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Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

Mod review - 2 disagree

This mod has a dreamscape experience and I can only summise that it is a reference to "Jabberwocky", not just from the mod mentioning it but also from the nonsensical level progression. That poem belongs in a would of almost equal absudity while this mod is within its own realm so it just seems out of place. The level design was odd and empty with no real reason anything being there. I enjoyed the non-euclidean space moments but other than that nothing really jumped out at me. At one point you crawl through a vent that goes on forever and no matter how long I traveled I seem to never get to the end. I noclipped ahead to see a one-sided textured panel that I couldn't pass through so I guess I just didn't trigger something but it was confusing. At the end you are submitted to three doors with what seem to be random sequence of numbers. Choosing the door with the bugged out... well everything doesn't lead anywhere and just sort've breaks the dream-like experience the mod had been providing. Choosing the door with the bloody hallway just leads to a long walk with a zombie attacking you then loading back to the aforementoined doors. The other door you can choose leads to blinding whiteness that brings you to the ending that doesn't answer anything. While the little to no story can be charming, in this mod it just makes it feel aimless and unfinished. I feel like this could have been done better.


Transmissions - Element 120

Mod review - 2 agree

Despite its performance issues this is one amazing mod. It has some awesome gameplay mechanics not seen in any other mod. The music, enviroments, and art style all melded together perfectly to give this foreboding feeling. I'm just sad that it was so short.



Game review

Ground Complex

Mod review - 5 agree - 5 disagree

This is a pretty decent mod but I do have a couple major gripes.

1. Too many Antlions: When you first meet them it isn't too bad because there's plenty of ammo and health items in the outpost but when you first get into the facility/laboratory it gets a bit too hectic. At one point the commander sent me a message and I couldn't read it because of these antlions running at me; I died, reloaded, read the message then died again, and reloaded then I took care of the antlions. Reduce how many there are at once or decrease how quickly they spawn.

2. Obstructions: The game, for the most part, easily conveyed what I had to do to get past an obstacle but it seemed to bug or actually didn't say what I had to do. You have to plug three wires in three outlets but two of the outlets are in another room blocked by two doors. There seemed to be no way to open the doors so I noticed some markings on the wall that showed it could be destroyed. I used the crowbar first, didn't work. Then I threw some grenades, nothing. Well then, it must be the crossbow, wrong again. So, I noclipped through the sodding wall. This same event happened again with the glass to get to the server room, I was so sure it was grenades because there's a crate of them before you go in but of course, I was wrong but thankfully Mr. Noclip came to the rescue. When I had to go through the C gate, the blasted door wouldn't open and with all the Antlions around I couldn't exactly take the time to find a way to open it. So, take a guess at how I got past this, hint: it seems to be the theme of this review, give up? I noclipped, simple as that.

Other than all that nonsense above this statement I enjoyed the mod, I especially liked the bullet time effect at the end, definitely added some urgency.

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