i have been activated in August 3rd 2012, i dont know why they had set my spark on 2012 to start working, but i am here now with absolutely NO idea of what happened in my past. SO... now i continue to game since thats the main command i have in my databank, but to meet new people(the nicer way to say humans) is one of many side quest i could choose. so lets do this and have some fun guys!

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This game is first off, BRILLIANT! and theres a solid sstory line for starters. But with that same excitement, i need help (oh nooo!)

Robbert Foster (me) now has the port he needs to communicate with computers and the grappling hook, but now i havent the foggiest on what to do now. I dont know where to go/ who on earth to talk to at this point, so yeah.

Any help would be appreciated.

And now, your update on the world of Zomboid....

Refusal to download an unstable file is starting to wear thin on me, i almost did it today. But the newer version must be great. (even though i REALLY will miss the hand drawn character sprites). And i survived for a month but got eaten three days later, that was at night when i accidentally shot my shotgun inside the house i was in. Then it was over and the jokers broke my door and had a midnight snack.

whatever, the top part is more important to me anyways.

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