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BFG9001 Mar 6 2012, 3:30am says:

Have you guys taken a look at the Ultimate Realism mod?I'm not saying that you should copy the mod but it would be cool if we could have a separate difficulty mode where you have to eat, drink water(preferably from clean sources) or you can die if you don't sleep.If you really have to sleep, you can do so in the wilderness by making camp but there is a chance that you will be attacked by bandits or animals or simply be robbed.Also, eating raw meat should increase your chances of getting a disease that can even be deadly.I think these features would really fit the mod!

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BFG9001 Mar 5 2012, 6:15am says:

In that case, wouldn't you also get in trouble for recreating assets from the film?The gondorian soldier, for instance, looks exactly like the one in the films and while I do agree that most of his music is scene-specific, I think that a lot of it would fit a game environment if you cut some parts and mix it with your own music.Besides, plenty of mods have used Shore's music and didn't get in trouble.

Finally, will the mod also have voice-overs?

Keep up the good work, the latest screens you posted on your site are are fantastic!Also, this mod inspires me to pick up the Creation Kit so that one day I could contribute to the mod. Is it beginner friendly?

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BFG9001 Mar 5 2012, 1:15am replied:

Oh, and I do hope you will be using music from the films, the score was truly fantastic.

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BFG9001 Mar 5 2012, 12:41am says:

You know, Skyrim is much closer to LOTR than Oblivion was.Will you be using assets from Skyrim in this mod, like swords music and maybe some reskinned clothes?

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BFG9001 Mar 1 2012, 1:00pm says:

Is there going to be a playable demo or alpha?If so when?

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BFG9001 Jan 31 2012, 3:54pm replied:

It's really refreshing to see someone from the doom community having an unbiased view on Doom 3 :D.I've always thought that they made the game darker because of perfomance issues and I also think that the darkness was not BAD in itself.Doom 1 had a lot of dark areas(the maze from E1M2 comes to mind) and also a few monster closets(the red keycard room from E1m3).The MAIN difference between the darkness in Doom 3 and Doom 1 is that while doom 1 certainly has dark areas, it does not hinder the player and does not slow the gameplay, it is used only to set the mood.Regarding the overused techbase theme, I think Id did that because they know E1 practically represented doom 1.

It is also intersting to note the subtle influence Doom 3 had on RAGE.From the style of the textures, to sounds, the behavior of the scorcher mutant and the final techbase level which feels a lot like doom 3.While RAGE certainly had a lot of flaws, I think it was a great game ,especially from a gamplay POV - the guns fell like they SHOULD in an id game.In my opinion RAGE is an indication of what we could expect from Doom 4.

P.S Have you guys ever considered showing your stuff to Id?They said they are still hiring people for doom 4 and it would be incredibly awesome to have someone from the doom community working on doom 4.Remember, Tim Willits got hired by Id after he posted some levels on the net :D.

Thanks for your time.

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BFG9001 Jan 28 2012, 8:44am says:

I practically check this every day!I was thinking,since you guys are such huge fans of the doom series and have been modding on the doom 3 engine for quite a while, it would be interesting to hear your opinion on doom 3 itself since the doom community (especially doomworld) is rather biased and don't see some of the really awesome qualities of doom 3.So the question is: would you be interested to express your feelings about doom 3 in a future devblog or when you release the mod?Also, can we expect the mod to be released this year?

P.S When is the next devblog coming?

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BFG9001 Jan 28 2012, 8:35am says:

I still think the one from WoW is better.

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BFG9001 Jan 28 2012, 8:34am says:

Is this Dustwallow Marsh?

+1 vote     media: Locational Environment Conception Art
BFG9001 Nov 25 2011, 3:01pm says:

Now that the source code has been released, what do you plan to do with it?

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BFG9001 Oct 21 2011, 2:28pm says:

This part could use more work.

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BFG9001 Oct 21 2011, 2:24pm replied:

Oh and I do hope that the storyline will be a bit darker than in wow, you sometimes don't really feel like you're in a medieval world.

