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Batuea Jul 1 2009, 9:09pm replied:

YAY, I been playing nothing but dues ex for like the past 3 weeks because i needed a Cyberpunk Fix until this was released. My loyalty will go to who ever lets me kill more things :P

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Batuea May 29 2009, 11:33pm replied:



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Batuea Apr 27 2009, 6:46pm replied:

this is true but, but the Russians developed it near the end of WW2 and even then the power source only lasted 1hr, also the total sight range was reduced, and the snipers eye was exposed to high amount of light *enough to almost instantly blind you* from phospherous flares as the night vision scope did not have a auto adjuster for light like NV has today.

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Batuea Mar 26 2009, 5:21pm says:

ummm can we get a dreadnought companion?

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Batuea Mar 16 2009, 11:06pm says:

please let the Germans have Gravity paratroop knifes.

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Batuea Mar 16 2009, 11:03pm replied:

well The m1911 is a giant heavy gun, now though you got the tactical frames that are scaled down bit *due to new milling technology*. but a old M1911 is big, and extremely heavy, it lets you know that your holding a instrument of death and not just a "gun".

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Batuea Mar 16 2009, 10:56pm says:

remember, make some sniper coves, broken pieces of walls that form a little "tent". It would be cool if you could randomly generate such terrain, but I don't know if the source engine is capable of such a task. Just to let you know, the reason I mentioned sniper coves, is because in WW2 Russia conscripted about 2000 females to be Snipers, their small frames and builds were perfect for crawling and hiding in ruble, to attack from. Just look at Dr. Ruth *the old ***** lady* she was a trained Russian Sniper. Well anyways just something for you to chew on.

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Batuea Mar 15 2009, 6:10pm says:

all I got to say is, bobcat goldfish for the boomer, oh and wanda sykes for the witch :P

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Batuea Mar 14 2009, 12:47am replied:

:( Oh well well at least you guys are working on improvements and not just "fluff" content. Looking forward to this, if you guys have any questions about Weapons *IE Calibers, markings, and other fine details* message me, I am quite knowledgeable about weapons *mainly WW2 weaponry*

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Batuea Mar 8 2009, 5:54pm replied:

Good way of explaining it, Marines are taught to "lean" in to their rifles when they are firing them. also the M16 *not M4* have very little recoil, drill seargents have marines fire there rifles with the butt of the stock pressing on their Chest, Head, and Crotch.

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Batuea Mar 8 2009, 5:49pm says:

Man you animated that K98 greatly, a little problem though the hand clips through the eye bell of the scope, you need to make hand grasp the bolt with the pinky and ring finger, and turn the rifle sides ways more, your bolt return animation is spot on though but try to make the hand push the bolt forward with the palm, lock it down with the palm of the thumb, and immediately slide the hand back on the stock in a single even speed quick motion, if I had a web cam I would record you some samples on proper bolting, maybe I can get my friends Marine brother to record him self bolting his Manas Nagunt *horrible miss spelled*. I can see your going for great quality with that animation. Good luck and best wishes to you and the Mod.

PS: Will we beable to set up traps and decoys *like a dead enemy's body looking out of a window with his rifle propped up?*.

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Batuea Feb 26 2009, 10:23pm says:

so did this fix the massive snow lag on that castle map *dont remember the name. When ever i was outside around the snow, or looked at it from inside a building I got like 3-4 FPS no matter what.

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Batuea Feb 6 2009, 8:10pm replied:

Holy Mother Of Christ Sticks!!!! You think this looks like that crap stain of a game?!?! and yes I know what combat arms is, I even have played it, deleted and played it again to see if it got better, but no it hasn't. It seriously took me a while to remember what combat arms was, heck I started to search MOD DB to find it, cause I thought, "hmm I got to go see what Combat Arms was if this looks like it" in the middle of my search I realized what you were talking about. Just because combat arms is Modern combat DOES NOT MAKE IT REALISTIC, even Firearms Source is not trying to be realistic *thats what I love about this mods goal*. Man its 15 something year old kids like you, that makes me wish there was a license test or a IQ test before some one can even touch a computer. I realize that your new, but making a comment such as yours is not helpful or constructive. /[Rant]

Ok now thats over with, the game is looking pretty good so far, I am glad you guys mentioned that you were not going to use the Counter Shi.....oops I mean Counter Strike Source player models, I Am really glad that you guys are sticking in some really off the wall guns here*Any plans for a Calico Liberty, Vector, Knights Suppressed Revolver?*. The maps are looking outstanding, I mean just wow, your use of lighting and foliage is great, and I can't wait to run around in them searching for good "Nests". Keep up with the good work, maybe we will see FA:S on steam distribution some day. I think you guys have picked the ball up, where others spiked it down 5 yards from the End Zone.

