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Batuea Sep 11 2008 replied:

what about duel booting your mac, with windows AND OS*whatever*. I believe its very possible, the only thing is you need a valid Windows copy, and alot of time and patience, last time I heard of someone doing a duel boot, they ran into some...trouble *lost there OSX and all their files. you should look into though, I think there is a program called "boot camp" or something.

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Batuea Jul 22 2008 replied:

Sadly I agree with you. in fact all the new features they added in are just little gimmick features like the equipment customization feature, you can configure your "appearance". insurgents get the RPG class, when the marines get the grenadier class that has a M16 WITH a M203 GL. the Marine DMR *Thats what that class should be called, its NOT a sniper its a DMR soldier, they were also used as SPOTTERS for sniper, they only shot when the enemy came too close to the sniper. the rifle is complete unbalanced, and way to powerful. compared to the insurgents bolt action en field rifle, and the most unspectacular SVD I have EVER seen IN ANY GAME. the scope view is still the size of a quarter on the screen, the sound effect for it is absolutely horrible the recoil on it is way to high, its accuracy seems to be zero. The bullet "WHIZ" view effect is horrible, it seems when a bullet passes 5 feet by you, your vision goes blurred, I mean come on, thats what LIVE FIRE EXERCISE are used for in Basic, then the grenade effect is bad, I mean yes a grenade explosion is quite powerful and I can see it effecting a soldier, but why on earth it does that through a brick wall 10 feet from the explosion baffles me. also the whole "I am reloading" and "Changing Mags" when things are quiet around them. You guys say that you made this game reality based from a team members time in "Service" while I don't mean to be rude or nonsupporting...I question this claim in all seriousness so does my friends 2 brothers *one a army Intel officer, the other is a QRF Marine. I showed them this and they laughed there butts off, then when I told them they based the reality off of a team members "service", the got really offended. you guys should do alot more research instead of wikipedia, before claiming this is "reality".

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Batuea Jun 3 2008 says:

Will We get a view to where we can see the instrument panels and controls in FPS view of the space ships/fighters? Other than that, this looks very promising.

+1 vote   feature: Eternal Silence Beta 3.0 Preview
Batuea Jun 1 2008 replied:

terminators would be great *Although I am a hardcore Tau'ist my self, FOR THE GREATER GOOD!!!* well anyways, I would love to see dreadnoughts, I know if there was a just a bit of info like "Yeah we are thinking about dreads" my friend would instantly buy HL2 :P. But this looks great, the tyranids view model is looking great. Will we get to see alot of the SM melee weapons? *Like power swords, power fists*. Keep up the great work, I always wanted to see 40K in a video game other than a RTS.

Also will we get to see different SM "Chapters" in the game? like Blood Angels, space wolfs.

+2 votes   mod: Exterminatus
Batuea Apr 14 2008 says:

This looks *or should I say sounds* like a great mod. You have actually made a drawn out cause for the zombies, not just "One day people woke up and there was zombies" or "No one knows what happened but Zombies are here now", of course these are not direct quotes but thats what other mods seem to say to me. And also for the fact that you tied the "cause" into a actual theory/effect thats going on right now *IE Global Warming*. Anyways keep it up, by the quality of the summary, the quality of game play will be great too.

+1 vote   mod: Forsaken Few
Batuea Apr 14 2008 says:

I actually Prefer Simple Wall Papers like this one, ever hear the saying "To much of a good thing is bad"? this is nice and simple, not to many bright or overdone colors/graphics, it just has a nice calm look to it, plus this one wont hurt my eyes with the "desktop work" I do, meaning multi windows open while editing, and copying files and folders. Plus at night my eyes get tired because I wear glasses, and I prefer simple dark wallpapers. Plus this shows that they are not "throwing" there mod in peoples faces saying "Hey look we got a F'ing awesome flashy wall paper, because or mod is awesome!!!!!" instead it shows, "Hey here is a wallpaper our artist did, yes its simple, because he is busy doing work on the know so it will get done."

+2 votes   download: Wallpaper #1
Batuea Apr 12 2008 says:

I really like this concept. First time I saw it, I instantly thought "Marv". It does not look like a rip off of the Marv Character from SC, but just more like you caught the feeling and attitude behind Marv.

+1 vote   media: David Henning Concept
Batuea Apr 6 2008 replied:

it could be a outdated patch also, make sure to check you have the current patch.

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Panic: Source
Batuea Mar 8 2008 replied:

Yeah I have to agree on the different view, although a little hard to implement *The view model and animations and all*. as for lag, I did not experience that much.

+1 vote   mod: D.I.P.R.I.P.
Batuea Mar 8 2008 says:

I have got to say, this game is great. Finally a breath *more like a gasp* of fresh air. Its great to see a mod other than, point your gun at the other team, and click your mouse, bunny hoping, and every other HL2 Mod Cloche. Plus this mod brings up so many good memory's*although I am going to mention Twisted Metal, in no way am I comparing it to TM*, sitting in front of my TV playing Twisted Metal on my good old PS1, beating the crap out of brother with Shadow, and so many others. Now if I can setup my Game pad for this game, I would play till I drop dead *Yes I know about Emulators, like joy to key*.

thank you for this great game, it truly was worth waiting for.

PS: Please dont put a clown in the game, I have a hard enough time telling my self I wont hear Sweet Tooths laughing clown head missile/bomb *plus they creap the ever living F**K out of me.*

+2 votes   mod: D.I.P.R.I.P.
Batuea Feb 29 2008 replied:

Ah ok, Well Thats cool, I hope you can get the dual SAA in. Because when I started to play this *in 1.0* I was like "YAY I get to use Duall SAA's like Doc Holiday* but when I saw that I couldnt, I been hopeing to see it soon.

+1 vote   mod: Fistful of Frags
Batuea Feb 28 2008 says:

This is one of the best Source mods, even in its early beta stage, it has had 3 updates since it release. The SAA is great, one reason why I decided to start playing again, but you guys did a great job on the game play in improvments, and the new "Bounty" Gameplay is quite fun. But one thing has been bothering me.....Why cant we use dual Colt SAA's, I have tried buying 2, I get both, and I select each one seperartely *one in the right hand OR one in the left hand*but I cannot use both at the same time *Like the colt Navy's*

+2 votes   mod: Fistful of Frags
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