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Black_Drakon Dec 23 2013, 2:39pm replied:

Nope. Updates incoming sometime in january

+4 votes   mod: Project-X
Black_Drakon Mar 30 2010, 4:04am says:

Great music for NOD:

Another concepts:
Zone trooper:
Cyborg Reaper:
GDI assault soldiers:
And look all gallery of this author. He make great concepts for CnC:

Gallery of main designer of TibSun units and buildings:

Heavy transport:
Jumpjet infantry:

+1 vote   mod: C&C: Tiberian Eclipse
Black_Drakon Nov 28 2008, 1:31pm says:

This is the best mod for C&C3! :)
Good work!

+1 vote   mod: Tiberium Essence
Black_Drakon Nov 27 2008, 6:07pm says:

I play in new version. I think this is ghost stalker :)

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence v1.1
Black_Drakon Nov 27 2008, 3:57pm says:

Right - mutants.
Left - I do not know who is this guy. Looks like GDI commando or NOD militant

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence v1.1
Black_Drakon Nov 27 2008, 12:49pm says:

NOD Artillery returns!. Looks good :)

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence v1.1
Black_Drakon Nov 27 2008, 12:36pm says:

This turret i think is RPG tower

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence v1.1
Black_Drakon Nov 27 2008, 12:35pm says:

This is somehting like hover tank?

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence v1.1
Black_Drakon Nov 27 2008, 5:55am says:

I don't remember. Sorry if i suggest something again )
1) Add to NOD heavy infantry like in TS. Elite Cadre. They can be little more powerful than standart GDI rifle squad
2) Add chemical or multi missile but not as super weapon, but like as ability
3) Change skin of GDI infantry to "desert skin" like in TS
4) Change grenadier to disk thrower. But not change model of unit. Replace grenade with disk. If it possible, make it fly like disk in TS.
5) Add mobile stealth generator for NOD
6) I was suggest idea with repair pads. Add repair drones to repair pads. But drones don't repair vehicle so fast like it do the repair pad
7) About NOD banshee. On screenshot i see it fires single plasma ball. But in TS video banshees fires dual plasma balls
8) Change NOD buggy model to TS buggy. It looks like it have made from old stealth tank parts. And with head of militant looks more like bike than buggy. And it looks really ugly
9) Change NOD airfield model. Because this big tower contradicts aspiration of NOD to be imperceptible. You can make it like this but in NOD style (4 TS NOD helipads and one control tower) and simmiliar in size to GDI airfield
10) You can change name of NOD militants to Disciples. I think this is in NOD style :)
11) some useful video with banshees, mammoths and disruptors

+1 vote   mod: Tiberium Essence
Black_Drakon Nov 26 2008, 5:24pm says:

Will be realised paradrop? And how?
You write that will be subfactions in game. In RA2 America has paradrop ability

0 votes   game: Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising
Black_Drakon Nov 19 2008, 7:40pm says:

Hmm... This will be RTS on Renegade engine or FPS?

+1 vote   mod: The Brotherhood
Black_Drakon Nov 19 2008, 5:48pm says:

I see this on concept and reminds me a little Soviet Sickle mech from Red Alert 3 :)

+1 vote   media: Soviet Scout
Black_Drakon Nov 19 2008, 3:54pm replied:

I think this is good idea for mod to KW. But SDK still not released :(

+1 vote   mod: Tiberium Essence
Black_Drakon Nov 18 2008, 8:44pm says:

I am not sure... But i think mod is dead :(

+1 vote   mod: A New Sunrise
Black_Drakon Nov 15 2008, 8:58am says:

Metal Gear... GEAR!!!

+1 vote   media: REX WIP
Black_Drakon Nov 13 2008, 3:22pm says:

Apocalypsis must have rocket pods with missiles!

+1 vote   media: Soviet Power Supreme
Black_Drakon Nov 13 2008, 2:59pm replied:

I think light tank, hind transport and howitzer must be on some maps.
Light tank for Allied (it has allied colour scheme and suitable for them)
Hind transport for Soviet (it in allied colours but we know, Hind is Russian helicopter)
Howitzer for Allies (but in game it was in Soviet colour scheme. But! Howitzer very looks like Allied artyllery in RA1)

+1 vote   game: Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising
Black_Drakon Nov 13 2008, 2:54pm says:

Any news?

+2 votes   mod: Tiberium Essence
Black_Drakon Nov 11 2008, 3:17pm says:

Nice mod.Good music and models :)
When it will be released?

+1 vote   mod: The Brotherhood
Black_Drakon Nov 10 2008, 1:01pm says:

Shi, you are fan of Metal Gear series :)
Nice model. Who will have this unit?

