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BioDestroyer Mar 19 2015, 8:18pm says:

Do we need to restart Firefox? I don't think that would be a good thing to do...

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BioDestroyer Mar 19 2015, 11:09am replied:

I rarely dream. When I do, they make absolutely no sense. Even if they make, I always forget my dreams not long after waking up.

I only remember 2 dreams I ever had. They happened when I was a kid and they were very short. (That's probably the only reason I remember them)

Edit: I also remember very little from another one I had a little while ago, but only the very basic of it.

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BioDestroyer Mar 19 2015, 11:02am says:

HA! The joke's on him, fools! I don't have stairs he could go up through! MWHAHAHA!

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BioDestroyer Mar 19 2015, 10:55am says:

"Is this the stick you wanted, my lord?"

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BioDestroyer Mar 19 2015, 10:51am replied:

I was going to say people are stupid, but Elf already said it.

Could someone explain to me exactly what is happening around this dress? I never gave a **** about searching about it and I don't feel like going to the stupid side of the internet.

I only saw an image once and I thought: "Blue and Black. Why did this person ask this? It's obvious..."

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BioDestroyer Mar 18 2015, 11:29am replied:

If he manages to create a time machine, he doesn't need school. He would just have to stop working on the time machine, it would only be a waste of time, and work on other technological advancements.

But of course, this is a hypothetical scenario, a person that was not intelligent enough to study the first time would not be capable of this.

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BioDestroyer Mar 18 2015, 11:03am says:

"This station is busiest between 0815 and 0915"

Those must have been some very busy 100 years. And this must be the world's oldest station.

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BioDestroyer Mar 17 2015, 8:14pm says:

"Now that I'm older..."

I'm 19 years old and I already don't give a ****...

Well, that means I'm doing something right.

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BioDestroyer Mar 17 2015, 8:04pm says:

Here, Ladies and Gentleman, we can see a family of peasants in their natural habitat.

Please notice as the peasant father is teaching his offspring his heretic way of life.

Do not despair, Ladies and Gentleman, as the Master Race has employed a number of programs to convert peasants into nobility.

There is nothing we can do about the father, he has been corrupted beyond the point of salvation, but his children might still be saved. That's a path that has to be travelled willingly, we can not force it, it would only be a matter of time until their inner savagery would come out.

Hail The Glorious PC Master Race!

Praise Gaben!

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BioDestroyer Mar 15 2015, 8:01pm says:

The intention is what matters, better luck next time!

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BioDestroyer Mar 15 2015, 7:58pm says:

I didn't understand the ''Content Control" the first time I saw this image, but now, after seeing the "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" everybody posted, I get it.

And I thought I had a dirty mind...

Who am I fooling, I do have a dirty mind. I probably didn't notice because I only took a quick look at the image right before logging off from ModDB.

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BioDestroyer Mar 14 2015, 8:34pm says:

Sigh... I loved these channels when I was younger, History was the one that held up the longest. A shame I only started watching it when the others started to suck.

These channels were so much better in the past. (I'm only 19 years old and I'm saying this...)

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BioDestroyer Mar 14 2015, 8:03pm replied:

If only it were that simple...

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BioDestroyer Mar 13 2015, 11:27am replied:

That's my hopes of having a fun match when I play a multiplayer game with a team full of idiots. They crash to the ground faster than physics would allow.

Or more recently that's me on Payday 2 after getting kicked for no reason. Be it right after joining a lobby or after a while. (It has also happened that I got kicked because someone else ****** up the stealth in a heist)

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BioDestroyer Mar 12 2015, 8:48pm says:

The Tyranid is great, would be even better if I could choose which people they would kill. (Would allow me to live my life-long dream of getting rid of all stupid people, leaving only the smart ones)

The Tau seems good, the Techpriest also does seem good, he also likes tech, games, and doesn't like being out of electricity and internet (as long as he understands I'm not gay).

I need to ask if the Adepta Sororitas is a nice person to be with. If she is, then she is also good, if not, **** her. (The other kind of ****, since the first one is totally out of the question)

And the Emperor, just look at him. #wouldgogayfor (Don't tell the techpriest)

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BioDestroyer Mar 10 2015, 11:29am replied:

I remembered my question. :)

What would you guys say to people thinking about modding HL1? People that want to make big mods like The Core, be it a person that has some experience in GoldSrc or not.

