Just rustling around Mod DB doing working on artworks, textures and of course getting mods. I have a group the 501st Legion Vader's Fist so feel free to join it. I am secretly a really tall midget. Shhh no tears only dreams now.

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Bears Son!

Have some love:

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So Currently I have been working on a comic with Milos and Wout called "Fapman Begins" Still in writing stage I have been developing some of the pages at the moment but feel free to check my images and see what's in the works. As well as some Inspirations and awesome Artworks : Wout/ _W_/ _Excision_: Moddb.com  and Sakura Matou: Moddb.com 

Been playing Fallout a lot that I might start preparing for a nuclear war :'D, Warframe with Frida, Milos and Wout sometimes Karel but meh, Bad Company 2 with Peepz mostly Karel but he rages :'(.

So Fapman in the works as well as other stuff for a couple of friends etc. As Fapman since Milos retired/died I am now searching for a Dickwing! To become my sidekick and eventually kill me! :D

About me:

I use to live in Vault 69 just out of the Ghetto. Now I'm a lone Wanderer.

Have some love:

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1 Million Years Dungeon

My Favorite Artists/Bands:
Millie Verda
Imagine Dragons
One Republic
I am Fapman Beyond aka ex Dickwing.
Inspirations to my success Wout The Monk, Milos (Ranger, The Commander, ASJSM, Millie, Fapman) and tall midgets.

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Welcome To The Rape Dungeon

What do I do? Mostly take Ori'Verda into my dungeon. Sometimes Wout if lucky.
I am "Bissyworth" Quote from this guy: Moddb.com He
If I could be anything in the world I would be... a rock.

26Herp me

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Thank You



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Hall Of Fame

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------------- --------- Hall Of Fame ----------- -------------
Why do we Fall? So we can pick ourselves up again.

Report abuse Top 10 Mods Ever on Moddb for Star wars empire at war forces of corruption

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  1. Republic at War
  2. Thawns Revenge
  3. Star wars Clone Wars
  4. Alliance at War
  5. scifi at war
  6. Return of the clones
  7. Halo : campaign Commander
  8. Galaxies at war
  9. Foc Alliance-Star Wars Galatic Civil WarStar Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption 
  10. Phoenix Rising

What do you recommended for the top 10 mods for Star wars empire at war forces of corruption?

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