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They began driving into the city, slowly the noise grown greater as they went deeper.
The cars on the road and the planes in the skies, the masses of people walking by, talking in thaier phones and to other people in the way.
It ached in Claude's ears, it was torture to him after the quiet under the bridge.
Soon after the sounds left, Claude found himself driving inside the Uppercut HQ compound in Michael's car, it was only then that the windows were sliding down to block the sound in and out.
Michael looked at Claude and reached inside his jacket's inner pocket, he took an envelope from inside and handed it to him.
"This is your first assignment, call it a Trial of Passage, if you may." Michael said Jokingly, "We were having problems with our staff's requirements. You see we had an arrangement with an important benefactor and the man in charge of closing the arrangement was kind enough not to report back after heading out, I believe he might be hiding something from me."
Claude started to open the envelope as he listened carefully.
"The letter in the envelope will describe his assignment discreetly, he is the organization Representative named Thomas, I believe you'll find him in his office by now, forgive me but I cannot address the issue myself, I can't compromise my position."
Claude nodded as he took the letter out and began reading it to himself,

Dear Michael,
Our reports claim that our request has yet to be filled in and we are reaching our deadline.
Of course we believe that you are taking care of it and that you know what you are doing,
but we still believe that you need a helping hand in the closure of the request.
As said, five boxes of important materials for our products are to be shipped at Tuesday and
are to be sent to us before the end of the week, it is vital to keep the contract with the men
who provide us with said materials.
It is also informed to us that it was not you who dealt with the issue as we requested, but a
person who was contracted to your business, which will talked about in the next meeting as we
are your bosses and higher ranked.
We must insist you fix this problem before we arrive, for once we do you will be faced with the

Thank you in advance,
~The Bearfang Corporation.

After reading intensively, he folded the letter into his pocket, returning to listening to Michael.
"So, to sum up what we need you to do, Find Thomas, discover the location of the boxes, bring Thomas to me with the locations, then you will be payed and considered for hire." Michael finished as the car stopped in front of one of the many buildings in the compound.
Claude opened the door and took a step out, before closing the door however, Michael stopped him and said "Be warned, though, you aren't the first or the only person who is, or will, be hired for this mission, its a race, and any means are permitted, just don't go crazy, its a business we are running here."
Michael then closed the door from the inside as he drove off, and Claude entered the building.
The building turned out to be filled with many offices reaching far and wide into the extremely large building, with many corridors and hallways, elevators and stairs.
Phones rang and people talked, machines copied papers and computer keyboards were pressed a plenty.
workers passed by from place to place often, suited men and women, some even followed others as they talked about different subjects, mostly regarding others in thaier work.
Claude seemed out of place in the crowd, and felt quite lonely as he walked slowly to the reception desk nearby to the entrance.
The receptionist had brown long hair and wore glasses, she answered and redirected phone calls as well as took many messages on a Rolodex.
Claude knocked gently on the desk to draw her attention, but she held him in place as he answered a phone call quickly and returned to him.
"Yes, how can I help you?" She said politely, "I'm looking for Thomas, Michael sent me." Claude responded.
"Well, he is currently away on a break, but If Michael sent you then I believe he can be found at the cafe at the third floor, other people asked for him as well, quite a busy man I see, cant arrange a decent time." the receptionist answered, "Thank you." Claude said politely with a smile and went up to the elevator.
Two suited men stood next to him waiting as well, brief looks at each other as the elevator door opened and Claude pressed '3', going up.
Tiime to swiitch.. he heard a voice as his ear ranged and his head ached greatly, he closed his eyes strongly and pressed his teeth against each other.
Claude, Hex's turn now... he heard the voice again and with a quick second the elevator beeped as they reached the third floor, Hex took over, and walked out with a devilish smile, heading to the cafeteria.
He looked about to try and find Thomas without success, he went up to the man behind the counter and asked, "Where is Thomas? the representative of this place?".
"Sorry man, someone just took him few minutes ago, he left." the man behind the counter replied and Claude started thinking where he might be.
"How did that man look?" Hex asked him, "Well he was a bit bulky and serious, he seemed to be ready for a fight with some punks, really." the man replied as Hex went away afterward.
The receptionist didn't tell me someone took him, so they dident leave officially, and if he was up for a fight he was going after Thomas, he probably left from the back entrance, I should find it.
Hex thought and went about the building, quickly discovering a route to the exit behind the building that leads to the parking lot.
He saw a small bloodstain in the floor, little drops leading deeper into the echoing parking lot.
after a minute he found it leading into a door, as he opened it the body fell down on him.
Claude quickly shoved it away from surprise, after several breaths he looked at it, it was Thomas!
The man killed him! his skull was shattered in and he had bruises all around him, but he had something in his hand.
Claude took it out of his hand and examined it, it was an handwritten blackmail letter, saying 'have the money in three days and meet us at the parking lot', maybe someone recognizes the handwriting, it was worth asking around.
Claude stored it in his pocket and walked back into the main building, heading to the receptionist at the front entrance after few minutes of walking.
"Say, do you know this handwriting?" he asked her, "Of course." she replied, "It's Michael's.".