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Batuea Jan 31 2009, 12:30am replied:

it would be cool if you can find maybe a "art" sponsor, like college act classes and what not, and hold a virtual gallery where the art class students can upload there work, and get critique from people. Also who knows maybe down the road you guys can create a engine of your own and make a very interactive business conference system on a global electronic scale.

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Batuea Nov 18 2008, 1:17pm replied:

well one reason this is taking s long to release is because they are planning on having alot of guns with the first release, along with a whole bunch of other stuff, and I dont see how you say it seems like CS:S with more guns. Pull your head out of your (Y), not all mods are CS:S clones.

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Batuea Nov 7 2008, 1:44pm says:

see, I don't understand what you said about the music not fitting, this game is heavy based on the 1950's so the music fits wonderfully, plus there is just something about maiming 20+ raiders while listening to Pete the butcher. but I guess to each his own.

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Batuea Oct 29 2008, 2:34pm says:

I gave this game a pretty harsh review a while ago, but once it was integrated into steam i decided to try it out again. somethings are vastly improved from the last time I played, and somethings have not even been touched. For example, the SVD scope still only has a lenses the size of a quarter *on a 19 inch screen at 1024X768*, although it has greater power and accuracy, and the recoil is greatly balanced since last time. The Enfield scoped bolt action for some reason has been reduced from a 1-2 shot killer to a 3-5 shot killer, that really annoys me because of the bolt action method, if anything at least make the bolt cycling faster. performance *FPS, Latency EC* are alot better. all the scope lenses are still to "dirty" I can understand the acog lenses bing dirty, but the scope lenses need to be cleaner, not sparkling clean, just cleaner. weapon balance it alot better, although the SKS is horrid now, its inaccurate Clumsy shooting cycle, under powered, and the sights have been "squished" in. also the M16 still has the problem of only playing a single gunshot sound on burst fire mode *although it will play 3 sometimes correctly*. but I also had a few models with a EO-tech holosight on them *ak74u and m16* and for some reason when I first ran the game it kept shutting down the game and popping up a window saying "Are you trying to cheat? :) please remove *what ever line* from *path to materials folder* glass.VMT" was this to make sure people don't try and exploit V Models in some way? If so, then I am totally supportive, but whats up with the comical warning box? Well thats all I got to say for now, I have actually started playing this again. Look for me in game under the name "Wilco".

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Batuea Oct 21 2008, 12:26am says:

this looks cool, wish I had UT3. And it will be very epic if we can kill the T-Rex by jumping on its head, rip its eye out with a knife, and shove a primed nade in the socket. me and my friend still believe that was the greatest end for a boss kill and game ever. PERIOD.

+1 vote     mod: Jurassic Rage III
Batuea Oct 21 2008, 12:22am says:

Well I have to tell my friend about this, we are huge Apocalypse Now fans. When ever anyone says the word/name Charlie, we shout out Charlie don't surf, in unison. This looks great, update the graphics a little and you got a DL from me.

+1 vote     mod: Heart of Evil: Source (Port)
Batuea Oct 15 2008, 3:17am says:

will there also be a G43 Sniper, and a soviet SVT Sniper, If So count me in. Also I do like the idea of VIP Assassination, it would be fun to try and kill Hitler, or Stalin, I see it as 1 sniper versus a team of snipers with a NPC VIP.

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Batuea Oct 15 2008, 12:50am says:

O_O the lighting with the blinds in the beginning was jaw dropping, it reminds me of thief, but 1000% better *I mean the lighting effects*. You guys are doing great, finally a mod team that has gone "indie" properly, instead of using another games engine *you guys know what mod I am talking about* you are building your own from the ground up. Also was the mapping tool you were using to demonstrate the lighting effects view during map creation, did you guys custom write that?

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Batuea Oct 15 2008, 12:42am replied:

I think He ment change the Engine description in the profile, as it still saids source :D.