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BFG9001 Oct 21 2011, 2:17pm says:

Is this Warsong Gulch?It kinda reminds me of it :D

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BFG9001 Oct 21 2011, 2:17pm says:

This is the flaw I was talking about.The trees look like umbrellas!

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BFG9001 Oct 21 2011, 2:15pm says:

Wow, this is incredible!

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BFG9001 Oct 21 2011, 2:10pm says:

The mod looks fantastic and it really feels like Warcraft 3!I love everything BUT you should look at the some of the TREES!Sure they look decent in wow...up until you fly above them when they suddenly look really ugly.Since this is an RTS I suggest you modify some older looking trees or add some from Cataclysm.The first screen from your latest batch shows what I'm trying to say.

Overall I'm very impressed with your mod and I have some suggestions for you:

1.As you know WoW has some 3d models that REALLY look like Warcraft 3 but since the Burning Crusade, Blizzard has moved from "cartoony realism" to just "cartoony" and more recently "silly".I and not bashing the expansions of WoW, I loved them, what I'm trying to tell you is that you shouldn't use the over the top armors (most raid tiers), you should use items that make the units look BELIEVABLE.In short don't add spikes on everything to make stuff look cooler.

2.Don't be afraid to use story elements from WoW.
I imagine that some of you might not agree with some story decisions taken by Blizzard over the last few years, I agree wholeheartedly BUT wow has some great story elements like the WHOLE Blackrock Spire quests,Nefarian and Onyxia, Naxxramas, the Old Gods.Each of these elements fit very well in the Warcraft universe and with some modifications they could add a lot to your mod.The main problem with the WoW storyline nowadays is that there are too many villains that are all-powerful and omnipotent which in my opinion makes them less interesting.Arthas and Illidan come to much wasted potential :(

P.S the Main Menu theme sounds VERY warcrafty.Every time I listen to it I imagine that I'm flying on the back on a windrider in The Barrens , excellent job!

By the way, when can we expect a demo? :D

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BFG9001 Sep 26 2011, 1:17pm says:

I am new to loading custom crysis maps.How do I load it?

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BFG9001 Sep 22 2011, 1:47am says:

Have you guys tried to advertise your mod on some popular warcraft and wow sites like mmo-champion?I know there is a guy who makes some REALLY high quality models in his spare time.Here is the link to the thread and here is his youtube channel

Oh and don't be afraid to use WoW models!There is a mod for starcraft 2 that uses wow models and it looks FANTASTIC.Almost exactly like Warcraft 3

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BFG9001 Sep 22 2011, 1:29am says:

I once read on wowwiki that people joined the scourge or twilight cult because they have a hard life or are unhappy.Maybe you could do this for this mod?It would be really cool if unhappy citizens join a faction like the scourge.

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BFG9001 Aug 11 2011, 3:21am says:

I sure can't wait to see it released, this is gonna be one of the best doom 3 mods ever.

Speaking of realising the there a chance it will come out this year?If not how is the mod going and when can we see some more screenshots?

Have you considered using wulfen's texture pack?These textures are 16-36 bigger than the original DooM 3 textures (according to the dev) and they look really nice imo.If you don't want to include the textures now you could do it AFTER you release the mod.It would be really cool for those with top end systems(like me) to have an "Extreme" setting and play Phobos with it...just a suggestion though :)

Here is the link

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BFG9001 May 17 2011, 2:23pm says:

Hello guys!

You probably don't remember me, but I am BigFreakinGun from the Phobos forums.I check the mod almost daily and was pleasantly surprised when I saw this update.However I must say that I am a bit dissapointed(don't take it as an insult please) that the game(because this is more than a mod) will only be one episode because the screenshots of the second episode looked REALLY REALLY awesome and I especially like the blueish theme in it.

I have some suggestions:

Can't you realease the second and the third episodes as really large maps?(2 times larger than an episode 1 map) If not then can you realease the assets?I repeat the blue tint of the socond episode is really cool

You could also hire people from Doomworld because you know that the most rabid doom fans are found there :D

PS: Can you start a Doom 3 Phobos thread on doomworld?I wanted to do start it but I think it would be more appropiate if the team leaders(or members) started it

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