Claude looked around at the people residing under the city bridge, trying to recollect any memory of how he got there, most of them barely had a place to stay and were helping each other out on essentials, such as food and water. Even though how they were, they have been quite happy for a reason, Claude found it hard to realize how it could have been possible for them in their state.
Many happy faces were scattered around the people in that beautiful morning, one of the weirdest he ever had.
"Come, we aren't far." Carl said to him as they reached a better suited camp, almost had a military like feel, it was covered in different types of debris and junk that were colored differently in many colors, It was funny how two places were combined together, some people in similar clothing were handing out food and water, even milk and coffee and many other things for the morning, Carl didn't head there, though, he went behind it, into an old Trailer-park home that resided behind the encampment, more decorated in junk than the other.
"Head right in, I'll be right back." Carl said as he finished his coffee and kept the empty plastic cup, heading away into the small moving crowd of the people, and Claude quickly did as he said, eagerly awaiting to meet this person.
He entered the home and went up two steps inside, he swiftly smelt a delicious aroma inside, he couldn't describe what made that smell, but he had an urge to discover what made it, and so would another person, it would seem.
Once Claude entered, he quickly noticed a person looking through the oven's glass door, faced in to see what was inside, but when Claude made a sound the man quickly looked back, panicked.
"I'm sorry! I didn't do anything! I swear!" the man yelled, and quickly ran at him, pushing him aside as he left the home, Claude remained there without any clue what was going on and if he did something wrong or not, But it didn't stop him from investigating the source of the flowing sensation in the air.
He went towards the oven, and looked inside, he barely saw anything, there was no internal lights in it, so he struggled to get a good point of view to have some sunlight show what was inside.
Quickly, though, a woman said from behind him "It's called Fruity leftover pie.", Claude jumped from the voice surprising him, and quickly turned around to face the woman.
"I'm sorry I came here by my own, I shouldn't have entered." Claude said in despair and in awkwardness, where only the woman laughed for a bit and smiled "It's alright" she said, "I'm Jenny, nice to meet you.".
"Hey, My name is Claude, Carl brought me here, he told me you can help me?" Claude asked her as he moved aside where she took his place, "Oh, did he now? well that depends, What is your problem?" Jenny said as she looked through the glass into the pie, then sitting down on the couch there.
"Well, it's hard to explain, really, but I'll try." Claude responded and sat down in the other couch in front of her.
"Lately, I find myself at places I have no recollection of going to, find myself with things that I didn't have the day or night before, sometimes people approach me with gifts or gratitude, or with violence or hate, and I have no idea whats going on." Claude set, where Jenny allowed him to continue "And sometimes I even find news written about me or talked about me in TVs or newspaper, and I have no idea that it happened at all, it is as if someone was controlling me then, and I have no awareness about it." Jenny seemed intrigued by Claude's case, wanting to hear and discover more about it, it was clearly seen that she wanted to know about him.
"Well, I'm sorry, I believe that I can't help you there, though I may know something that you may find interesting." She said, looking at him with a smile, "And what's that?" Claude replied "I know someone else who might have a clue on helping you, sadly though, They aren't here, they are up north at the city, not sure exactly where, but they are there, if you would like, you could try searching around for them." She explained "Their name's are Ivan and Lisa, They live at the northern outskirts of the city, exactly opposite from here, I believe, if you can find them, they may be able to help you out.".
"Can I ask you something?" Claude said, "Sure." "Who are you and why are you here?" he asked here, where then she tapped her finger at her chin thinking of a well-put answer.
"Well, as you already know, My name is Jenny, I'm part of the 'Help Them Out!' program to assist homeless and poor people out, which is probably why you saw that encampment before you reached here, obviously." she said, Claude listening carefully, "We do our best in order to help those people, and to be honest we are making progress, but we still aren't ever near finishing our work. Each passing day more and more people go without work, without houses, without hope in ever rebuilding their former life, sometimes they are even hopped up on drugs or alcohol or even simple things such as paint thinners and alike, but, this isn't a advertising campaign, I bet you weren't interested in hearing all that, besides, I think Carl is waiting for you outside." Claude saw that she was trying to get rid of him, and didn't want to give a hard time so he agreed with leaving.
"I think Carl is waiting for me outside, thanks for your help, I'll try my best to discover where they are." He said to her, standing up afterwards and headed towards the door, "Alright, See you." Jenny replied and looked back into the oven as he left the trailer-park home.
Carl indeed was waiting for him outside, and quickly wrapped his arm around his shoulder and walked about, forcing Claude to follow him, "Alright! so! how did you chat go?" he said cheerfully than before.
"It went okay, though she couldn't help me like you said she would, but she did help me in some way."
He said to him, where he laughed hard "Well what did she say to you?" he asked excitingly for a reason, "She told me that someone north of town might know how to help me out, so I'm heading there." Carl quickly went in front of him, holding both of his shoulders with his hands and looking straight into his eyes saying "You just got a golden ticket there, then, because a few suited people looked you up, I told them I know you and told them to meet you! come on! follow me!" he then grasped Claude again and took him through the small mob of people about on their business.
After many steps, Carl placed Claude in front of three suited men who were standing still, one of them felt at unease due to his location.
"Ah, thank you Carl, you can leave now, I wish to speak with Claude privately." the man between the other two said as Carl saluted in a joke and left, where Claude observed the three in inquiry, trying to understand what was going on.
"Well, Claude, I finally find you." he said, "My name is Michael, Lead human resources director for Uppercut Inc., and I'd like to hire you.", Claude was amazed, he remembered Uppercut from all the tournaments and videos on the Internet, Uppercut was a high-risk sporting company involved in many aspects of combat and movement sports, usually hazardous to others.
"Why you want me?" Claude asked "I will explain further at our headquarters, if you would kindly pack your things and come to the car so we will be on our way." Michael answered, pointing at a black and beefy car, and headed there, Claude quickly ran to where all his things were, and Carl was waiting for him there.
"So, you leaving so soon?" Carl asked him as he sat on his bucket, leaning on his fist and looking at Claude packing his things, "I'm afraid so, Carl, sorry for not hanging out as long as you thought, I'll be sure to try and get back here to meet you again, though." Claude said, and Carl quickly had a smile on his face, it was nice to have company and Carl haven't had any for quite a time, the fact that someone willingly was around him made him happy.
"You do that, good luck as well." Carl said as Claude finished packing and waved goodbye and left.
Claude felt lightly disappointed for leaving Carl behind as well as Jenny, but he knew he couldn't stay there, and with a closed car door he was gone from there, inside Michael's car.
"You won't regret this." Michael said.


