 GDI units
Black_Drakon Jul 16 2011, 4:45pm says:

I suggest to recolor it to grey. It is more Nod style

+2 votes   media: "Time for revenge!"
Black_Drakon Jul 9 2011, 5:52am says:

Another unit suggestions
And there a lot good units in SWGB that will look good in these mod

+1 vote   mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
Black_Drakon Jul 7 2011, 2:22pm says:

Can you add to your mod AT-XT
And these version of AT-PT?

+1 vote   mod: FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
Black_Drakon Jul 6 2011, 6:54am says:

Here you can download public model of GDI mobile defence

+2 votes   mod: C&C ZH : Tiberian Incursion and Tiberian Twilight
Black_Drakon Jul 4 2011, 8:14am replied:

Probably will be fast lifhgt transport or will used for special power and transport troops to battlefield

+1 vote   media: Mil Mi-1 in RA3
Black_Drakon Jun 24 2011, 7:42pm replied:

I have some problems with these. But maybe i will make them work

+2 votes   mod: Project-X
Black_Drakon Jun 21 2011, 2:13pm says:

These T95 is so slow

+1 vote   media: T95 & Maus
Black_Drakon Jun 21 2011, 2:12pm says:

These units do not exist in Star Wars universe. Better to make canonical units like these

+3 votes   media: AT-SE
Black_Drakon Jun 16 2011, 5:20pm says:

Шипиение нужно удалить. Слуху сильно неприятно

+1 vote   media: MSF T-80 Voice Test
Black_Drakon Jun 6 2011, 4:03am says:

I am ok. Busy with real life problems. How are you?

+2 votes   member: Jason_Zombolt
Black_Drakon Jun 2 2011, 1:22pm says:

Выглядит внушительно! Чувствуется мощь!
Альянсу же достанется авианосец?

+2 votes   media: Soviet dreadnought "Sevastopol"
Black_Drakon Jun 2 2011, 1:20pm says:

Напоминил один из концептов к Tiberian Dawn.
Хорошая работа!

+1 vote   media: Alliance gattling drone M6 "Ripper"
Black_Drakon May 13 2011, 6:42am says:


+2 votes   media: Soviet Arsenal old variants concept-art
Black_Drakon Feb 17 2013, 7:44am says:

Looks like RA1 Soviet Heavy Tank is back

+1 vote   media: Asian Pacific Alliance base
Black_Drakon Oct 6 2012, 7:10pm says:

Looks like chinese copied allied Grizzly tank and modified it :)

+1 vote   media: Chinese Qilin Tank
Black_Drakon Sep 9 2012, 6:39am buried:


Aircraft that sprays toxin on enemy is used in over 9000 mods. And it better fits to fight locust

-6 votes   media: GLA Gazelle Toxin Sprinkler
Black_Drakon Aug 4 2012, 4:06pm replied:

Спасибо :)

+1 vote   media: Boris returns
Black_Drakon Aug 4 2012, 10:13am replied:

Можно сделать и гранаты. Пока что юнит допиливается и все может измениться )

+1 vote   media: Boris returns
Black_Drakon Aug 4 2012, 7:33am replied:

Танки и прочую технику он будет подсвечивать лазером.

0 votes   media: Boris returns
Black_Drakon Aug 4 2012, 4:25am replied:

ПКМ. Решили что он будет уместнее чем АКМ с которым он ходил в YR )

+3 votes   media: Boris returns
Black_Drakon Feb 19 2011, 12:16pm says:

Силовая Броня и суперкувалда. Полагаю он с таким оснащением и как боевой юнит сможет действовать без проблем.
Кстати есть идея ввести каких нибудь штурмовиков в силовой броне, но менее громоздкой и с пулеметами. Этакий ходячий танк :)

+1 vote   media: Soviet engineer
Black_Drakon Feb 6 2011, 9:50am replied:

I will work to fix that.

+1 vote   media: GDI Barracks
Black_Drakon Jan 2 2011, 5:21pm says:

"Yes sir"
"For king and country!"

