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BioDestroyer 7hours 49mins ago says:

Good looks won't save him in the frontlines. Nothing will.

(Maybe plot armor.)

+2 votes   media: Smirking Guardsman
BioDestroyer Sep 2 2015 replied:

If only we could... That was the golden age of gaming.

+2 votes   news: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Coming next year in late February!
BioDestroyer Sep 2 2015 says:

It seems that hiding in plain sight didn't quite work for the Chinese.

+3 votes   media: Those sneaky bastards!
BioDestroyer Sep 2 2015 replied:

Oh, I thought you had already seen this somewhere.

Well, it's still a good guess.

+1 vote   media: WTH
BioDestroyer Sep 1 2015 replied:

I don't remember having any problems understanding the site 7 years ago.

News contains news, Features contains features, Tutorials contains tutorials, etc...

And back then my English was at its infancy. I had to use a PT-EN dictionary and Google Translate to browse English sites.

You are using the same reason devs use to justify the dumbing down of games. "There are people that don't want to use 100% of their brain capacity, therefore we must make it easier".

There will always be more news than features/tutorials, especially for projects that update frequently. It doesn't mean there isn't a need for it, the need is just naturally smaller. (And as I said in my second comment, we need to find a way to make devs use the features tab more, so they can relay more information to their profile visitors)

But what exactly do you mean with 'merging the articles'? Merging them all together as one (as your blog post made it look like) or putting the three under a button 'Articles' in the profiles' headline and then inside we can select them by news/features/tutorials (like your comment made it look like, essentially not changing anything)?

The first one is a bad idea, the second essentially doesn't change anything.

About you reply to Garyn Dakari: The media is very clear you mean the same page for both videos and images, I don't like that idea. Some projects have a good amount of videos/audios, mixing them with images would only mess things up.

I like the fact you are hearing our opinions. (Look at the size of the comments people posted. xD And I still have things I want to post...)

+1 vote   blog: Site simplification
BioDestroyer Sep 1 2015 replied:

I would not be the only one backing it (I hope, at least).

I hope there is enough C&C fans to do this.

+1 vote   media: C&C 20 years and counting
BioDestroyer Sep 1 2015 replied:

According to Kalga's comment, people use this to look at their own sperm.

WTH indeed.

+2 votes   media: WTH
BioDestroyer Aug 31 2015 replied:

Here's my idea:

We have many specialized areas, that helps keep the pages very well organized, however most devs don't know how to use them properly.

For example, look at Tiberian Odyssey's page:

As you can see, he puts news about the development on News, and he puts the features (faction backstory, buildings, lore, etc.) of the game on Features.

Pretty straight forward, isn't it? However some devs don't use it like this. We need to find an effective and intuitive way to convey this to them and the people that browse ModDB.

Downloads and Addons could use an improvement, since sometimes I mix what is supposed to be on them (this might also happen to other people). I have an idea, but when I wrote it it sounded confusing as ****. I'll post it when I reformulate it.

I have an idea for images, but I need to develop it a bit more.

+2 votes   blog: Site simplification
BioDestroyer Aug 31 2015 says:

"GDI doesn't give a **** that they've lost some tiny outpost in the wastelands of Algeria. GDI hardly even cares about Europe, Asia, or the Americas, let alone Africa."

Fight the oppressors. Join the Brotherhood of Nod.

PS: Everything looks awesome. Can't wait for it. :)

+5 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 31/08/2015
BioDestroyer Aug 31 2015 replied:

That's the only hope I have that one day we'll have C&C back.

Maybe passionate modders could team up and create a company to buy it from EA. They could even try to crowdfund it.

I would back that if I could.

+1 vote   media: C&C 20 years and counting
BioDestroyer Aug 31 2015 replied:

C&C lives in death!

Hopefully one day we'll shout "C&C LIVES!".

+1 vote   media: C&C 20 years and counting
BioDestroyer Aug 31 2015 says:

Please don't.

The simplification of the site will not necessarily make it more responsive and easier to use, it would probably only clutter things. One thing I love about ModDB is the fact it's very well organized, this would only make things an utter mess. There is an area for each type of content and each content has it's own area for feedback (comments), and I like that.

Merging videos/audio with the images is a terrible idea. Merging tutorials with the rest is a terrible idea, and I think news and features should remain as 2 separate areas.

I hate the recent changes sites have been making because of mobile and/or metro. ModDB is a site about Modding and PC Gaming, this means we have PCs, so the site's focus should be PCs.

If you want to make things more intuitive I think we should revamp some areas of the site. But that would not be simplification, it would be the opposite.