"Ey', Rover here" Rover said when he answered his cellphone, his mexican accent was hard to avoid, where the man responded "Hey Rover, Jacob here, Moles need your help." in a dissapointed way.
"Ah, Jacob! long time no hear, what you and your boys need this time, eh? money? some cars? you name it!" Rover said in a light and cheery mood, laughing abit as Jacob joined along, "Nah, I need your help in something else, to find someone for me, since my own men are too stupid to do it themselves." Rover stopped laughing with a final chuckle, saying "Well who might that be? Oh wait, let me guess, Its Claude Hex, right?" Jacob seemed abit at awe, "He told us his last name was Klein, but how did you know, Rover?" Jacob asked him, "That man burned our 'buisness' building to the ground few days ago, we've been searchin' for another place to have our 'things' go back in gear but with no luck for now." Rover answered, "You seem to have a worser case than mine." Jacob said frustratingly, "We've been searching for him ever since, and I had some men on him for quite some time, seeing if he was working for anyone, and to my shock, he was the most normal person I ever known about, atleast comparing to ourselves, eh? Anyways, our men lost him ever since your men came, but we are still searching for him again, though my guess is that he is going for Uppercut."
Rover began to be serious than before, and so did Jacob, they knew the situation they were handling at that moment, for both of thaier organizaitons.
"Why he'll go to them? I doubt he even knows about them." Jacob tired to dismiss the idea, though Rover explained, "He may not know them as we do, but I think they do know him. So if they are going to hire him, We're in abit of a problem, since we can't attack then, and- " "What?! Why cant we attack them?!" Jacob interupted Rover's sentance in anger, "Its the Bearfangs, its that agreement they are doing with The Black Clovers, we are forbidden to attack them and so are they, but thats the cost of a great 'synergy' if you understand my drift." Rover said with some sadness in his voice.
"So let me get this straight, we lost an extremely dangerous enemy that is most apparently going to get recruited to our enemies, who we cant attack because of some idiotic alliance treaty that will never work out, ever?" Jacob yelled furiously, where Rover responded with a quick "Yep.".
"This is unbelievable!" continued Jacob, facepalming in dismay, combined with rage attempted to be stored inside, "Hm... So it would seem, but dont worry, I think I can find him, besides, if it wont work, you or I can contact a certin someone to 'assist' us, outside of this treaty we are bound by."
Rover replied calmly back, "Humph, I guess you got a point, anyways, contact me if you have progress on finding him, will you?" Jacob asked "No problem, you do the same Jacob." Rover replied, "Thanks, and I will, goodbye." Jacob said and hung up the call, abit calmer than before, He leaned his head on his fist, which was on the handle of his chair, still grasping the cellphone, thinking.
That historic night, the night that would seem to never end, that night which fell on the city so fast and remained so long that it would feel like the sun has retreated in the stars, that night Claude's life has changed forever, A life no longer called normal, he was no an outcast of society like never before, he lost his home, any hope of seeing his family, and worst of all, he signed his fate to lose his sanity, but his sanity is derived to his personalities, he himself are two beings, one Anders and one Hex, one real, one fake, one true, one false, one now, and one forever.
Once the night was over, Claude woke up slowly under the southern city bridge as the bright, warm light of the orange-yellow morning sun surfaced from the oceans into the sky, and into his weary eyes, blinding him for several moments, he felt new to the sensation for some reason, he felt freedom and dident understand why, he dident recall any of Hex's doings, or Ander's.
As he sat up on a makeshift bed on the ground, he noticed a old, bearded man sitting on a upside down bucket, holding a pot over a campfire burner, and when the man noticed Claude, he smiled and said "Good morning, I made some coffee, I hope you'll like it."
Claude stood up, looking around as he stretched his back, the bearded man quickly took another bucket, fliped it and placed it on the ground, at the other side of the burner infront of him, gesturing Claude to sit on it.
Claude did as he said, and looked around, once he sat the bearded man looked at him and smiled, "You're new around here, ain't ya? Name's Carl." He said, placing the pot in place and searching in a dufflebag of his' on the floor besides him.
He was dirty and messy, he reaked a smell of black coffee and dirt, his clothes were tattered and his beard was thick and long, he was balding but he was still very cheerful and happy for a reason,
"I'm Claude, nice to meet you." Claude responded awkwardly, "Where am I?" He asked Carl, "You are under the southern city bridge, Claude, Wonder you are here, only those down on luck show up here, and I really hope a young man like you diden't get to that." Carl answered cheerfully and took out two plastic cups.
"I hope you like Black Coffee, Im out of milk." he said with a smile, "I don't mind." said Claude, even though he never tasted one in his life, he allways wondered if it was really bitter as people say it was.
Carl poured the hot coffee into each cup, and gave one to Claude, "Careful, its very hot." Claude nodded in understandment and took the cup carefully, it was true, the heat coming from the coffee inside the cup slowly reached his fingers, it stinged for a few seconds, but Claude got used to the feel, and then reached for his first sip with the steam blowing from the cup to his forehead.
The sip was short, as the stinging bitterness hit Claude's tong it discusted him, the taste sticked into his taste and dident withdrew, making bitter roots of taste, Claude quickly spitted it out.
"So, dont like Black Coffee, I see?" Carl said sarcasticly, "It allright, its more of an acquired taste."
Carl took a sip of his coffee and asked Claude, "So as I said, what are you doing here?".
Claude shook his head, "To be honest, I have no idea, these things happen alot, me finding myself at weird places." Claude looked at his cup of black coffee in slight discuss and placed it on the floor.
"You should go see a friend of mine, maybe she can help you out." Carl said as he stood up, "Really? Who is she? how can she help me?" Claude asked eagerly, "Woah there, kid, calm yourself, she is was allways the type for mystery cases, I said maybe she can help you out, maybe, Im not sure, we'll have to see." Carl responded and started walking, pointing Claude to follow him.
"Allright then, lead the way." Claude said as they went deeper into the encampment of many homeless people under the bridge.