+1 vote   media: REX
Black_Drakon Nov 5 2008, 8:04pm says:

I think this something like banshee

+2 votes   media: Nod Wraith Fighter
Black_Drakon Nov 4 2008, 1:33pm says: - Good image of NOD Tick tank if you will add to game.

And there you can find many images from TS. It can be useful*

+1 vote   mod: Command & Conquer 3 - Mutants Revenge™
Black_Drakon Nov 3 2008, 4:14pm says:

This is concept of GDI Dropship bay. It can be useful for you :)

+1 vote   mod: Tiberium Essence
Black_Drakon Nov 3 2008, 3:08pm says:

Will be in mod this units:
Howitzer, Allied Light tank, Hind transport. This units are in game, but not buildable

+1 vote   game: Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising
Black_Drakon Nov 3 2008, 1:49pm says:

Questions and suggestions.
1) Will NOD have cyborgs (and cyborg commandos)?
2) Add banshee for NOD.
3) Subterranean transport for NOD.
4) Change NOD infantry uniform to more TS like armor, because this guys in rags is not serious.
5) will be ghost stalker hero (commando) unit for mutants?
6) Change Fallout-like big green guys with miniguns from mutant shack to normal mutant infantry.
7) Make NOD stealth generator can hide itself
8) Make classic tiberium and tiberium trees, and make blue tiberium can explode. Cyborgs and mutants must heal in tiberium
9) mutant buildings will be in TS style taken from GDI and NOD?

+1 vote   mod: Command & Conquer 3 - Mutants Revenge™
Black_Drakon Nov 2 2008, 7:36pm says:

I have a suggestion!
Make vodka drinkable!
If Russian infantry will drink it, they will become invulnerable or will receive more health and endurance. If Allied soldiers will drink it, they will die or lose ability to shoot and will fall to the ground, or will receive some glitches :)

+4 votes   media: Crates - Vodka
Black_Drakon Nov 2 2008, 7:22pm says:

Building soviet economy!

+1 vote   media: War Miner
Black_Drakon Nov 2 2008, 7:12pm says:

Will it teleport to refinery?

+2 votes   media: Allied Chrono Miner
Black_Drakon Nov 2 2008, 6:15pm says:

And will Soviets have MIGs from Yuri's Revenge?

+1 vote   game: Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising
Black_Drakon Nov 2 2008, 5:59pm says:

Will be in mod units from Yuri's Revenge, like battle fortress and siege choppers?

+1 vote   game: Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising
Black_Drakon Nov 2 2008, 4:48pm says:

This collection of TS art can be useful for you. There is pictures of some units from TS

+1 vote   mod: Command & Conquer 3 - Mutants Revenge™
Black_Drakon Nov 2 2008, 7:38am says:

I think mutants must have old Mammoth Tank from Tiberian Dawn. If you remember, they use it in TS and Firestorm. This is old tank, but in TS it was more powerful than more modern Titan.
Mutant aviation must be old NOD Harpy jelicopter. In one TS mission for NOD they use this helicopter against player

+1 vote   mod: Command & Conquer 3 - Mutants Revenge™
Black_Drakon Dec 10 2014, 4:53am replied:

Да, помню там был похожий на него )

+1 vote   media: 3rd faction armoured train colored concept art
Black_Drakon Nov 11 2014, 8:48am says:

Looks like these APC from Aliens 2 movie, with rocket pods or something

+2 votes   media: Mental Omega News Bulletin #2 (10/11/2014)
Black_Drakon Nov 18 2013, 7:18am says:

Never liked RA3 unit design, but these one is still good idea :)

+2 votes   media: Soviet Outpost
Black_Drakon Nov 18 2013, 7:16am says:

I hope you will return Grinder for Yuri :)

+3 votes   media: Soviet Crane
Black_Drakon Feb 3 2013, 5:06pm says:

Nice render :)
By the way Abrams tank was allied MBT during the first Red Alert. Is these newer upgraded version?

+3 votes   media: US Abrams Tank
Black_Drakon Sep 4 2012, 6:44am says:

Mammoth tank from Alpha version. Nice work!

+2 votes   media: September Update Renders
Black_Drakon Apr 23 2012, 5:58am replied:

I'll fix that in next version

+1 vote   download: Tiberium Legacy: release 1 download.
Black_Drakon Mar 8 2012, 4:26am replied:

Yes. It will

+2 votes   media: Allied Destroyer
Black_Drakon Feb 9 2012, 4:58am replied:

Actually they have face wrap, but it is hard to see it on the screens

+3 votes   media: Cuban Terrorist
Black_Drakon Jan 14 2012, 6:18pm replied:

Трудно сказать. Но советскими учеными было решено поставить на него двигатель от танкера )

+2 votes   media: Apocalypse tank
Black_Drakon Jan 4 2012, 6:14pm says:

Nice work :)
Are you planning to replace Nod tiberium refinery with TD refinery?

