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Forgotten Hope 2, new release coming soon *thoughts*

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well the new release of the extremely popular forgotten hope 2 mod for battlefield 2 will be released soon, it will add new units, vehicles, maps and whatever else

it is a fantastic mod and im sure everyone here on mod DB would agree with me, but after playing countless hours on another BF2 mod called project reality im rly hoping that in further realeases the FH2 dev team take a few leaves outta thier book, some ideas such as the spwanable forward outposts and mortar pits
are great additions to PR and would fit FH2 nicely, other features such as the bearings on the bottom of ur HUD would be fantastic too see in FH2, obviously you would keep the additions from PR historically accurate to the WW2 theme of course, just some simple ideas like that would be a nice addtion i think, or even use the PR elements to create some kind of HC (hardcore mode) for FH2

whatever they decide too do, ill be playing FH2 for many years too come

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