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"Stop this! it isen't your turn!" Yelled Anders at Hex when he forcely took over Claude from his possesion, "I doubt you'll be able to handle these guys." Hex replied back when Ray began talking.
"You've been a real pain in the backside lately." He said, "So here's the deal, you come with us and work for us, untill you pay you'r dept with the money you'll make at our cage, you'll be subject to rent tax and such for staying at the cage, ofcourse." Ray grinned along with a brute next to him, and Hex thaught what to do to escape, "Can I bring something with me? its personal." Claude said after several seconds, and Ray nodded without caring on what he'll do.
Claude went into the small bathroom in his apartment and locked the door as silently as he could, opening the small window he thought he can climb out of, looking out to see a thin edge below, he now had an escape plan, as swift as it was.
He slowly climbed out the window, using the toilet to get him self out, he nearly slipped trying, but managed to find the edge, it was abit furthur down than Claude's hight, touching the edge with the more forward half of his shoe's sole on the edge, shimming along the edge to the side of the building.
It was very dark outside, Claude barely saw where he was going and dident even knew where he could find a way down from the ledge, but there was no turning back now, and after several steps across the edge, Ray noticed Claude's abscence, "He's been there for quite some time." said one brute to Ray, "You're right, too much time." Ray responded "Go check it out.", sending the thug on his way, but the second the thug tried to open the door manually, he noticed it was locked.
"Its locked boss." he said, looking at Ray with some anger, "Bust the door down." Ray said and stoop up, taking a pistol out and going to the bathroom's door.
The thug booted the door down into the bathroom's interior, the noise the light wooden door made when hitting the dirty ceramic floor was heard from the window, and heard by Claude.
He paniced, and started moving faster across the side of the building, making sure not to fall from the ledge itself, as Ray took his head out of the window, along with his arm, holding the pistol.
Ray spotted Claude on the side of the building and tried to take aim from the window.
"Hold still..." Ray mumbled as Claude kept moving across, and slowly putting pressure on the trigger, and in the end, firing the pistol after closing his eyes.
When Ray opened his eyes, he saw Claude still on the side of the building, he missed him.
Claude also opened his eyes and started moving across the edge again.
"Gah! F.. Lets get down and outside." Ray said and took his head and arm carefully back, leaving the apartment along with the rest of the thugs and with John.
Claude managed to reach the edge of the building, carefully and slowly changing sides of the building, to find a fire-escape stairwell on the side of the building right next to his.
Claude heard them down below, Ray shouting orders to the rest to find where Claude is in the darkness on the walls, and the seconds Claude was right infront of the fire escape a bright flashlight lit his place on the wall, when the light turned away, Claude glimpsed to see John with the flashlight, he nodded to Claude - he was trying to help him escape.
Claude prepared to jump from the ledge to the fire escape, it was a task he wasent used to.
As he took the jump and turned around towarsds the fire escape, he felt a rush he never felt before, it was something enlighting, it brew in him and bursted out in a blast of energy, he felt like nothing was going to stop him, that is, atleast, when he saw he was about to miss it.
He struggled with his arms and grabbed the ledge of the fire escape, he started dangling from the ledge and tried his best not to fall.
"John?! Where are you?!" Yelled Ray from the distance as it started to drip rain very slowly,
"This place's clear!" John yelled back "Then come back here!" Ray shouted back, and John left.
Claude remained dangling for a few minutes before finally giving up and falling down.
He landed on his feet, then down on his side, he remained on the floor for quite some time, adjusting to the light pain the fall gave him.
After around ten minutes he slowly stood up, going back to his apartment slowly, "You really done it this time..." Anders said to Hex as he began packing Claude's things in his apartment, though the thugs broke most of the small things.
"What are you doing? you dont expect them to just leave you alone, are you?" Anders remarked,
"We got no other choice, we can't stay here unless we are inviting them to kidnap us, only option we have is to run away, maybe head out of the city." Hex replied back, as he finished packing most of his things in a backpack and on himself.
"So... where are we actually going to go?" Anders asked, "As far as we can from here." Hex stated, and went out the door of the apartment, not even closing the door.
As he walked down the street from the apartment building, the rain that builded up above poured down the earth, showering all below the dark clouds, there was no night darker of which Claude knew about.
Meanwhile, Ray, John and the thugs went into a wooden house and into an office, the man who hosted the meeting in the fightclub was there, "Only Ray." he said, as the rest left the room, John looked at Ray before he closed the door, and the man stood up.
"So, is this 'Claude' dealt with, Ray?" The man asked as he took a sip from a drink on his desk.
"Yeah, well, about that..." Ray began saying when the man stopped him from talking, "Now, you hear that? that is how you stat a sentance I so much hate to hear, because its like coming to a nice fellow merchant, and telling him he sells CRAP!" he started yelling at Ray as he moved closer to him and looked him in the eyes, "Did you, or did you NOT, kill him?!" he shouted at his face in rage.
"We... we diden't kill him.." Ray responded silently, "Well did you capture him atleast?!" He yelled at him again, "Um... no.. no sir..." The man's face was filled with rage, "Get out of my face." the man said as Ray swiftly left the room, and the man sat down his office's chair sipping from the drink, then taking a cellphone and making a call, tagged 'Rover'.

Will keep working on this, release times arent dated, so just keep checking every once in a while.

