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Bigpather12 May 12 2013, 8:26am says:

hOW MANY MODELS HAVE YOU ODNE FOR THE GROUND battles SO FAR since iv seen the praetorian ?

+1 vote     mod: Mass Effect at War 1.1.01
Bigpather12 May 12 2013, 8:04am says:

ALooks awsoem coupel of wuaestions

1.Does this mod have ground battles or is it just space?
2.Will the next patch in june include alout of content?
3.wwILL YOU EVENUALLY REPLACE THE HERoes mdoels that are still in the game?
4.Are you going to have a campaign?

thanks in advance

+1 vote     mod: Covenant at War
Bigpather12 May 11 2013, 6:02pm says:

any chance of showing off gameplay footage soon?

+2 votes     game: Red March
Bigpather12 May 9 2013, 3:21pm says:

Do oyu have nay idea when weill the kickstarter launch?

+2 votes     game: Red March
Bigpather12 May 8 2013, 3:38pm says:

Is the game Dead I hope not becuise I was looking forword to this?

+1 vote     game: POWER STRIFE
Bigpather12 May 7 2013, 3:41pm says:

Are you dead?

+1 vote     game: Project Earth
Bigpather12 May 2 2013, 5:23pm says:

Is there any chance that you weill; make this standalone?

-1 votes     mod: Tales of Middle-Earth
Bigpather12 May 2 2013, 4:43pm says:

Will this be standalone if not will it be possibly to do so?

+1 vote     mod: Project Phantom
Bigpather12 May 2 2013, 4:05pm says:

So when they put the new voices in this will be sort of like a whole new retro command and conquer game right?

+1 vote     mod: Twisted Insurrection
Bigpather12 May 2 2013, 3:29pm says:

I love your weird designs for the cretures(even through there just the nutrul ones() still they seem to have charming appearance to them!

+3 votes     game: Monster Prince And The Eternal Kingdom
Bigpather12 May 1 2013, 12:49pm says:

Awsome looking mod three questions

1.I know the bandits and the survivors will have guns(or other weaponary) but what will the zombies play like will they have guns sinmce that will be quite stupid if they do or do they have specil ty.pes of zombies like ones and run fast and blow up or something ?

2.How many missions does the campaign have?

3.When will you be releasing a new beta since you haven't done one in ages?

thanks for answering keeping a close I on this mod

+1 vote     mod: ZombieMod
Bigpather12 May 1 2013, 12:14pm says:

Look great coup[le of questions

1.Are you going to have a downloadable version of the game where you can acsdeass the editor and other content without having to resigned and without hav eing to have to doweload updates(ity will be gratefull to alout of players if you do have a offline dowloadble version)?

2.How will the worlds differ from each other?

3.If you make a I pad version will the editor hbe avaible on all versions pr is it just the pc version?

4.Will it be free or will you have to pay?

5.Will you be on stem greenlight?

thanks your game is awesome il be waitching carefully!!

+2 votes     game: Munch Face
Bigpather12 Apr 24 2013, 6:17pm says:

Awsome looking game a few questions ]

1.Will you have a campaign if so how long do you think it will be?
2.WIll there be a skirmish mode?
3.Are there any other factions that your planning tio add other than the blobs?
4.Wioll you have interesting types of uinits?
4.Lter down the line are you going to improbve the interface sicne it looks kindy dull?
5.Will you habve a challenge mode(like starcraft 2 if you'v played it that is)?

thanks in advance

+1 vote     game: Attack of the Gelatinous Blob
Bigpather12 Apr 19 2013, 11:43am says:

Awsome looking game two questions

1.Is it standalone or do I need any other dukes in roder yto play it?
2.How long is it for someone whose on their first playthrough I wants to explore everything?
3.Have you set a release date for when it comeing out?

+1 vote     mod: Duke Nukem Forever 2013
Bigpather12 Apr 17 2013, 10:58am says:

So does that mean the interface will be similar to Command and conquer interface or will it be new?

+2 votes     game: Red March
Bigpather12 Apr 16 2013, 3:09pm says:

ok three more questions

1.How far are you in development is it really early?
2.Will there be a boxed version in stores?
3.Are you planning to have 1 campaign focased on the three factions or three sweprate campaigns?
4.WILL THJE factions be different from one onother like how they gather resources?
5.How many units are you looking to have for one faction?
6.Will there cutscnes or anything like that?
7.Will you need a ultra powerfull pc in order to play it and get smooth fps?
5.Are you useing some models from command and conquer because on of the images shows a Bullfrog unit?

again thanks will keep tracking this

+2 votes     game: Red March
Bigpather12 Apr 16 2013, 11:25am says:

Awsome looking forword to the game a couple of questions

1.Will you be having Multiply races?

