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BeowulfG022 Nov 1 2011, 3:13am says:

1. Same as above, doesn't look UNSC. Also, the wingshave no functional components on them, and so would only be increasing the rotational inertia in the roll direction, making this light and nimble ship less so.

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BeowulfG022 Jun 13 2011, 10:14pm says:

Would you be able to put in an option somewhere to turn off sounds other than radio chatter? It would be a nice experience, more realistic.

+1 vote     media: Gameplay trailer 2
BeowulfG022 May 12 2011, 8:37pm says:

What's with the glowing square under the warthog? Some kind of unit selection highlight maybe?

-2 votes     media: [OLD] UNSC Tank and Warthog
BeowulfG022 Apr 25 2011, 10:51am says:

3 all the way, but could I suggest making it bullpup? Just make teh non-dampening section of the butt solid and have the clip sticking oout the bottom of it, I think that would look awesome.

+3 votes     media: Sniper Rifle Concepts
BeowulfG022 Apr 24 2011, 6:48am replied:

They are the Devs... So... Yeah.

P.S. To mangos and noing: If you ever need a play tester I would be more than happy to help.

+1 vote     media: UCI New Canton class Battleship
BeowulfG022 Apr 16 2011, 12:05pm says:

Top one shows detailing the best, but I personally don't like the colour. It either needs to be more brown or less brown, not this strange brown-maroon.

That's my two cents, hope it helps.

+3 votes     media: Overall colour scheme
BeowulfG022 Apr 16 2011, 10:51am says:

Detail to texture? Try different shades of grey for the metal. Things alsways look low-detail if they are flat colour.

+1 vote     media: T.E.F Mark 8 Skirmisher Texture draft
BeowulfG022 Apr 12 2011, 7:18am says:

Personally I think the thing is hideous. That is the fault of whoever designed it though, your modelling is stunning.

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BeowulfG022 Mar 18 2011, 10:33am says:

Hehe, my old clan had that slogan, but in German:

Aus liebe zum spiele.

+7 votes     media: Picture of the Week 0024 - Week 11 March 2011
BeowulfG022 Feb 26 2011, 5:11am replied:

It is possible you have already ofund out but:

The ship is teh Forerunner Keyship (Dreadnought) From the Halo series (specifically Halo 2).

+1 vote     media: The keyship firing...
BeowulfG022 Feb 21 2011, 1:40am says:

I have a new desktop wallpaper, that is all.

+4 votes     media: Human Achilles Class Battleship Rebuild.
BeowulfG022 Feb 2 2011, 9:26pm says:

Sorry to criticize, but just in case you didn't notice: The font you are using for the ribbon doesn't have an apostrophe, see "GALAXY S".

+3 votes     media: Blast a chump
BeowulfG022 Jan 15 2011, 9:43pm says:

Needs a disco ball to go with the cross.

+4 votes     media: Dear Lord
BeowulfG022 Jan 15 2011, 9:42pm says:

Everyone say it with me:

Severely reduced cranial capacity!

+5 votes     media: Kalasha Skin WIP
BeowulfG022 Jan 3 2011, 10:01am says:

This was one of my 2 complaints about Minecraft. THe other was just plain that it was coded in Java, when jsut about any other language would be more stable for it. Good job.

+1 vote     media: Liquid Cubed 1.0.3
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