Gravedigger was several steps away from Claude, and was about to swing his fist at him,
But as he did, Claude dropped on the ground to dodge the punch, quickly raising himself afterwards.
Claude tried to lay a fairly strong punch towards Gravedigger's side as he strafed, but Gravedigger blocked his punch as he grabbed his fist and threw him aside on the cage, where the rust sticked to him to flies to honey.
Gravedigger walked towards Claude, where Claude was holding himself on the cage, unused to fighting, when Gravedigger was close enough, he went to kick his back, but before he could Claude rolled on the cage so he wont hit him.
Claude quickly moved behind Gravedigger, and jumped on him, trying to strangle him as the crowd cheered for Claude, atleast the ones who betted on him.
Gravedigger tried to get him off, but had problems in doing so, only after awhile he managed to grab him and threw him on the concrete floor, making his grip on Gravedigger's throat forcely released.
The announcer watched from the side of the cage curiously, as Claude was the longest to survive from the rest.
"Funny, he is the first one I see who can actually fight..." The announcer thought to himself as Claude kicked Gravedigger down to the floor with a big huff.
Claude panted, looking at Gravedigger, then closing his eyes in pain and fatigue, spitting blood on the hard floor, but Gravedigger used that to his advantage, and when he closed his eyes, Gravedigger went inside his cargo pants and took a machete from a special sheath from inside the pants.
Gravedigger went up, preparing to make a long swing towards Claude's chest, watching if Claude's eyes were still closed.
Claude noticed it at the last second, and dodged it in suprise and shock, Gravedigger suddenly gotten more powerful then before, probably from the machete, and the more he swung his machete at him, the harder it was to dodge it.
It was really tiring to Claude, it was very exhausting, it was a pain which was fueled by the desire to live, and the desire to win.
He knew he couldent dodge forever, he had to do something, and he thought of something.
At the last swing that Gravedigger took, where Claude knew he couldent dodge anymore, he tried to disarm the machete from his fist.
It was a leap of faith, Claude was fatigued and disarming Gravedigger was the least thing he could have done at that point.
Gravedigger took the final swing, Claude strafed to the side in attempt to hold Gravedigger's wrist, with a light grip on the machete's handle.
In all of Claude's remaining streangth, he took his fist and in rage and desperation punched Gravedigger's elbow upwards, making it snap out of place, and releasing the machete from pain.
Gravedigger stumbled backwards afterwards, tryign to place his elbow back in place, only to find his agony and dispair from the pain to trouble him from doing basic actions.
Claude then took a step back, now noticing he is grasping the machete, and an evilish grin arose on his face, as now all his strength regenerated itself, and now that the tables have turned and the odds have changed he would, will, win the fight.
Claude weaved abit from exhaustion as he stepped slowly towards Gravedigger, and with a swift, weary thrust, Claude stabbed Gravedigger in the chest.
The machete went smoothly into him, the sound it made was of disgust and repulsive manner, it went through him like he was made out of butter, but the light, hidden scratching sound made by the machete lightly slicing the bones to hit the organs, which eventually gotten a burst of blood coming out of the wound.
Claude kept the machete in him for a few seconds, as Gravedigger fell on his knees, and Claude took the machete out, and dropped it on the floor.
The champion has been defeated, the king of the cage has died, and now a new one has taken its place, "The Winner! Claude Klein!" yelled the announcer as the spectating crowd cheered mroe than ever, except the ones who lost thaier money, who left angerly.
The announcer directed Claude otu of the cage to earn his money with a smile, but when he left, that smile disappeared from his face, and instead was replaced with a lightly angry expression, but it was also quickly removed as the announcer started to announce the next fight.
Claude walked towards the bookie, which gave him triple the ammount he betted.
"Six houndred big ones, just like you should get, but also, heres a word of advice for free." said the bookie, and Claude listened in intrest, "People around here dont like thaier money being taken away, and they'll do what they can to get that back from you, and if Im asked I'll be forced to help them, so watch your back."
Claude nodded without a single word and went out from the fightclub, still abit tired and carrying small ammounts of marks on him, rubbing his face to get the rust off it and aswell as from his clothes, then enjoying counting the stack of money in his hand as he went back to the apartment building.
Claude knocked on the landlord's apartment door, where the landlord angerly opened, but before being able to speak, Claude shoved the entire stack on him.
"Dont bother me, or get near me, or be in my area of smell in the next few months, got that?!" Claude yelled, then went off as the landlord grabbed the money, and with a cheery, mellow grin on his face he closed the door of his apartment.
"You lucky bastard." said Anders as Claude went into his apartment, closed the door and fell on his foldable couch-bed.
"It has nothing to do with luck." said Hex using Claude as his means of speech again, being slightly muffled as his face was stuffed on the bed from tiredness, "Yeah, we'll see... whats the time, anyways?" Anders said back, where Hex replied "Its about.." he looked up on his clock on the wall and dropped his face on the bed again "..four and a half." he finished his sentance.
"Hmm, its getting late for the job interview time, mind going to it, we still need to get Claude some work." Anders said towards Hex where Hex groaned from irritation.
"Fine, I'll go there myself, now would you kindly?" Anders said, and then took over Claude from Hex, and went up to get prepared.