Nice concept

Interest. Does spy logic works in CnC3?

+5 votes   media: Allied Spy
Black_Drakon Dec 17 2010, 5:32am says:

Этот уже лучше чем предыдущий.
Кстати вижу немало вдохновения почерпнули из Warhammer 40000

Now it looks better.
I see you took inspiration from Warhammer 40000 universe

+1 vote   media: Soviet Heavy Spacemarine concept 2
Black_Drakon Dec 12 2010, 1:14pm says:

Этот нравится уже больше.
Вообще можно надеть на него какой нибудь реальный советский противогаз и без красных стекол )

+2 votes   media: Soviet Conscript concept 2
Black_Drakon Dec 5 2010, 8:35pm says:

His rifle reminds me gauss rifle from Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
Nice concept

+2 votes   media: Volkov (and his dog, Chitzkoi) Reporting
Black_Drakon Dec 5 2010, 8:18pm says:

Very nice. Prototype of TD power plant

+2 votes   media: Allied Power Plant
Black_Drakon Nov 24 2010, 5:44pm says:

А они будут это все носить всегда или только на зимних картах?

+2 votes   media: Soviet Conscript Concept
Black_Drakon Nov 13 2010, 5:01am says:

It looks like german tank destroyer with short barrel. But nice model.

+3 votes   media: Soviet Rhino Tank MkII
Black_Drakon Nov 5 2010, 7:49pm replied:

Very interest

+1 vote   media: Super bomber
Black_Drakon Oct 21 2010, 5:29am replied:

lol no. These thing will not be in game. It fits RA3 but not my mod :)
Badger probably will have model of Tu-16 "Badger"

+1 vote   media: Super bomber
Black_Drakon Oct 20 2010, 4:28am replied:

Look here

+1 vote   media: Effects
Black_Drakon Oct 19 2010, 7:08am replied:

That hind and MIG from isotx public model pack.

+1 vote   media: Effects
Black_Drakon Oct 5 2010, 2:11pm replied:

But different shaders

+4 votes   media: Soviet Barracks
Black_Drakon Sep 30 2010, 8:22am replied:

Tank is not finished yet. Texture will be updated later

+1 vote   media: Soviet BTR
Black_Drakon Aug 30 2010, 5:34pm replied:

Да. Она уже внесена туда

+1 vote   media: Nuclear reactor
Black_Drakon Aug 24 2010, 5:23pm replied:

Yes. Radiation will be back with nuclear technology :)

+3 votes   media: Soviet nuclear reactor
Black_Drakon Aug 21 2010, 8:11pm says:

I suggest to download Generals Alpha build. It got a lot of pre-release models.

+1 vote   mod: BetaMod
Black_Drakon Aug 13 2010, 5:53pm replied:

Good idea :)

+1 vote   media: Allied harriers
Black_Drakon Jul 18 2010, 8:12pm says:

So.. There will not be Yuri-head barracks?

+2 votes   media: Citadel (Psychic Legion Barracks) OLD
Black_Drakon Jul 13 2010, 5:22am replied:

When it's done

+5 votes   mod: Project-X
Black_Drakon Jul 12 2010, 4:58pm replied:

Texture not completed. Of course i will change it to more TW style :)

+2 votes   media: Amphibious APC
Black_Drakon Jul 10 2010, 5:54am says:

Новые приключения Шурика :D

+4 votes   media: Шурик
Black_Drakon Jul 6 2010, 12:54pm replied:

In RA2 soviets have cloning vats :)

+1 vote   media: the Reds are coming
Black_Drakon Jul 2 2010, 4:08pm says:

Like in Star Wars :D

+1 vote   media: Zap zap
Black_Drakon Jun 5 2010, 5:08am replied:

I have it

+2 votes   media: Nighthawk testing 2
Black_Drakon Jun 4 2010, 3:11pm says:

I found needed shader for blades. But there is little problem, blade parts cant see through helicopter, like they are under it. But really they are on normal position. Maybe i will fix it
And i want to recreate RA3 rotors. This is interest thing. Blades mesh are NOT animated, they make texture spinning in blade model. I want to find how to do that.