2.Will you need any command and conquer to play it or will this be a new game?
3.Are you going to have a Skermish,Challenges,and campaign mode?

4.Will you be having a alien sort of race?(like the scrin from command and conquer 3) or anything like that?

5.Is there any reason why you'r not going to kick-starter since in's the better option than Indigo since alout of people know it?

+2 votes     game: Red March
Bigpather12 Apr 15 2013, 7:36pm says:

5.And do you know ehn the kickstarter will start because il deffilly put ALOUT of money onto it?

+1 vote     game: Project Earth
Bigpather12 Apr 15 2013, 7:34pm says:

Also how far are you in Development?

+1 vote     game: Project Earth
Bigpather12 Apr 15 2013, 7:29pm says:

OK two more questions

1.I know you will haver bots but will you have sort of a skirmish mode ber able to set settings like what map type, how many rounds, how many bots,Difficulty of bots stuff like that?
2.Will you have vechuiles or is it more infantry based
3.Will the aliens have special weaponry that are different to the humans?
again thanks ope you don't abandon this uit looks great?

+1 vote     game: Project Earth
Bigpather12 Apr 14 2013, 6:03pm says:

6.Also if you wont have different races will there be lots of different tyepsa of ships to build or parts?

7.Will you be able to build more alien sort of ships or are thety going to be standard fare?

again thanks

+2 votes     game: Deep Space Settlement
Bigpather12 Apr 14 2013, 5:59pm says:

Looks awesome Defoo going to buy this when it comes out good work so far.A few uestions

1.Are there different races you can select from?
2.wILL YOU BE HAVEING a open beta for everyone or will you pick certin people?
4.If you do have different races will they haver different SHIPS And technology's?
5.Will there be different maps or is it just the one?

thanks for answering

+1 vote     game: Deep Space Settlement
Bigpather12 Apr 10 2013, 3:35pm says:

Awsome game couple of questions

1.Will you be adding character classes in the game?
2.Will there be any unlockble modes for after yiou beat the game like a new game plus?
3.Will you have secret rooms?
thanks in advance

+1 vote     game: Shadow Spire
Bigpather12 Apr 10 2013, 9:49am says:

Really looking forward to the campaign(Crucible of Omens) great work so far couple of questions

1.Will the Campaign be Standalone?
2.How many missions are you planning to have?
3.Will there be Diffcuilty levels?
4.Will there be a wide variety of weaponary if so how will it worjk will you have to pick them inbetween missions or will you have to buy them?
5.Will there be collectibles to encourage to explore the whole enviroments?
6.Will you have to listein to the convestations the guards say?
7.Will there be notes or something like that to learn more about the world?

+3 votes     mod: The Dark Mod
Bigpather12 Mar 30 2013, 2:31am says:

ok 2 questions
.1.Will you add a fancy curser inserted of that normal mouse arrow?
2.Will you improve thre select building menu because it reminds me of something that woud be on console?

+2 votes     game: Folk Tale
Bigpather12 Mar 23 2013, 8:24am says:

I love the alpha really good so far going to by it as soon as it is released1! One critcal problem i have is that since the iteams and matterals are so samll i dont reconise what they are coud you be asdd little disciptions by them?

+2 votes     game: Samphi
Bigpather12 Mar 18 2013, 3:06pm says:

One question when you implement wether effects will they be zone specific?

+3 votes     game: Monster Prince And The Eternal Kingdom
Bigpather12 Mar 18 2013, 4:23am says:

Looks awsome apart from the visal effect that comes aafter youleveled up docent look right(like it looks like a waterfull thats comeing from your head)

+3 votes     game: Monster Prince And The Eternal Kingdom
Bigpather12 Mar 17 2013, 5:47am says:

Good god this mod is AWSommee beeter thAN THE MAIN GAME INTelf with all the new features one question is there any CHAnce this mod will become standalone(becuse this coud be the next warhammer game)

+1 vote     mod: Titanium Wars Mod
Bigpather12 Mar 13 2013, 5:05pm says:

awsome lvoe the look of the game

1.Will there be ltos of weapons to find?
2.WEill there be mroe enviroemnts than that one in the video since itl probly get repetive if you jsut have one?
3.Will you agve ublcokbles?
4.Will you be releaseing free alphas to everyone ti see the devlopemnt of the game?
5.Will there be randoly genrated bosses?
6.Will there be random side quests that you find from people?
7Will there be lots of diffrent types of creatures to battle?
8.Will you have secret areas example you find a secret painting thasgt takes you to enough areA?

again thanks for answering

+2 votes     game: Chasm
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