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Silo
Black_Drakon Jan 3 2012, 10:35am says:


+3 votes   media: The Elite Cadre
Black_Drakon Aug 5 2011, 8:06am replied:

Yes. I have idea about make my own version of these mod
And it is easy work. I already have all stuff what i need :)

+2 votes   media: Some C&C Renegade units in C&C 3
Black_Drakon Jul 18 2011, 10:12am says:

Awesome work!

+1 vote   media: Rebel Attack Tank
Black_Drakon Jun 16 2011, 5:20pm says:

Шипиение нужно удалить. Слуху сильно неприятно

+1 vote   media: MSF T-80 Voice Test
Black_Drakon Jan 15 2011, 7:47am replied:

Walls already in mod

+1 vote   media: GDI Barracks
Black_Drakon Jan 12 2011, 2:52pm replied:

I am not planing subfactions. New factions possible will be later. But you will see some more Forgotten units in mutant hovel.
And there possible will be CABAL faction, but these need much work

+3 votes   mod: Tiberium Legacy
Black_Drakon Jan 7 2011, 4:41am replied: +2 votes   media: Westwood C&C3 concepts
Black_Drakon Dec 19 2010, 2:01pm says:

Класс :)
Только одно но насчет парня слева. Надеюсь они только на зимних картах будут в шинелях и ушанках бегать а летом в таком одеянии бегать жарковато будет

+1 vote   media: Soviet Conscripts concept 3
Black_Drakon Dec 12 2010, 1:16pm says:

Вылитая банка-убийца орков из Вархаммера :)

Планируются ли миссии на луне или на других планетах?
Will there be missions on moon or other planets?

+1 vote   media: Soviet Heavy Spacemarine concept 1
Black_Drakon Nov 26 2010, 9:38am says:

"The Force is strong with these one"

+3 votes   media: random Nod Concept
Black_Drakon Nov 21 2010, 8:28am says:


+1 vote   media: Snowy Awesomeness
Black_Drakon Oct 25 2010, 2:08pm says:

It's time for the harvest

Black_Drakon Oct 11 2010, 1:53pm replied:

I think that's only helicopter. But i can place it back :)

+2 votes   media: Generals units converted on RA3 engine
Black_Drakon Oct 4 2010, 4:01pm replied:

I have two C&C3 mods.
CnC Legends - mix of RA and Tiberium universe. I think about combine my mod with Madin's Tib/RA Historym i'll talk with him about than.
Second mod is Tiberian Legacy - i think it ready for release. I only need to find (or make) model for Nod infantry and make icons for new units :)

+1 vote   media: Some C&C4 units in C&C3
Black_Drakon Sep 30 2010, 8:23am replied:

Yes. Possible with flak cannon or machinegun

+2 votes   media: Soviet BTR
Black_Drakon Sep 17 2010, 1:24pm says:

Nod soldier 1: It's one of those new subs
Nod soldier 2: Impressive, are they armed?
Havoc: This one is

+2 votes   media: Renegade Nod Submarine Render
Black_Drakon Sep 11 2010, 6:59pm says:

Here is picture with almost all old units and buildings in CnC3:

+1 vote   media: Fallen Mammoth MK.II and Titan
Black_Drakon Sep 3 2010, 4:21am replied:

Yes. It from Ren2.

+2 votes   media: New Kirov
Black_Drakon Aug 24 2010, 4:17pm replied:

Yes. Soviet buildings will have new design. It will be closer to RA2. And RA1 sometimes.

+3 votes   media: Soviet nuclear reactor
Black_Drakon Aug 13 2010, 3:51pm replied:

Yes. when i will find idea for replacement

+1 vote   media: Allied harriers
Black_Drakon Aug 12 2010, 4:43pm says:

Speeder trike like in MO :)
Nice model

+2 votes   media: Psychic Legion "Ravager" Trike
Black_Drakon Jul 29 2010, 3:24am says:

Video with that plane

+1 vote   media: N4zi Terror
Black_Drakon Jul 26 2010, 11:46am says:

Looks good :)

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
Black_Drakon Jul 26 2010, 11:46am says:


+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
Black_Drakon Jul 18 2010, 8:02pm replied:

For russian walls - possible. I will change buildings for both sides. Soviet style will be closer to RA2, but a little different.
Infantry of course will be replaced. Riot-police guys, stereotypical russian guys and bears as infantry is bad idea.
btw i will make list of mod changes in future.