And this model i use for tests, for allied transport heli i will look better model :)

+2 votes   media: Nighthawk testing 2
Black_Drakon May 21 2010, 8:19pm replied:

This tank uses RA2 rhino voice and cannon fire sound from RA1

+3 votes   media: Unknown soviet tank. Back to service
Black_Drakon May 20 2010, 5:26am replied:

Yes. I think i will release it.
And i got idea how to use this tank in full mod. This will be bonus unit in bonus crates

+4 votes   media: Unknown soviet tank. Back to service
Black_Drakon May 11 2010, 3:29pm replied:

Yep. Interesting that in RA1 hind have only chaingun weapon :)

+2 votes   media: Soviet Vulture from Renegade 2
Black_Drakon May 7 2010, 4:42am replied:

Main reason, i don't like units looks like toys

+5 votes   media: Apocalypse tank
Black_Drakon May 4 2010, 6:59pm says:

It's back!

+4 votes   media: Tiberium Floater
Black_Drakon Apr 11 2010, 5:00pm says:

Joined :)

+2 votes   group: Славяне Mod DB
Black_Drakon Feb 28 2010, 5:46am says:

Sounds interesting.
Will be there base building and tiberium harvesting?

+1 vote   mod: C&C: Tiberian Eclipse
Black_Drakon Feb 20 2010, 4:28am says:

Шахта победы? :)

+1 vote   media: Screen maps VHE
Black_Drakon Feb 11 2010, 4:59am says:

Very looks like this guy from Renegade 2

+1 vote   media: CnC3 Westwood's Nod Heavy Unit Concept.
Black_Drakon Jan 14 2010, 8:40am says:

Мне нравится. Намного лучше чем в оригинале

-2 votes   media: GLA Command center
Black_Drakon Jan 7 2010, 8:06pm replied:

Wearing winter uniform for all weather is bad idea.

+1 vote   media: Soviet conscript
Black_Drakon Jan 4 2010, 5:10pm says:

Смотрится внушительно :)

+1 vote   media: Assault Fighter
Black_Drakon Dec 8 2009, 4:50pm says:

In this game Westwood try to connect RA and Tib universe.
Events of the game after Yuri's Revenge.
And this Kirov belongs to Scavengers - fallen Soviet Empire. Actually - Brotherhood of NOD.
Badly that Westwood could not complete game and its development has been cancelled :(

+1 vote   media: Kirov reporting
Black_Drakon Nov 14 2009, 10:51pm says:

Very nice model. But need better texture. And maybe little more detail :)
Some pictures for inspiration
Interest concept of GDI powr plant:
Screenshot from TS:

+1 vote   media: GDI Powerplant
Black_Drakon Nov 1 2009, 9:34am says:

lol. Smart Ivan :D

+5 votes   media: Updated stolen tech
Black_Drakon Oct 7 2009, 11:54am says:

Good luck!
I hope it will work

+1 vote   mod: WrathEd
Black_Drakon Sep 13 2009, 6:29am says:

USSR is not GDI. Their only relation to GDI only love to heavy tanks and armor. And color of buildings (which maybe will be replaced with green). USSR is USSR.
USSR weapons will be more based on tesla technology and they will have super weapon based on tesla technology and some interesting units. And of course nuclear reactors and new desolators.

