After joining mod DB early in the peace, I soon joined the staff and steadily went up through the ranks. Occasionally known to be quite strict on new mod and news submissions, while trying to keep the DB nice and tidy. Now a commercial pilot, I still offer my services to the Mod DB community through staffing the site, as I no longer have the time needed to help out on mods as I once enjoyed doing.

Half-Life 2

1.5 WebPage Update

13 years ago Medievil 1 comment

Well here is a short update on the status of verion 1.5 of the Medievil Mod's web page. The php news system has been implimented. It is currently being...


3.0 Trailer

10 years ago Natural Selection 5 comments

In anticipation of Natural Selection 3.0, the Natural Selection team have released the official 3.0 game trailer! Hi-res version (22 megs) Jarhedz

Half-Life 2

A new home for the Medievil Mod

13 years ago Medievil 1 comment

The Medievil-Mod, has just found itself a new home on the web! So any followers or people who just want to check out the mod, be sure to use the address...

Half-Life 2

Back Burner???

13 years ago Medievil 0 comments

Not really the entire MOD will be on the back burner... just coding. I'm nearing the end of my final year at school and it's getting tough with tests...

Half-Life 2

Contraversial Move

12 years ago Gettysburg 9 comments

"My sources (and they are truly credible) tell me that the long-awaited Gettysburg mod ( will be delayed even longer because it has switched...

Dystopia Version 1 Features (Full)
Half-Life 2

Dystopia Version 1 Features (Full)

8 years ago Dystopia 5 comments

Dystopia Version 1 is nearing completion. The team is putting the finishing touches on our full release, Version 1 will include a large number of improvements...

Half-Life 2

Gamemodes Announced!

13 years ago Medievil 0 comments

We have been doing quite an amount of work on the new web page, and one new section involves the descriptions of the gamemodes for mappers and players...

Games List Updated

11 years ago News 16 comments

The games list here at ModDB:moddb: has had 5 additions: Commander Keen Fallout Jagged Alliance Grand Theft Auto Formula One 99-02If you have any suggestions...

Games List Updated

11 years ago News 3 comments

The games list here at ModDB:moddb: has had 2 additions: Icewind Dale 2 Wolfenstein: Enemy TerritoryIf you have any suggestions for games that are currently...

Half-Life 2

Insects Infestation Patch from 1.0 to 1.0.3! (Full)

8 years ago Insects Infestation 0 comments

Over the last few days we’ve received plenty of feedback on the forum and from playing experience on servers. We’ve picked up on some gameplay issues...

It's ModDB Competition Time !!!

10 years ago News 26 comments

Ok so here's the deal, we have declared war on those artistic wallpaper gods who went after the last competition and we've come up with this...

Latest ModDB Features

10 years ago News 2 comments

Just to keep you folks up-to-date with the latest hard work by modDB Staff and Users here are the latest Reviews and Interviews listed on modDB aswell...

Model Renders
Half-Life 2

Model Renders

12 years ago Medievil 2 comments

Sofa has been working very hard both at work and with his modeling. Here is a sword and a shield he made :D More renders are on their way aswell :)

More Game Additions to ModDB

11 years ago News 8 comments

Three more games have been added to the ModDB :moddb: Games List : S.T.A.L.K.E.R Freelancer Freedom Force For more game additions, don't hesitate to send...

New Games Added

11 years ago News 17 comments

Okay Forkman and BigBird have added a few more games to the ModDB line-up : BattleField Vietnam Savage Unreal Tournament 2004 If you have any suggestions...

Half-Life 2

Progress Report

13 years ago Medievil 0 comments

Welp, with a new member onboard things are starting to look up for once :D We are still in need of more members as the coding will soon be impeaded by...

Recent Happenings
Half-Life 2

Recent Happenings

11 years ago Medievil 2 comments

Sofa has been working hard on some new weapons and they are a bow and a crusader sword (both seen below). In other happenings, the concept and weapons...

Half-Life 2

Screenshots of 2 of our maps in development

13 years ago Medievil 0 comments

First off i'd like to welcome a new member... Cheeseman. We also have some hard work to show off now, some screen shots of the 2 maps in development...

Second Big Step For Shaodw Lore! (full)

Second Big Step For Shaodw Lore! (full)

10 years ago Shadow Lore 0 comments

This is our second news post and big step of progress. We have been hard at work with some new models. The Familiar has been completely redone with a...


Shores Of Victory Release...

11 years ago Shores of Victory 10 comments

The following times for the release are:12PM PST Saturday 3PM EST Saturday 8PM GMT Saturday 7AM AESST Sunday There will be a release party prior to release...

Half-Life 2

Status Update

11 years ago Medievil 0 comments

Okay, after a long time of dormency Medievil is back and kicking, I'd like to bring your attention to 3 new additions to the team, Cyax, JimWest and RoadskiN...


Syndicat Black Ops 1.34 !!

11 years ago Syndicate Black Ops 0 comments

To make happy some players who asked for it, the damage for the Benelli has been reworked, and a Linux version of the mod is now available. The bug regarding...


Syndicate Black Ops 1.35

11 years ago Syndicate Black Ops 0 comments

The 1.35 fixes some problems due to the 1.34 full install. So if you have the 1.33 or 1.34 on your pc, you just have to download the patch by clicking...

The most anticipated game of 2004...

11 years ago News 28 comments

Half-Life® 2 Released For Play Half-Life 2 is available now for purchase and to play. Those who pre-purchased their copy via Steam may access the game...

The SoftImage|XSI EXP for Half-Life 2 has been released

11 years ago News 0 comments

This is not the same thing as the SDK, but still something that'll be incredibly useful for aspiring mod developers. The SoftImage|XSI EXP is a complete...

Half-Life 2


10 years ago Medievil 0 comments

While we wait for Oktagone to get the domain back up, I'm doing some work on the backend of the website to make it run a bit better. Sofa has been...

UT2003: Unreal Development Environment Released

13 years ago News 2 comments

Unreal Tournament 2003 modders rejoice! Epic Games has released the beta version of the Unreal Development Environment (UDE). The UDE provides all the...

Half-Life 2

Web Page 1.5

13 years ago Medievil 0 comments

Medievil Mod for Half-Life has just released version 1.5 of their new web page. It includes a better layout, more advanced php and mysql incorperation...

Webby Awards

12 years ago News 6 comments

Go to this forum thread and follow the instructions on how to vote for ModDB :moddb: Lets see if we can get ModDB up there in the running... Voting closes...

Half-Life 2

WebSite Online

12 years ago Medievil 2 comments

The Medievil website has been moved to a more stable server and unfortunatly during the move all mysql data was lost and details of mysql tables and such...

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