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billyboob Apr 24 2011, 7:51pm says:

This is why I need a tablet pc.

+2 votes   news: Final Testing
billyboob Apr 23 2011, 10:08pm says:

Will you be adding Mac support to the Steam release?

+1 vote   news: The Tiny Bang Story now Available
billyboob Mar 31 2011, 11:45pm says:

10 seconds. For 10 long and bitter seconds you broke my heart. You ******* sneaky bastards. I love you. Happy Fools Day Everyone.

+3 votes   news: Great Things Coming for Sven Co-op!
billyboob Mar 28 2011, 6:23am says:

Very well made :) Going to your site now! EDIT: Hey the site is sleek and I can see you misspelt my nick :p. Good luck guys. BTW, how long did it take you to make this mod?

+1 vote   news: Precursor Launch Trailer and Website Available
billyboob Mar 17 2011, 9:24pm says:

Good luck with recruiting. Hope that GIANT BUG gets squished soon.

+1 vote   news: Resistance and Liberation Press Release
billyboob Mar 15 2011, 4:58am replied:

What about groupies? :p

If I had to choose one of those spaces I'd say the left. It's a bit more homey and despite the awful decor (those plants look half dead) I'd feel more relaxed. Also it has a real 70s key party vibe to it. Don't you agree?

+1 vote   news: An Open Window: PLD +44
billyboob Mar 10 2011, 1:02am says:

Great post. Can't wait for Nidhogg. Time to go check out MMGN! Don't know about us Aussies sticking together and all. We're a pretty smelly bunch.

+3 votes   news: DesuraNET verse GDC 2011
billyboob Feb 23 2011, 10:05pm says:

The lighting is just phenomenal as far as I can tell. I would normally feel claustrophobic in a small environment like this so the windows are a welcome addition. I should get off my *** and become a Phan.

+5 votes   media: Build 3 Released update
billyboob Feb 23 2011, 4:35pm says:

That pretty much sums up one of our bathrooms except the walls are grey too. So much grey. Front end loaders are so sexy

+1 vote   media: An Open Window: Bathroom development
billyboob Feb 21 2011, 6:18pm says:

Looks like claymation. Sweet.

+5 votes   media: Solomon waits
billyboob Feb 21 2011, 2:22am replied:

Which Source mod made in three weeks was better? I'd love to give it a go. And I'm pretty sure most people who bought HL2 have no idea about the modding scene.

Curse deserves it's hype. I liked it alot. Loved it. Does this mean I have an inferior preference in games?

As for your last comment. I cannot remember a time when there have been more quality Source mods in development then now. Tales From The Galactopicon, Blade Symphony, The Rising... just to name a few.

Cooler heads bro

+8 votes   news: Long live the new Curse!
billyboob Feb 20 2011, 7:59pm says:

Yay! More indie Source projects. Awesome. Good luck!

+4 votes   news: Long live the new Curse!
billyboob Feb 2 2011, 6:26pm replied:

I'm not so interested in moral choice type games. I thought your idea was fantastic as a means of showing historical and economic processes that so many real time strategy and role playing games fail at.

There are any number of 'simple' game ideas coming out of this conflict that could be designed in a conventional manner i.e. say a tower defense game - build and maintain barricades with your neighbours to protect your community from attacks by pro-regime police (just like they did in Tunisia).

Moral choice type games strive to be something they cannot because they are designed and built in conventional game structures that define how real those choices are. For the most part they are utterly superficial because they generally only consist of alternative narrative elements which only prolong the game itself by having people play the game repeatedly or in a different manner to their original method in order to be rewarded with an alternate ending or two.

I think an alternative to this method of game development that would present people with 'real' moral choices would be a game where you have to convince the inhabitants of the game world of an idea. How batshit insane would that be? Thats what i'd like to see.

