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Star Wars: Republic Commando

Game review - 2 agree

I think this game was overlooked and very underrated.
It's dark, atmospheric, very fun in gameplay and music is just epic awesomeness. This is not your regular heroic Jedi fragfest.

Play it!



Mod review - 2 agree

This month is pretty awesome for me. Underhell was first and now we have this high quality work.
It may be boring at times due to big spaces and pretty dark too but has the most important thing many of modders seems to forgot - great firefights in very well planned areas. What else you could ask for? Well, may be for actual SECURING of White forest in the end.
Make Ep. 2! It's worth it.



Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagrees

One of (if not most) professional mods for HL2! Play it now!
Soundscape, graphics and lighting, intriguing storyline - everything is great!
And at some parts I nearly **** myself. Can't wait to horror chapters.

Some minor problems:
- voice acting, moderate at best
- day/night feature feels out of place in the beginning because I actually started urgent rescue mission at day 3 (lol wut?). May be it should be intro and cut right into the action?
- barely visible enemies at some parts
- hard to identify who's swat and who's terrorist in mall battle. They all just black figures at dark environment.
- squadmates crossing your line of fire and die
- you see and can shoot at much larger distances than AI. Probably problem from HL2 itself.
- MP5 with laser pointer enabled is universal at every distance. Just point and click.
- M4A1 crosshair in scope is barely visible. Gun also feels underpowered IMO.
- AI trying to shoot you through obstacles when it just can step aside and shoot you directly
- AI has very poor aim even at steady position

Your work is oozes quality, keep it up please!
[waits for chapter one]


C&C: Tiberian Sun

Game review


Mod review - 2 agree

One step away from perfection.
Cons: sometimes boring until you got the data. Zombies is also not very fitting in Combine controlled area.
Lack of voice acting, but overall soundscape is great. It's very helpful in immersion and often ignored by other mods.
Combine stronghold doesn't look epic, very tight corridors. And I think one hunter at once is enough but it's only my opinion.
Everything else is top notch and I'm especially glad about two things: variability of environments and two big fights (you should play to know). Keep up the fantastic work and don't make us play too long until we could engage in some really intense firefight.


System Shock 2

Game review - 2 agree

Playing it with Rebirth and SHTUP installed, it's worth it. I liked it more then Deus Ex, may be because you start without everything but bare hands. Survival horror at it's best. And it's cyberpunk!
The game ahead of it's time.



Mod review - 7 agree - 6 disagree

If you need a picture to define word "Boredom" you could took screenshot from this mod.

Boring intro. I had strong wish to leave game even at this point.
Sterile environments with lack of objects. You can go mental by simply living in that place.
Total lack of ambient sounds. Always silent corridors - no electric buzzing, no pipe bubbling, nothing. Oh yeah, corridors. With 90 degree turns. All way long. Simply walking around here is boring too!
Gameplay cycle from hell: speech-locked door-firefight with pack of guys-keycard-speech-firefight with pack of guys-unlocked door. Boring train ride is optional.
In-your-face shootouts. As interesting, as digging in your own nose for treasure.

If you want something about rioting colony go replay Red Faction 1. Or System Shock 2. Just don't waste your time to play this.
4 out of 10 only for voice acting.


Grand Theft Auto IV

Game review

Alien Swarm

Game review

Portal: Prelude

Mod review - 2 agree - 5 disagree

It's a shame when you have beautifully crafted mod which is absolutely unplayable. Hard puzzles? Pardon me, they are just ridiculously over the top! Only for uberfans. I pass.

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