I work on graphics, be it 2D or 3D. Also, I practice cool kicks and cook a lot on my spare time. Right now I'm working at Dead Shark Triplepunch!

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Game review

Entertaining gameplay coupled with fresh and clean art style!

This is pretty much the Tower Defense game I've always wanted. There is a tactical aspect with tower placement and maze -ing. Then there's never a dull moment as you must upgrade your weapons and towers whilst you shoot enemies with your very own guns! 4-player coop is definitely a joy.

However, the part that pulled me in the most was the art style. It's clean, sleek and fresh!



Game review

It's the simplified and graphic Dwarf Fortress I always wanted.



Game review

It's a more simple and graphical Dwarf Fortress.

Extremely enjoyable. :)


Project: Oh Wow an RPG Game

Game review - 4 agree

This game sure feels like it has potential.

Combat is pretty okay despite being a bit clunky. The first fights with the goblins were very unclear. I tanked the very first enemy and mashed light attack, which was very unwise because I had to consume multiple potions before he dropped dead. Weaker starting enemies would be totally rad.

The dialogues are terrible, there are spelling/grammar mistakes here and there and it reaaally feels like it's not taking itself seriously. I mean, this is really casual, it's like reading forum-posts made by younger teenagers.

Graphics and Audio are actually good. :)
I expect good things at release.:D