+1 vote   news: An Open Window: PLD -7
billyboob Feb 1 2011, 9:32pm says:

Fantastic idea. Wouldn't call them riots though, just a bit of old school street fighting. Bye bye Mubarak

+1 vote   news: An Open Window: PLD -7
billyboob Jan 30 2011, 8:10pm says:

Abe's Oddysee for Playstation. Gorgeous artwork, intuitive gameplay, mad laughs and immensely fun. For the first time I didn't feel like I was playing a flat/linear time trial platformer. I'd played alex the kid, mario, sonic and they were fun but afterwards i felt nothing. As Abe I was leading a rebellion, inspiring my people, helping them. I had a goal, a purpose. And I just read that a HD release for PC is being worked on!

So glad you've started this project. It's a great idea

+2 votes   news: An Open Window: PLD -14
billyboob Jan 28 2011, 8:44pm replied:

Same here. Good luck though. Maybe I suck at reading between the lines so can you confirm this mod is 'dead'. I thought the post was a little ambiguous about that.

+1 vote   news: State Of The Union...But For Things You Care About
billyboob Jan 12 2011, 1:21am says:

Can you guys hook up with Wolfire again and do another preorder bundle of your beta and their alpha... Pretty please? I'll ship some cherries!

+12 votes   news: Build 161 of the Natural Selection 2 Beta is now available on Steam.
billyboob Jan 10 2011, 9:57pm replied:

So you'll pay the airfare from Melbourne, Australia? Is that my prize! Woo!

+5 votes   media: Finding Inspiration
billyboob Jan 10 2011, 9:41pm says:

Cross referencing with Google maps... Shouldn't take to long to find you. Do I get a prize?

+2 votes   media: Finding Inspiration
billyboob Jan 5 2011, 9:07pm says:

Great work. The explosions are pretty funny. Particle effects have been done to death though. It's like every source mod comes with a bad case of dandruff these days.

+4 votes   media: City 17: Episode One - Part 2 | Tech Demo Video
billyboob Dec 19 2010, 12:19am replied:

The client boots so fast for my old XP rig. Love it. Great work and good luck!

+6 votes   news: Desura is launching!
billyboob Dec 17 2010, 4:35pm replied:

Have not heard of Nudo until today. Intrigued!

+8 votes   feature: Editors Choice - Most Innovative
billyboob Dec 7 2010, 8:46pm replied:

It's not clear to me either and the blurbs read more like standard profile descriptions rather then explanations as to why the recipients have been bestowed such an honour.

Obviously not all mods can be as genre defining as Team Fortress or Defense Of The Ancients (yes I know about AOS), so perhaps that space could be more informative.

Just a thought, perhaps a new page for each mod with developer/industry interviews/quotes on why these mods matter.

+1 vote   feature: The Modding Hall of Fame
billyboob Dec 7 2010, 2:01am replied:

You mean the banner?

I see a red theater curtain with spotlights and two wreaths on either side, reminiscent of cinema festivals and awards... How is this communist?

+2 votes   feature: The Modding Hall of Fame
billyboob Dec 3 2010, 8:26pm replied:

Same! Good luck with top 10.

+1 vote   download: Galactopticon SVN snippet - Dec 3rd
billyboob Dec 2 2010, 7:29pm replied:

That's a very new mod. Give it time...

+2 votes   news: Top 100 mods of 2010
billyboob Dec 1 2010, 6:08am says:

Top 100 woohoo! Good Luck on Top 10!

+2 votes   mod: Overwatch
billyboob Nov 28 2010, 6:26am replied:

I think xalener was being sarcastic...

+3 votes   media: Galactopticon Gameplay
billyboob Nov 27 2010, 10:51pm replied:

I would like to know where this myth of headbob = realism came from so I can strangle that person.

+3 votes   media: Galactopticon Gameplay
billyboob Nov 27 2010, 6:50am says:

More importantly - classes!

+7 votes   media: Overwatch 1.3.5 (Crossroads)
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