+1 vote     game: Natural Selection 2
Batuea Sep 28 2008, 10:11pm replied:

yes I got to agree with you and disagree at the same time. This is very realistic, so being TK'ed and Tking is to be some what expect, lets face it, we are all not marines in Real Life. But also if your tking that much, maybe you should not be so trigger happy. I think they should not put in a mini map, or team location markers or anything, this is not a run and gun game, this is a game that involves alot of teamwork, strategy, cooperation, and communication. If you want a game where you can run around shooting any thing that moves, go play CS:S on a server with FF off, and stop crying in game, on forums, and on the MOD DB page.

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Batuea Sep 28 2008, 10:04pm replied:

first make sure if you got the latest patch and the correct patch version the server is running, if that doesn't work, you could also try deleting all your map files, then connect to a server, that should make your client re download the map files directly from the server, if that doesn't work, the you might need to delete/uninstall the mod, and completely delete the AOC mod folder, and then reinstall.

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Batuea Sep 28 2008, 10:00pm replied:

heh I lobve doing this as a Zulu, just run around spawning the "taunt" button to make the loud groaning noises, then pop out and get them, its fun when they freak out and start firing panicky.

+1 vote     mod: Zombie Panic: Source
Batuea Sep 28 2008, 9:57pm says:

I dont know if anyone has ever mentioned this, but it would be nice if, when, as a survivor, you get killed by a Zulu if you can choose to stay where your at on the ground, then if and when you see a survivor come by, you could "reanimate" right there. Make it to where you get up a little slow, but you can attack them right then and there, or if a survivor is not around, just get up and start off as a Zulu where you ended as a survivor. To me, that would make for very suspenseful game play as a survivor, imagine you come across a fellow survivors body, and you run off after taking their ammo and guns they dropped, just to have them get back up to do some head gnawing on you :D. Plus still have it to where you can choose to just start at the Zulu spawn.

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Batuea Sep 11 2008, 1:08am replied:

what about duel booting your mac, with windows AND OS*whatever*. I believe its very possible, the only thing is you need a valid Windows copy, and alot of time and patience, last time I heard of someone doing a duel boot, they ran into some...trouble *lost there OSX and all their files. you should look into though, I think there is a program called "boot camp" or something.

+1 vote     mod: The Dark Mod
Batuea Jul 22 2008, 5:09pm replied:

Sadly I agree with you. in fact all the new features they added in are just little gimmick features like the equipment customization feature, you can configure your "appearance". insurgents get the RPG class, when the marines get the grenadier class that has a M16 WITH a M203 GL. the Marine DMR *Thats what that class should be called, its NOT a sniper its a DMR soldier, they were also used as SPOTTERS for sniper, they only shot when the enemy came too close to the sniper. the rifle is complete unbalanced, and way to powerful. compared to the insurgents bolt action en field rifle, and the most unspectacular SVD I have EVER seen IN ANY GAME. the scope view is still the size of a quarter on the screen, the sound effect for it is absolutely horrible the recoil on it is way to high, its accuracy seems to be zero. The bullet "WHIZ" view effect is horrible, it seems when a bullet passes 5 feet by you, your vision goes blurred, I mean come on, thats what LIVE FIRE EXERCISE are used for in Basic, then the grenade effect is bad, I mean yes a grenade explosion is quite powerful and I can see it effecting a soldier, but why on earth it does that through a brick wall 10 feet from the explosion baffles me. also the whole "I am reloading" and "Changing Mags" when things are quiet around them. You guys say that you made this game reality based from a team members time in "Service" while I don't mean to be rude or nonsupporting...I question this claim in all seriousness so does my friends 2 brothers *one a army Intel officer, the other is a QRF Marine. I showed them this and they laughed there butts off, then when I told them they based the reality off of a team members "service", the got really offended. you guys should do alot more research instead of wikipedia, before claiming this is "reality".

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Batuea Jun 3 2008, 3:57am says:

Will We get a view to where we can see the instrument panels and controls in FPS view of the space ships/fighters? Other than that, this looks very promising.

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Batuea Jun 1 2008, 6:23pm replied:

terminators would be great *Although I am a hardcore Tau'ist my self, FOR THE GREATER GOOD!!!* well anyways, I would love to see dreadnoughts, I know if there was a just a bit of info like "Yeah we are thinking about dreads" my friend would instantly buy HL2 :P. But this looks great, the tyranids view model is looking great. Will we get to see alot of the SM melee weapons? *Like power swords, power fists*. Keep up the great work, I always wanted to see 40K in a video game other than a RTS.

Also will we get to see different SM "Chapters" in the game? like Blood Angels, space wolfs.

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