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My article is all up and on the front page no less! Wow. I had no idea when I started my humble little blog post that it would end up there! Thanks to stenchy and the ModDB staff. So now I'm working on another one. Hope I can do it again!

I also made a new header image and avatar. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. If nothing else it's more interesting than just black. My old avatar was just something I'd thrown together just for fun and liked how it turned out. This one fits my screen name a bit better.


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While you wait with baited breath for my article on MidEast Crisis 2 RC1 (ha ha) you can look at some videos I took of a skirmish as ISF. Enjoy!

I'm all caught up on my mod and gaming news, I think. So I've played thought the H.A.W.X. Demo (sorry for misspell in last post) and it's pretty good. I doubt that it will do much to revive the combat flight-sim genre though. The controls are very simplistic when compared to old school Jane's games like F-15 or IAF. While this may appeal to the mainstream more I don't think there's enough verity in the gameplay to keep most people interested. Personally, I wouldn't pay $50 for it. Wait for the bargain bin.
I also played though most of the Empire: Total War demo. First off: HUGE load times. We're talking close to two minutes before you can see the main menu. If you can survive though that then you will be treated to one of the better RTS titles currently out there.

As for none demo related news: I bought six new games! Steam had World of Goo at 75% off this weekend and I didn't want to miss out of that like I did with Mount and Blade. They also had $5 off Unreal Tournament 3, so I got the Unreal Pack. All for under $40! :D So now I have a few more mods I can check out. Fun stuff.

And finally, while I was away, one of the highest profile Command and Conquer 3 mods, MidEast Crisis 2, let loose a little surprise: there first public release candidate. Being a big RTS fan I downloaded it as soon as I found out. For those of you that don't know: MEC2 is the sequel to MEC1, a total conversion for Command and Conquer: Generals: Zero Hour, that puts you in command of one of three factions (UN Peace Keepers, Israeli Defense Force or Gardens of Islam) engaged in a bloody, near future conflict in the Middle East. If you want to read more, check out my article in the Features section, coming soon!

I'm back and the grand total of mod watch updates is 235. Not as many as it could have been, but enough to keep me busy for a while. I would have been one yesterday had my modem not decided to stop working. Oh well. I used the internet blackout time to get back into CnC3. I've been trying to get though the single player campains for a while now but keep getting interupted and forgetting about it. This seems to happen to me a lot with RTS games. I had managed to finish the GDI campain and get about half way though the Nod. Now I'm on what I think is the last Nod mission.

There's also some demos out that I'm going to be checking out. Most notably Empire: Total War. I haven't really be a big TW fan in the past, but they've been growing on me that last few years. Empire looks really great, as do all TW games, and the addition of Naval combat looks to be a great additon. I can't wait to see what modders can do with this puppy!
The other demo of note is HAWKS. Some of my old favorits are flight sims so I'm hoping this one does well. Other than Ace Combat, there hasn't been any real flight sims out in a while. Not many good ones, to be sure. I wouldn't expect this one to get modded much, though. It's one of those games that might get a few reskins or maybe some new maps (if the devs releice the tools) but it's not likely that anyone will take the time to make a full total conversion.

A funny way to start out a blog, with a goodbye! Not really a 'goodbye' I just wanted to get a start and let anyone that might want to contact me that I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks. Eventually I'd like to use this space to talk about things I've seen here on Moddb and other general gaming and modding sites. But until then, see you all in two weeks! I'm guessing I'll have about 300 updates to my Mod Watch by then.

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