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G String

Mod review - 1 disagrees

This mod brings more horror than Cry of Fear could ever dream.

This is manifesto.

This was made not to entertain you but to hit you at your head with a plank of wood. To make you fall on your knees in despair.

This is art.


Cry of Fear

Game review - 22 agree - 12 disagree


Ok now I got your attention with caps ;P and want to be more specific.

+ awesome graphics for such an old engine. And stylish too.
+ brilliant sound design
+ new enemies you never want to meet in darkness. 1st prize goes to cornerhead (or how can I name him properly?) best WTF monster I've seen.
+ setting right mood just...right
+ captured that feel of old horror games perfectly (which is actually a minus for ME personally)

- too much enemies and their placement is a disaster. Corridors with 5 things in a row or after every turn or in alcove created specially for enemy's just painful to watch, especially at parts with chained bloats. And how you like a giant right behind a door? And two others behind him?
- too much shooting. Less ammo and more damage from it is the way. But three bullets in kid's god...
- too much confined space. I can't remember any other game in which you face a nearby wall almost every time you open a door. No way to side jump too. Somehow AOM feels more open.
- ************* THREEFACED CHAINSAW GUY OUT OF ******* NOWHERE! Seriously that parts with doorknob and with swimming are not scary. They are goddamn frustrating because you'll die and repeat it again. And I was killed by him once right after I entered some door -- fade in, I see empty corridor, one second later screen goes red (he was at my side).
- JUMP PUZZLES IN CONFINED SPACES. I probably could stand it but not with infamous crouch+jump thing... And if you successfully got out from train at very first time you're ******* superman!

You may love it with all your heart but I personally could replay AOM or Condemned but have a very huge doubts about replaying COF. Which is a shame because the game is good but I believe Psykskallar could made it unmatched.

10/10 if you like old school horror games.

8/10 if you don't like rough old school gameplay.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Game review - 3 agree - 5 disagree


Basically, big graphic overhaul for Oblivion. Same problems though.

- UI. You can't assign anything at numeric keys. You got that Q button which helps you change weapon in three steps instead of one.
- Bad animations. Horse riding is pain to watch after M&B and RDR. And you still can't fight mounted!
- Unbelievable NPC behavior. Repetitive quotes -- beyond belief. Stealth is a joke again. "I think I heard something!" -- No ****???
- Scale of the world is just not enough for desirable epicness. Everything is feels very tight like taking place in your backyard.
- Questionable level design. Unavoidable fights, which are triggered and you can't avoid them. (so much for stealth)
- Whole big world revolves around YOU. That lazy bastards, can't do anything without you. And of course they trust you first time they ever see you.
- Dialogues is poetic and beautiful. "Oh hi, stranger, go to X, bring me Y". Somebody was disappointed with Fallout 3? Really?
- Questionable design for leveling. Perks is great innovation, but the main and secondary skills are gone? Gaining experience at everything -- in Elder Scrolls game?

This game is stuck in 2006. It's good but not great -- same scale, same problems. And overall feeling -- it is... sketchy.

Real MUST PLAYS for PC so far:
Deus EX:HR
Arkham City
Battlefield 3 (when not CTD)
L.A. Noire
Portal 2



Mod review - 2 agree

At first i was like "Ah, again some art house mod, going to be pretentious and boring as always". Boy I was wrong!

The most exciting adventure game since "The Longest Journey". And I don't like adventures at all!

The art style is wisely done and atmospheric. You can clearly say - Water is belong to water, pardon the pun. Then she's outside every color is desaturated - dry land is an alien world to her. Even more - she's flying like a dolphin under water and she's completely helpless on a dry land. Brilliant achievement in immersion! I even got a 'horror feeling' with growing tension at one part because I was outside water too long.

The puzzles is not overcomplicated and most important thing - they are interesting and sometimes hilarious to solve. There's nothing you can't handle. At the same time they utilizes Water's unique abilities at max. I won't spoil anything to you but couple of puzzles made me LMAO like a madman.

And the specific sense of humor of course. The reason for Water's quest alone is enough to make you grin like a Joker. Not to mention further jokes.

So far the mod is polished as it was a retail game. At least I was not experienced any technical problems. The only thing I want to see or more exactly to hear is a full voice over. It will add even more charm into this piece of gamedesign art. I'm not counting the intro, it was... uh... not very inspiring.

So download it and play it, it will take only 2 hours at max, but you will enjoy every second of it!


Gulman 2

Game review

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Game review

The Stanley Parable

Mod review

Thanks a lot for creating this!
I'm not sure I've found every possible endings. (Got 4 so far)
But I'm sure I'm died from laughter doing this!
Narration is incredible. Both male and female (you should play to know).
And the 'right' ending feels sooo sarcastic. :D
Play it guys, it beats Dear Esther by a mile IMO.


Nightmare House 2

Mod review

Mission Improbable

Mod review - 1 agrees

This is how you make your maps.
Great attention to little details, pacing, firefights, difficulty - everything is great.
Also, play another mod from Magnar: Whoopservatory - another little brilliant mod.



Mod review

A MUST play for any HL2 owner.

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