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BioDestroyer Mar 8 2015, 7:56pm says:

This seems to be an apartment or office complex.

We claim this land for the homeless horde!

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BioDestroyer Mar 8 2015, 7:39pm says:

Well, I'm pretty good doing stealth heists in Payday 2, maybe I should put those skills to use.

As long as I don't get stupid accomplices things should go smooth...

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BioDestroyer Mar 8 2015, 4:21pm replied:

I agree, the focus should be on the games, and using hot women to get attention is cheap. The main problem I see is the wording:

Quote:Aggressive display of cleavage and navel

The wording used here is the same used by feminists (not the old type of feminists) and SJW. A lot of people are getting mad at these people. PAX used the same wording, of course they would get **** from it.

But either way, screw it. I don't see the appeal of waiting in huge lines to play a game for very few minutes.

Edit: The more I read "Aggressive Cleavage" it sounds more and more idiotic.

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BioDestroyer Mar 8 2015, 11:25am says:

I was a victim of aggressive cleavage.

A woman (that had obviously been brainwashed by a misogynistic man) came up to me and showed me her cleavage. I was hospitalized shortly after.

Don't underestimate the danger of aggressive cleavage, YOU could be the next victim.

PS: After writing this comment I saw the image again and went to Google to translate 'navel', because I didn't know what it was. WTF, even belly buttons now?

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BioDestroyer Mar 7 2015, 10:47am says:

Looks really good, great job.

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BioDestroyer Mar 6 2015, 10:19am replied:

He was probably thinking: "What is this stupid lizard doing?"

Then we must take into consideration that animals don't have the same intelligence as we do. They aren't irrational (as people love to say), but their data processing is inferior to ours.

So this means he probably got to the conclusion: "What if stupidity is infectious? I better not eat this."

Add that conclusion to the fact it was indeed a weird thing, the snake got to the obvious and acceptable conclusion to go away.

I don't blame the snake, sometimes I look at human stupidity and its reach and I wonder if it really isn't infectious...

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BioDestroyer Mar 5 2015, 8:22pm says:

I tried playing EUIV during the free weekend, didn't end up well. xD

I played the full tutorial, then I started a match...

I played as the Ottomans, got 1/3 of my territory occupied. (Ottomans are good for beginners, the game said...) Then I tried playing as Portugal, England dragged me to the 100 Years' War and a bunch of French troops appeared out of nowhere in the north, I lost almost all of my troops, then they gave me the option to surrender.

In both tries, I could not get the hang of making money.

I decided to search more about the game (I saw a lot of people saying the wiki is a good place to go, I'll take a look at that) before trying again. I'm glad the game has a demo, I just hope it's good.

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BioDestroyer Mar 5 2015, 7:56pm says:

Quote:As usual, nothing here is final. :)

So, we'll have to wait to see the final version? At least you had the decency of giving us chairs. I feel bad for the people who arrive when all of them have been taken, though...

Looking great as usual!

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BioDestroyer Mar 5 2015, 10:31am says:

Crap, I had a question a while ago that I wanted to do if you guys did another Q&A, but I forgot it. :( I'll try to remember it, until when do I need to post it here?

And does the rule of 1 question per user still applies in this Q&A?

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BioDestroyer Mar 5 2015, 10:17am replied:

And our diseases. We didn't keep anything to ourselves, we shared everything!

+1 vote   media: Because THE church always subtly scorned women...
BioDestroyer Mar 5 2015, 9:53am replied:

Indeed. Maxis died a long time ago, they just stopped pulling the strings on its dead corpse.

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BioDestroyer Mar 3 2015, 10:08am says:

*Ba Dum Tss!*

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BioDestroyer Mar 2 2015, 7:02pm replied:

Ohh, I get it now. I thought it had been some kind of problem during the upload of the images.

Being without electricity sucks, the most I've ever been continuously without it was for some hours (sometimes happening again a few days later, and then again), but never for more than 1 day.

So, it seems things haven't improved a lot since the last time I asked?

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BioDestroyer Mar 2 2015, 10:21am replied:

If Lord Gaben thought TF2 needed hats, TF2 needed hats. If Lord Gaben thinks TF2 needs even more hats, TF2 needs even more hats.

People like you are the reason he doesn't deem us worthy of HL3.

Hail Gaben!


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