-- Meanwhile --

"He took atleast a third of today's profit!" said one person angerly as he hitted the desk angerly with his fist, and people talked between eachother.
There were plenty of them, atleast six, sitting around a table on an important meeting made by one person, standing up instead of sitting.
"A third seems like quite a bunch of money." said the announcer, as he was there aswell, and people around him agreed as they continued talking with eachother.
"Dont forget he killed Gravedigger, that means a real reduced income, now that the champion is dead, and that reduced income is quite nasty, ask the bookie yourself." the first man continued.
"I know that, and we have to do something about it." replied the announcer as he looked at the standing man, waiting for a response, and so did the rest.
"He did quite a bit of damage to our fine establishment, dont you agree people?
But that dosent mean he dosent get to fix all this." the standing man said, and the rest agreed as he continued on.
"Ray, your the announcer, do you remember his name?" the standing man said, where Ray nodded, "Good, we'll need it. I want you to take up to four men, and find this person, and get him to sign the agreement, I'd consult with the bookie, he might remember how he looks like, I'll also try to get some help from friends."
Ray agreed and went out of the room as the standing man finished the meeting, and went towards the bookie's room.
When Ray opened the door, he saw the bookie counting cash on a large table, very focused on his work and abit fraustrated, thats when Ray knocked on the door to draw his attention.
"Huh? oh, Ray, hey, Im just counting the money..." said the bookie, "I can see that, John, and you are doing quite good work, I need your help in something else, though, can you stop the count for now and help me out?" Ray asked John politely, as John answered "Sure, let me just write this down..." and took a piece of paper, writing down a number, then walking up towards Ray, "...Allright, what you need?".
"I need you to help me recognize Claude, the one who killed Gravedigger." Said Ray, and John nodded in agreement, "I'll help." he said.
"Good, I'll need all the help I can get, Im also going to meet The Rovers, they been around these areas lots of times, they can help, but at a price." Ray said as he walked with the bookie down the hallway, hand over his shoulder.
After everyone left the meeting room, the man that stood the whole time took out a cellphone and made a call, "Hey, listen, my men are probably heading your way for assistance... yes, I know, but we could use this to our advantage." he started his chat, slowly moving to one of the chairs and sitting on it.
"His name is Claude as far as I know, and he killed my champion, and took alot of cash with him, and I need him found and signed." he continued his phonecall, "We could use this person, both of us... yes, allright, I will contact you once we have him, goodbye." he said and closed the call, putting his cellphone in his pocket and going out of the dimmed meeting room into the lit hallway, where on his back the title "Mole Fighters" was sewn.

-- Back at the Apartment several hours later --

"I knew you wouldnt get the job." Hex said to Anders in a mock, where Anders shuted him up in anger, "Its not my fault he wouldnt accept people who seemed to get in trouble alot, thanks to you and the marks you gotten onto Claude." Anders talked back at him, then heading inside the room, only to find Ray, John and two other men wearing jackets near the foldable bed, two all standing but the announcer.
"Well, Claude Klein, about time you showed up... that is Claude, right?" said Ray as he looked at John, and John confirmed, "What do you people want?" said Claude, still being controlled by Anders.
"We want our money back, but to be more precise, we want to make a deal..." Ray replied, where Hex took over Ander's infulence over Claude quickly.
"What are you doing?!" Anders yelled at Hex, "I want to know what they want to offer." Hex said.

Thanks for readin', Post ya later.
-The-G-Man AKA BaZuL

I have now decided to post episodes of some of my ideas as a fiction of some sort, episodes of stories that I make, and I will post them using this blog, how convinient! :D

"We interrupt this program in order to give you a special news report."
Said a news broadcaster when he stopped the normal shows airing.
"A man, suspected to be "The Drug Lord" has been taken into costudy by the US Spectrum Anti-Terrorist & Strike Force.
The man, No no longer annonymus, has been confirmed to be Claude Klein, a 27 years old man with serveral degrees in many science and medicine aspects.
Claude is now facing extreme charges in supreme court, some of the cases involve thousands of illict necrotic transfers and two cases of homocide, aswell as several cases of illegal activities, and organized crime."
As the broadcaster continues, a video shows Claude entering the Courtroom, heavily secured.
"Claude has claimed Insanity to the court, and it is yet to be checked, more to follow from our field reporter, Joshua Klemins, Josh?~" The broadcast ends as someone turned of the TV using a remote, the man sighs and leaves the room, closing the door loudly.