+4 votes   media: New allied units and buildings
Black_Drakon Jul 18 2010, 5:29pm replied:

Yes. This will replace hammer tank

+4 votes   media: Soviet Heavy Tank
Black_Drakon Jul 18 2010, 5:19pm replied:

Yes. I don't like this wall too and will replace it

+2 votes   media: New allied units and buildings
Black_Drakon Jul 7 2010, 6:25pm replied:

Yes i have it.

+2 votes   media: Nod Su-27
Black_Drakon Jul 7 2010, 3:48pm replied:

I can send it to you :)

+3 votes   media: Nod Su-27
Black_Drakon Jul 6 2010, 3:58am says:

"Potency guaranteed"

+1 vote   media: More Generals unit concepts
Black_Drakon Jun 13 2010, 11:06am says:

Upgraded Militia tank ;)

+2 votes   media: Company of Liberty Type-56 "Salamander" Flame Tank
Black_Drakon May 28 2010, 6:47pm says:

Рад видеть технику из Ра1 :)
Вооружен так же только пулеметами?

+1 vote   media: Red Star Helicopters
Black_Drakon May 19 2010, 6:18am replied:

This is good idea.

+1 vote   media: Soviet defences.
Black_Drakon Apr 29 2010, 3:52pm says:

Grizzly is medium tank.
Light tank will be different unit for fast hit-and-run tactics. I will think about it's abilities for make it useful

+2 votes   media: Grizzly
Black_Drakon Apr 13 2010, 6:02am says:

Сюда бы зомбей вместо ментов )

+1 vote   media: GTA Criminal Russia Bonus Level
Black_Drakon Mar 23 2010, 4:31pm replied:

Oops :)
Already fixed

+1 vote   media: Mig Firefox intercept
Black_Drakon Feb 26 2010, 4:43pm says:

I'm glad to see it's back :)

+3 votes   media: GDI Orca Transport
Black_Drakon Feb 26 2010, 4:16am says:

Хм. Напоминает одну винтовку из Санитаров Подземелий

+1 vote   media: AA-12 shotgun
Black_Drakon Jan 6 2010, 7:30am says:

And i really like soviet uniform in RA2. In RA3 soviet conscripts equipped poorly in comparison with РА2.

+3 votes   media: Soviet conscript
Black_Drakon Dec 30 2009, 10:17am says:

Nice mod.
Do you need Kirov model? I have one

+5 votes   mod: C&C: Red Alert History
Black_Drakon Dec 22 2009, 5:17pm says:

Nice :)
Reminds me RA: APB

+3 votes   media: Half-Life Red Alert
Black_Drakon Oct 15 2009, 9:04am says:

Heavy tank

+1 vote   media: The Crusader Tank
Black_Drakon Oct 11 2009, 2:57pm says:

Very nice :)

+2 votes   media: 2 versions of Soviet War Factory in lunar theatre
Black_Drakon Oct 9 2009, 8:13am says:

I like it :)

+2 votes   media: New Soviet Operations Center
Black_Drakon Oct 5 2009, 4:24pm says:

Nice :)

+1 vote   media: Major Media Update #1
Black_Drakon Oct 1 2009, 1:55pm says:

It's from Generals :)

+2 votes   media: Happy 60th Birthday Dear China!
Black_Drakon Sep 12 2009, 9:57pm replied:

This is alternate world. They can use a little different design. This design very close to TS NOD ;)

+1 vote   media: New NOD buildings
Black_Drakon Aug 29 2009, 8:31pm says:

And maybe i will add magnetron ship for Yuri. VERY evil weapon, because it can take ground vehicles and drop them to water :)

+1 vote   media: Yuri's gunboat
Black_Drakon Aug 26 2009, 8:36am replied:

He says, he like it and want to play with this tank and boat :)

+1 vote   media: Soviet vehicles
Black_Drakon Aug 16 2009, 3:00pm replied:

Хорошо получилось )

+1 vote   media: Grey Wolf
Black_Drakon Aug 16 2009, 1:27pm says:

Прикольно смотрятся "ухи" у танка )
И правда на волка похож

+1 vote   media: Grey Wolf
Black_Drakon Aug 13 2009, 6:53pm says:

Nice to see old CY back

+1 vote   media: news
Black_Drakon Aug 13 2009, 9:45am says:

Maybe it will be dark grey like on light tank on one of previous screenshots. (Yuri will have GLA-like desert scheme)
I will try

+1 vote   media: Allied ranger
Black_Drakon Aug 8 2009, 6:10pm replied:

I think this will be good idea. Maybe for China or other countryes.