+1 vote   mod: Tiberium Era
Black_Drakon Sep 2 2009, 6:13pm says:

I like :)

+1 vote   media: Yuri Preview #2
Black_Drakon Aug 4 2009, 3:33pm replied:

I hope will be new versions of patch when will be returned firestorm defence and laser fence. This will be nice :)

+2 votes   mod: RA2: New War
Black_Drakon Aug 3 2009, 7:45pm replied:

Of course i will give link on NPatch. And you can uninstall NPatch and mod. But remember, NPatch can be good for creating your mod, because it have some interest features :)

+1 vote   mod: RA2: New War
Black_Drakon Jul 11 2009, 7:46pm says:

Nice mod! :)

+1 vote   mod: Terminator 2 Judgment
Black_Drakon Jul 11 2009, 5:41pm says:

It looks better now :)

+1 vote   media: GDI Barracks
Black_Drakon Jun 11 2009, 4:52pm replied:

I like this bombers in RA1 and i'm glad to see it again :)

+1 vote   media: Rise of the Reds Beta v1.5 Screenshot
Black_Drakon Jun 11 2009, 7:12am says:

RA1 Badgers :)

+2 votes   media: Rise of the Reds Beta v1.5 Screenshot
Black_Drakon Jun 11 2009, 7:09am says:

In real world T-64 was not succesful tank model and it was replaced with T-72.

0 votes   media: Rise of the Reds Beta v1.5 Screenshot
Black_Drakon Jun 7 2009, 10:06pm says:

Nice! I like this more than EA version :)

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence v 1.4 media
Black_Drakon May 21 2009, 6:56am says:

Я не совсем понял, что там в описании :D

But nice model :)

+1 vote   media: Top Secret Infomation on Airfield,Soviet Eyes Only
Black_Drakon Apr 28 2009, 7:44pm says:

In RA2 nighthawk looks VERY different.
Here it reminds me more Allied version of Kirov airship than helicopter

+2 votes   media: Nighthawk Transport
Black_Drakon Mar 21 2009, 12:53pm says:

Nice :)

+1 vote   media: Tank Destroyer
Black_Drakon Mar 15 2009, 7:43pm says:

This looks like soviet pilot ot spetsnaz. Gun in his hands looks like soviet RPD machinegun

+1 vote   media: A little bit of a sketch
Black_Drakon Mar 3 2009, 7:32pm says:

Nice model!
It reminds me one of RA2 concept units. I can show it ;)

+1 vote   media: Allied Horizon Artillery
Black_Drakon Jan 29 2009, 7:46pm says:

I think it must be a little lower. Because it will hard to hit tanks which not so high :)

+1 vote   media: Soviet Anvil Heavy Tank
Black_Drakon Jan 29 2009, 5:49pm says:

Once i want to suggest this concept unit. But you do it first :)
Good work!

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence v1.3
Black_Drakon Jan 22 2009, 5:45pm says:

Hm. I think for Germany will be very suitable Ho-229 like plane :)

+1 vote   media: Aerodyne Bomber
Black_Drakon Jan 19 2009, 10:17am says:

Nice! Will be old TD units, not only mammoths? )

+1 vote   media: Old Structures.
Black_Drakon Dec 28 2008, 5:44pm says:

This plane looks like Soviet MIG from RA2:YR. Nice work! :)

+2 votes   media: Vertigo Bomber Render
Black_Drakon Dec 20 2008, 5:36am says:

Kirov reporting!

+1 vote   media: Soviet Militia Kirov Airship
Black_Drakon Dec 5 2008, 7:44pm says:

More looks like comanche ))
Well. I know. In RA1 it looks same too :)

+1 vote   media: Longbow
Black_Drakon Nov 10 2008, 1:01pm says:

Shi, you are fan of Metal Gear series :)
Nice model. Who will have this unit?

+1 vote   media: REX
Black_Drakon Nov 2 2008, 7:22pm says:

Building soviet economy!

+1 vote   media: War Miner
Black_Drakon Oct 23 2008, 12:49pm says:

Hehe. I understand. The Scavengers pick up and restore old vehicles fallen in battlefield

+1 vote   media: Scavengers Heavy Tank
Black_Drakon Oct 15 2008, 1:44pm says:

Global Defence? This is not GDI?

+1 vote   media: GD Scout Car
Black_Drakon Oct 7 2008, 6:01pm says:

This will be Shock Trooper like RA with tesla rifle?

+3 votes   media: Russian Shock Trooper
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