-- 2 Years Ago --

"Wake Up Claude..." a voice whispers as Claude sleeps on a sofa in a low class, run down apartment.
"Comeon, Claude, Wake up allready...wake up.... WAKE UP!" the voice shouts as Claude then yawns and wakes up slowly, streatching out and opening his eyes slowly.
"We have a long day ahead of us..." the voice said as Claude goes towards the old fridge in his kitchen.
"We had a lot of fun yesterday, diden't we?" The voice said in a cheery tone of voice, as Claude took a carton of milk out of the fridge itself.
He turned the carton upside down, and revealed that the milk dosen't drip -- Its gone spoiled.
Claude shivered in disgust as he threw the carton away into the distance of the room, and took out a bottle of beer which was soon to be over instead.
He went slowly towards the table and sat down on one of the plastic chair, reading the current newspaper, where the headline reads "Buisness building Burnt - Half a Building destroyed".
"It was really fun last night, wasen't it?"
The voice proclaimed, as Claude went into the job section of the newspaper.
"So you like today's news, Claude? I told you hard work pays off." the voice says, yet Claude seems to be unaware and continues his daily life.
"Soon you will be mine, and will rule this world together. And no man, woman or God shall defeat us.." The voice continued on as Claude drank the rest of his beer, and marked avilable jobs in the paper.
"Enough of this!" Another voice yelled, much caring voice and softer than the other.
"Be quiet, Anders, you are not supposed to be here now! infact, why are you still here? you know you have no chance at this, just leave." The other voice replied back.
"I will never leave Henderson, he is a poor soul who I can fix from your filth, and help him return to his family." Anders said back, as Claude finished reading and marking the paper and headed towards the bathroom.
"Listen, Hex, You will never corrupt Claude, I will never allow it and I'll never give up!" Anders shouted back at Hex, where Hex replied with a mocking laugh, "We will see about that..." Hex said as Claude finished his buisness at the bathroom and left it.
Suddenly, knock on the door was heard, and something happend to Claude.
He stumbled abit and then stood still.
"Nothing like another day of fun." Claude said with the voice of Hex.
Claude approached the door, when he opened it he saw the landlord on the other side.
"This is the last time you ain't paying your rent." The landlord said to Claude, The landlord was covered in an awful stench and seemed really filthy, he grew a thick beard and it would seem he would never do laundry from all the stains in his clothes.
"I want all your stuff, including yourself, out of the apartment.
If you and your stuff ain't out by the end of the week, I'll..." He said untill Claude grabbed his neck with an enraged expression on his face, gazing into his eyes.
"I will pay my rent, once I have it, and you will not show yourself, or your beard, in my eyesight untill I have it." Claude released his grip once he finished, nearly suffocating the man.
The landlord grabbed his throat gently, trying to catch his breath.
"...You leech." Said Claude as he walked towards and down the staircase to leave the apartment building.
"Lets go have some fun." Claude said to himself as he walked down the street.
Claude entered a narrow ally, with only one person standing infront of a door and when Claude approached him, he walked aside and allowed him to enter.
As he opened the door, and extremely wounded and beaten up person stumbled up the stairs, coughing up blood and he leaves.
The more Claude goes deeper down the stairs, the more loud the echos of cheering and howling of a large crowd is heard.
"Ahh, the sweet sound of underground cage fights." Claude thought and then heard the announcer talking, "What a fight! now we are willing something special today! We will triple, yes! Triple! your money if you enter the fight now and face our champion!" the crowd applauded and only few went to the entry point to join the cage fight to triple their bets.
Claude went into the line for entry, and asked the person infront of him, "So who exactly is this 'Champion'? is he really that hard to beat?" and the person looked back with a baffled face and replied "He ain't that tough, he became the champion for two reasons, He is big and he allways brings a weapon with him in each fight." Claude chuckled and asked "If so, how do you expect to win? its a fight to the death in underground cage fight events." the man asked the same thing as an answer and ended the conversation as he entered his designated prep-room.
The bookie said to Claude "To enter, please place a bet which you'd like to triple in the event, the minimum to enter is one houndred dollars." Claude took out two one houndred dollar bills, handing it to the bookie, then saying "Next time, get a better attitude." and then went into his designated prep-room.
The room stank from blood and sweat, the walls were filled with water marks and small blood sprays, there was a table that has a broken leg, and was evened out using a cinder block, and very dirty and and soaked matress was on the floor aswell as a dented locker without any doors and also the room had an old wooden chair, which seemed to be the cleanest object in the entire room.
Claude sat on the chair and relaxed himself, when Anders started to talk to him.
"You ain't really going to fight, are you?" Anders asked Hex.
"Why not? I've betted good money on this"
Hex replied using Claude for speech, "You'll get yourself killed" Anders remarked to him with a worrying tone of voice.
"No, I wont, I'm too good for that champion" Hex answered, feeling all full of himself.
"And if you wont? Its a fight to the death! as you said yourself! you can't let Henderson die! we will die alongside with him!" Anders yelled at him in anger and concern, "I wont let Claude die, I'll win and get out with the money, simple as that." Hex said, still calm and relaxed.
Shouts of agony and cheers of the crowd was heard through the prep-room's door, but it diden't affect Hex at all.
After twenty minutes, a knock was heard from the door, and a man opened it and behind him was the announcer, they both looked at Claude and then the announcer said "Comeon, its your turn now."
All the three of them walked down the hallway from the prep-room to the cage entry as the announcer explained what will happen in the cage before he enters.
"Whats your name?" said the announcer in a hurry, "Claude, Claude Klein." Claude answered to him, "Allright Claude, you'll be facing our current champion, Gravedigger, and I'll call you up to the cage, so don't go in on your own untill I'll call you." He said, and continued on, "Do you have any kind of introduction you want me to read for you?" but from the rush, he didn't let Claude answer back.
"Now, its a one round match, and you fight untill you die, or, by a miracle, if you kill the champion."
Claude nodded and the announcer continued on, "Only once I start the round, will you start attacking, Good luck." the announcer finished, leaving Claude behind the door to enter the cage with only a pat on the back.
"Comeon, Hex, Don't do this, seriously!" Anders said to him as the announcer was heard from after the door, calling Gravedigger into the cage, "He needs the money and you know it, Anders" Said Hex using Claude for speech again, waiting eagerly for the announcer to call him up.
"There has to be another way to earn money other than this." he said towards Hex, more afraid thanever, as the announcer started to call Claude up into the cage.
"Ofcourse there are, but they are too far away than this!" Hex said and went into the cage slowly.
As the announcer finished, and Claude went inside, he looked around.
The entire crowd cheered for him, eager to see bloodshed, and it was soon to arrive.
Claude looked at his opponent, Gravedigger, named after such a cheesy name from his former victories in cage fights in his past.
He was quite muscular, but not too much, he was scarred and had alot of marks on him from the current and old cage fights he had, he seemd to be, as-if, a machine than a person.
He was filled with rage and pleasure towards his acts, it was easly seen by his facial expressions.
He has a shaved beard but little to no body hair, as he wasent wearing any kind of shirt or upperbody clothing.
His pants and shoes were covered in blood and grime, the cage was rusty and the floor was made out of concrete, painting with remains of fluids and blood that formed a very disturbing color.
The announcer was waiting untill the crowd finished placing thaier bets on the fight, he was looking at Claude and Gravedigger, observing if they are ready.
Then he yelled "FIGHT!" and Gravedigger ran towards Claude, the crowd howled and the announcr moved aside.
The Fight was on.


Thanks for readin', Post ya later.
-The-G-Man AKA BaZuL

Escape from Mind Asylum is a Pyscological Horror game concept revolving around the story of Henrich, a demented physcopath sent into The Asylum for rehabilitation after being taken into custody by the Police Force when evidance showed he was responsible for the murdur of his first wife and for physically abusing his second wife.At the beginning, Henrich finds himself waking up in a cell, not being able to recall where he is or anything regarding his past or The Asylum other then the fact he was forcely thrown into the cell.
As he ventures deeper into the castle, he discovers that something is amiss.
The entire Asylum seems to be aged and starts to wither, aswell as something in a Straitjacket seems to be chasing him, leaving trails of victims without eyes nor fingers, making a strange sounds when he spots his prey, when he spots Henrich.A strange voice seems to be guiding him, the voice of his first wife, and helps him recall his memory on the actions he has done and the past he had left behind.
Not only that, but something keeps guiding him, making him solve strange puzzles on the Asylum in order for him to advance forward, making him be able to read about the past of the Asylum and its owner, The Master, one Dr. Kirschenbaum.