+1 vote   media: "They are no much for Volkov"
Black_Drakon Aug 7 2009, 12:54pm says:

Stealth tank!

+1 vote   media: ienie Minnie miny mo what could this be who knows!
Black_Drakon Aug 6 2009, 4:20pm replied:

Yes. Send them to me. I really need voices from C&C3

+2 votes   media: New Yuri's units
Black_Drakon Aug 4 2009, 5:19am says:

You need to resize infantry

+1 vote   media: Nod Update
Black_Drakon Jul 27 2009, 7:52am says:

To cartoonish :(

-1 votes   media: Soviet Power Supreme——Maps test
Black_Drakon Jul 12 2009, 7:21pm says:

Nice :)

+1 vote   media: Updated MKII
Black_Drakon Jul 8 2009, 10:04am says:

This ship is from Aliens universe :)

+1 vote   media: Models
Black_Drakon Jun 28 2009, 5:41pm says:

Хорошо сделано. И красиво :)

+1 vote   media: Soviet "Shoker" Attack Helicopter
Black_Drakon Jun 27 2009, 4:59pm says:

Avtomat Kalashnikova :)

+1 vote   media: Warsaw Weapons
Black_Drakon Jun 22 2009, 7:00pm says:

This will launch nuclear missiles?

+1 vote   media: Shots heard from sky?
Black_Drakon Jun 15 2009, 5:52am says:

Теперь я понимаю, что Кодиак GDI был создан на основе советских разработок :)

+1 vote   media: "Motherland"
Black_Drakon Jun 12 2009, 5:23pm says:

Looks like metrocop from HL2. But picture is very nice :)

+1 vote   media: Symbol/concept art
Black_Drakon Jun 11 2009, 7:14am says:

Nice. GAP Generator. Good idea.
But in RA2 it was useless against computer :(

+3 votes   media: Russian Blackout Node
Black_Drakon Jun 7 2009, 3:13pm says:

Ok. This looks nice :)

+1 vote   media: To Battle!
Black_Drakon Jun 7 2009, 3:11pm says:

Yeah. This is looks strange in RA2, conscripts have PPSH instead of AK. This is strange, because PPSH is old WW2 smg. AK is much better.
And. I don't think that russian soldiers have to wear winter uniform all the time. It's not very comfortable especially in warm summer weather. And in my opinion Boris looks more like a siberian inhabitant with AK in his hands than a regular soldier.
Actually, I think you should leave stereotypes about soviet army behind. This will make your mod a bit more original and realistic.
Good luck!

P.S. Glad to see Volkov is back :)

+1 vote   media: To Battle!
Black_Drakon Apr 30 2009, 4:32pm says:

This apache not have any chance :)

+2 votes   media: Dogfight
Black_Drakon Apr 1 2009, 5:55am says:

This plane looks like Soviet M-50 "Bounder" bomber. But M-50 have only 4 engines :)

+1 vote   media: UAN Support Plane
Black_Drakon Mar 1 2009, 8:27am says:

Reminds me a soviet heavy tank from RA1

+1 vote   media: double barrel battle master
Black_Drakon Feb 18 2009, 6:59pm says:

Will they have planes? Or only longbow helicopters?
ANd will be in mod side who will use RA2 tech? :)

+1 vote   media: Confederate M-100 Artillery
Black_Drakon Feb 11 2009, 4:52pm says:

Nice work! :)

+1 vote   media: Soviet Engineering Vehicle
Black_Drakon Feb 5 2009, 8:21am says:

I can convert GDI medium tank model for you :)

+1 vote   media: New army texture
Black_Drakon Jan 20 2009, 8:31pm says:

In RA1 this was abrams-like tank.

+1 vote   media: Confederate "Mastiff" Medium Tank
Black_Drakon Jan 3 2009, 3:35pm says:

Wow! Naval units will be in game? It will be buildable?

+1 vote   media: Allied Cruiser
Black_Drakon Dec 5 2008, 7:43pm says:

One way trip!

+2 votes   media: Soviet Demo Truck
Black_Drakon Oct 27 2008, 10:16am says:

Can they use bayonets in combat?

+1 vote   media: New Redguard Render
Black_Drakon Oct 21 2008, 2:22am says:

Nice model! )
Only one barrel?

+1 vote   media: Scavengers Heavy Tank
Black_Drakon Oct 20 2008, 2:35pm says:

Russian space marine :)

+2 votes   media: We shall win!
Black_Drakon Oct 7 2008, 5:55pm says:

All normal. I like this unit )

+2 votes   media: Tiger MBT
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