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Beefy^ Jul 12 2015, 6:59pm says:

It's an inferred light, not a search light, hence the blue tint

+1 vote   media: Sdkfz. 251/20
Beefy^ Jul 11 2015, 7:40pm says:

Less tri's than that now, still looks the same (around 1940).

In case anyone is wondering, all the textures are a 512x512 minus the wreck which is a 256x256

FYI I will try to do the correct animations for the elevation flap at the front and have it eject like a shotgun but we will see

+2 votes   media: New 75mm leIG 18 (render)
Beefy^ Jun 6 2015, 9:09am says:

To keep everyone in the loop, me and DMz are trying to get rid of all the performance problems such as what shader quality ultra causes

+3 votes   mod: Company of Heroes: Modern Combat
Beefy^ Feb 13 2015, 3:37pm says:

The model was too big, it was bigger than a t34. The model was too big so the crew members fit inside.

Adding the canopy means the model is now to scale with the other vehicles & it saves on the resource each crew member uses.

+2 votes   media: Final SU-76!
Beefy^ Feb 6 2015, 2:06pm replied:

When it's ready, we're not putting a broken releases on steam for our first release.

+1 vote   mod: Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
Beefy^ Feb 6 2015, 2:20am replied:

IS-3 never saw action in WWII, as for the others, they will be added to the game if balance requires.

+2 votes   mod: Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
Beefy^ Jan 27 2015, 11:03am says:

The wood was initially used to be able to gain traction when the tank was stuck in mud etc in real life

+4 votes   media: Final SU-76!
Beefy^ Jan 17 2015, 7:31pm says:

Effectively it's a new model so I'd say it's all DMz's work, I don't remember doing anything to it :)

+1 vote   media: SU-76 update!
Beefy^ Jan 9 2015, 11:11pm says:

Lol, if it was up to me they would be exactly the same with a cross over the Russian markings like so:

Less work the better xD

+2 votes   media: T-34/85 model(beutepanzer)
Beefy^ Oct 18 2014, 11:48am says:

Go from there backwards:

+1 vote   media: OT-34 pictures
Beefy^ Oct 14 2014, 5:40pm replied:

The SU-100 & SU-85 hulls have identical dimensions (minus the height due to a hatch on the SU-85).

Both hulls are approximately 20' long, the SU-85 barrel makes the vehicle 6'9" longer & the SU-100 barrel makes it 10' longer (if I remember right).

The hulls are structured differently but essentially based on the same design and dimensions.

We did do research before deciding to make the chassis partially universal.

Even if what you said was the case it would make a negligible difference in game play as it's hardly noticeable.

The only reason for the rebuild is to increase in game performance.

+1 vote   media: OT-34 pictures
Beefy^ Sep 23 2014, 3:25pm replied:

That normal map though.... You do need more patience with me DM :)

+1 vote   media: ZiS-2 Anti-tank gun
Beefy^ Sep 23 2014, 3:22pm replied:

Me & DM still have to muddle through animating all Variants first, then you have testing, please also consider that this is in and around our day to day lives so the answer at the moment is "how long is a piece of string".

The model mesh, UV mapping of both diffuse & occlusion channels are complete along with the textures for all variants so it shouldn't be too long, when we get time really.

+3 votes   media: OT-34 pictures
Beefy^ Dec 14 2012, 6:38pm says:

Ugly, ugly model ;) must admit, DM almost gave me a heart attack when I saw he animated it :P

+1 vote   media: New MP41
Beefy^ Dec 5 2012, 1:42am says:

@carabinam1 as we have said multiple times, its incredibly time consuming animating just a single model,then you have to consider the time taken to do the mesh, uvmap it, skin it and then there is further complications with OE work and then implementation and balance. There will not be new factions added, reward units are a possibility.

+1 vote   media: New additions to Patch 1.011
Beefy^ Dec 5 2012, 1:31am says:

Just a side note, we are currently re-working the Flak variant to have a similar cab to the Opel Blitz Flak truck but it's taken a little bit of time as me and DMz have not got the DataSrc files.

Were also looking into fixing a few Blitz bugs aswell.

+1 vote   media: Opel Maultier
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