Dr. Krischenbaum, The Master, and The Receptionst (Name yet to be), his soon-to-be wife, have ownership on The Asylum and make sure it is running perfectly.
Even though, The Master has done something in order to make his Asylum so successful, something that makes his Asylum so well known to give his patients out free of disorders.

The more Henrich knows his past, the more he regrets his being himself, and the more he sees that killing himself is the best option, still being hunted by that thing.

Thanks for readin', Post ya later.

Extinction partakes a battle between spieces and races from all over the galaxies, fighting eachother for a reward that has been faught over for eternity -- Rulership.

Each race fights against eachother in diffarent planets, referred to as "Battlefronts", the goal of each specie is to make the others reach levels of extinction (as the name says), and whoever is last not to reach those levels, are crowned rulers of all the others.

This idea is still being developed, and Im still working on the mechanics on how you play in it, I will repost this idea someday again, when its more finished.

Thanks for readin' all, post you later.
AKA The-G-Man or VampireDooM

Twenty-Ten Clyde revolves around Claude Hawkings, a 23 Year old man, who is suffering from extreme split personalities and mental disorders, being switched involuntarily to an alternate personality.
He has two personalities other then his actual self, each taking form in a diffarent name.
Claude Anderson and Claude Hex, each hiddenly fighting eachother in order to takeover Claude's own personality, the one of Claude Hawkings.

Each of the personalities have diffarant actions taken towards Claude's current state in both social, financial and otherwise.

Claude Hawkings, the real Claude, wants to leave the world behind him and chase his dream of achieving something in life, even if it means he has to cut out all connections to his family and friends and start a complete new life from scratch.
Sadly though, he is in extreme financial problems and is on the verge of being broke, aswell as nearly losing touch with his relatives and friends, trying to think on how to continue on, problem is that his split personalities arent actually helping him out.

Claude Anderson, the "good" side of his personality, wants to do the best for his social side, trying to re-establish friendships and get in touch with relatives and family, even if it means he will go broke and not achieve his dream, its a small price to pay for him.
Problem is, all his work is being destroyed or turned against him due to Hex foiling his attempts to get Hawkings back socially.

Claude Hex, the "evil" side of his personality, wants to achieve his dreams of wealth and success, even if it means doing it illegal, and even if it means he has to be a complete anti-social, because your own hopes and dreams come first.
Hex is doing many illegal things in order to complicate Anderson's attempt to show Claude's friends and relatives that he is a good person, Hex is also doing it out of pure fun and enjoyment, awaiting for Anderson to retreat so Hex can takeover Claude's actual personality.

To know what personality is actualy in action, there are several "cliche" and overused effects, such as a Darker, more Dark-Red colored effect on the screen when Hex personality is in effect, and a Blue-ish heavenly effect when Anderson personality is in effect.
What is most noticeable is the eyes.
Hex eyes usually are colored Red/Red-orange, and usualy have an expression of sinister thoughts behind it, where Anderson's eyes are usualy Blue, and seems to be warm and forgiving, where Hawking's eyes are Brown, General and bland.

Any infromation can be asked and answered, contact me!

Thanks for Readin' all, Post ya later.
- BaZuL
AKA The-G-Man or VampireDooM

A told synopsis by a fellow survivor:
happened that fatal night, something horrible...
A strange strain of virus starts wiping out extreme ammounts of countries and nations,
Emergency broadcasts have been sent at the last second and
Alarms went off around the world in the midst of the chaos,
No news was heard from government officials, they completly vanished from exsistance, gone the minute it happened...
Radios and TVs and even the internet itself said their last words before all communications were cut forever.
The econemy broke down, armies, law enforcements and even hospitals went rouge, caring only for themselves or even starting to fighting eachother for measly shattered pieces of hope.

Some locations were made into fortifications against the endless horde of the
Globe's infected, hoping to survive for themselves, madness and chaos pravailed,
And everyone was for themselves.
No one turned back to help those who were slow to escape, and no one gotten
Aid from anyone that did survive, unimaginable things accured rapidly and endlessly as society crumbled into millions of pieces, almost beyond repair.
If you survived, you achieved extreme mental scars, if not physical,
And if you dident survive, you became part of the recurring problem.
Which one are you?

The entire game partakes in an imaginary land that is still not overrun by the infection, called
"Safe Haven", as it was the last remaining zone to have a chance.
Safe Haven - World Overview map

Entire 'Safe Haven' is devided into 6 Sectors, each unique in its own way.

Safe Haven - Diffarent Sector Seperation

(( I will post the diffarent sectors in Screenshots if wanted by the readers. ))

NOTE: Passage = a Mix between the land-type of its surroundings, for example, Sector C passasge is a combination of Swamp and Desert, which means it is dry land with small plantlife but with trees, slowly getting drier when heading to the desert or going much more moist and swampy towards the other end.

The main character can be picked out of 5 Survivors, which are:

- Elinor Alexies
- John Cavalry
- Odri Sullivan
- George Johnson
- Joseph Henderson

Each character has its own unique background story and its current goals.
All of those characters are special " For-Hire " survivors, as each one of them posseses a special trait that the other character doesnt have.

- Elinor Alexies -> First Aid
- John Cavalry -> Hand-To-Hand Combat
- Odri Sullivan -> Marksmanship
- George Johnson -> Repair
- Joseph Henderson -> Special Socializm (being able to tell others statuses)

As the characters progress by being hired by many people around Safe Haven, they will slowly get envolved into the discovery on the reasons of why the government vanished at Night of Outbreak and what exactly is the infection, who caused it and why, leading the character to find the truth behind the events...

For More Information, feel free to contact me, though be aware that ALL Information will only be revealed to anyone who would like to hire me to make a game out of this :p

Thanks for readin' all, Post you later.

- The-G-Man
AKA BaZuL or VampireDooM