Remember: Complexity does not equal difficulty.

ModDB has to be a complex site, but we can improve its intuitiveness.

I'll post my idea to make it more intuitive later, as a reply to this comment.

+3 votes   blog: Site simplification
BioDestroyer Aug 31 2015 says:

Someone is letting natural selection do its job.


+2 votes   media: For real?!
BioDestroyer Aug 31 2015 replied:

At least he was using a underwear.

It could have been worse, much worse...

+4 votes   media: I will be watching you
BioDestroyer Aug 31 2015 says:

More like: Born to die for the glory of the Emperor.

+4 votes   media: Advice Guardsman
BioDestroyer Aug 30 2015 replied:

Technically, credit was given.

Besides, all images here are from somewhere else, and most of these other sites take them from somewhere else and add the watermark. I've seen images with watermarks and then the exact same image without it (or even another watermark) somewhere else (and nothing of the image was cut).

+2 votes   media: gr8
BioDestroyer Aug 29 2015 says:

That remix of TWD's theme got me by surprise, it was awesome.

+3 votes   media: Conan's "The Walking Dead"
BioDestroyer Aug 29 2015 replied:

I don't have high hopes for anything EA could do with C&C. I think that we, the community, are the only ones that can keep C&C alive.

+3 votes   group: C&C Paradise
BioDestroyer Aug 29 2015 says:

In Portuguese, we have a term: "pé frio". It means a person that has bad luck that, most of the time, also affects people around. The term is used by superstitious people and by everyone else as a joke.

Example: You are rooting for a team, if that person is also rooting for them, they will lose. (You may remember Brazilians calling Mick Jagger 'pé frio' in last year's World Cup)

Now, after I explained that: She doesn't have big balls, she is pé frio.

Edit: After a search, it seems that the English term is 'jinx'.

+3 votes   media: This lady had bigger balls than most of us
BioDestroyer Aug 28 2015 says:

I remember seeing that, if we remove the ice from it, there will only be a bunch of islands in Antarctica. If that's true then this map is a bit wrong. (Still cool, though)

+3 votes   media: WorldDystopia
BioDestroyer Aug 28 2015 says:

Are those macaws? I wonder what city this is (if it's based on a real one).

+2 votes   media: long after apocalypse
BioDestroyer Aug 28 2015 says:

Indeed. I absolutely hate when things take way too long to load/get stuck on loading.

+2 votes   media: You know what really grinds my gears?
BioDestroyer Aug 27 2015 says:

Even the Dragunov? People's stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

+2 votes   media: AK-47
BioDestroyer Aug 26 2015 says:

The lack of detail in most of the map is disappointing... I was expecting more from you guys.


+5 votes   media: Chrono Hazard
BioDestroyer Aug 26 2015 replied:

It's not like the overseer will make people only reproduce with their own blood, but the smaller amount of specimens might require some sacrifices for the greater good.

And also, the "*perverted smile*" indicates some kind of fetish relating to incest from the overseer. (That's part of the humor)

Besides, this is the humor group, leave logic aside. ;)

+2 votes   media: Last Shelter Problems...
BioDestroyer Aug 26 2015 says:

"I never wanted to get to this. You forced me to do this!"

*starts crying*

+5 votes   media: How it feels
BioDestroyer Aug 25 2015 says:

"It's for the greater good of mankind! Someone has to proliferate the species."

*perverted smile*

+7 votes   media: Last Shelter Problems...
BioDestroyer Aug 25 2015 says:

I was going to ask if this looked like the beginning of a porn movie to somebody else, but the comments already answered that.

And yes, I know the rule, but I still wasn't expecting this...

+6 votes   media: Star Wa.g... girls!?
BioDestroyer Aug 25 2015 replied:

It took me a few seconds to figure it out, it's a play on words with her name and 'baldness'.

The play on words doesn't work in English. It works in Portuguese (and probably also in French, since the uploader is French). I only noticed it when I saw the bald head and noticed the similarity that the pronunciation of 'Khalveesi' had to me, then I started thinking in Portuguese.

For you to compare:

This: Khalveesi
PT: Calvície
FR: Calvitie

Probably also works in other Romance languages.

(When I saw this here I thought that there was another word for 'baldness' in English that was borrowed from French/Latin (like most English words), but after seeing your comment I searched and there isn't.)

+3 votes   media: The sad truth
BioDestroyer Aug 24 2015 replied:

I thought it was a joke candidacy at first, but when people kept talking about him running for president I noticed it wasn't a joke.

But yeah, that baby understands. Maybe the future will be better... It will take a while, though...

+1 vote   media: So many things look wrong in this image....
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