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Batuea Apr 2 2011, 2:24am says:

is it bad that I would actually love to see this happen, come on Coop Nazi Dinosaur fights, IN FIREARMS, man I am sad this is ONLY a April fools joke. FAS is fan ******* tastic, fire arms with this would be to much awesome to be contain in any reality or dimension.

-2 votes   article: Firearms: Source acquired by Spiral Game Studios
Batuea Jan 15 2010, 9:51am replied:

yeah because EVERY person with mental problems is murderous... FUCKO

0 votes   game: Death on Sale
Batuea Oct 15 2008, 12:50am says:

O_O the lighting with the blinds in the beginning was jaw dropping, it reminds me of thief, but 1000% better *I mean the lighting effects*. You guys are doing great, finally a mod team that has gone "indie" properly, instead of using another games engine *you guys know what mod I am talking about* you are building your own from the ground up. Also was the mapping tool you were using to demonstrate the lighting effects view during map creation, did you guys custom write that?

+1 vote   game: Natural Selection 2
Batuea Jan 7 2010, 3:54am replied:

???I have seen multiple times when blockers were not attacked, or if you get into the right position no guards will "detect" you pick pocketing at all. you cant even go into most towns what so ever with out getting picked, and yay the person who just stole all your possessions can now be attacked by you, or just run out of town and back in real quick. This game has a long ways to go, like I said, you should have not released it as a beta maybe a "public alpha" or a "public Tech Alpha". Actually "Public Tech Alpha" might have been the best thing to call it since the most major test are the server stress test with the network code put in along with the crafting function. If this game was called a "public Tech Alpha" then it would not run off so many players. Oh and simply putting this is a rough beta etc in the description really is not suffice, a rough beta to me would be a game with mostly balanced features that suffer from program errors due to Hardware/Rig setups. Alpha more describes this game, and probably will for a long time.

+1 vote   article: BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP
Batuea Jan 6 2010, 11:15am replied:

yeah the easy quest thing. kind of hard to do when players kill the npc's that give said low level quest, or block all the door ways. And obviously you cant read either I was not killed by the scorpions I was killed by a max level player with a gatling cannon. the whole you can do a quest to get a gun thing, that's also impossible when you got people waiting next to the quest giver ready to pick pocket your new gun and everything else when you receive them.

+1 vote   article: BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP
Batuea Jan 4 2010, 1:59am replied:

yeah I played this for a week or two, even got to level 4, after dying 427 times *that is just when I started to count* every time I get some caps, I went to get a weapon hell a lead pipe would be good enough, and get pick pocketed, with npc guards doing jack ******* **** when it happened right in front of them. eventually I got lucky and someone got killed by a NPC guard for what ever reason right beside me, I quickly looted the corpse and ran, I got leather armor and a spear, "cool" I said "this should help a bunch". So I went rad scorpion hunting and got killed by 4 douche max leveled players with god damn Gatling cannons, why did they do this, cause it was funny. fine I got ganked wonderful I am use to that, but when the highlight of my 4 levels was getting a spear and leather armor for just 30mins IRL time, I said **** it.

now yes a early beta, good for you. But before you release it and then defend the broken/left out features, maybe you should work on it some more behind closed doors. yeah you made a game, no I haven't, but I am not going to ******* bow to you and kiss your feet when you just coded a network function over already made textures, sprites, models, sound. And maybe before agitating aggravated players/ex players you should tell them yes its a early beta and what are your thoughts on what needs to be fixed and how should it be done. I personally had a idea for "Vault Tech Zippers" where you cant be pick pocketed until level 6 when your zippers will be come rusted and broken. But go ahead and use that idea, hell the way you responded to the OP tells me you would not have credited me anyways. this HAD the potential to be good, but a good game needs devs with good community skills, not just "lol least I made a game so shut up" skills that you seem to have.

+1 vote   article: BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP
Batuea Dec 20 2009, 12:55am replied:

yeah but its not in the Tenpenny suite I looked all over my suite and cant find wtf

+1 vote   download: Fallout 3 Type 60 Smg
Batuea Dec 6 2009, 11:38pm says:

"Death From Above"

"Dropped Dead"

"Fall From Grace"

"Express To Hell"

"No Sleep For The Dead"

+2 votes   mod: Sleepless
Batuea Nov 30 2009, 2:04pm replied:

yeah and CS is SOOOOO original itself huh, if you got nothing to say other than "cs ripoff" then go remove yourself from humanity, by the way of a bullet please, unless you will totally fail at that to. Seems pretty cool, I will check it out later today.

+2 votes   game: Resistance Force
Batuea Nov 13 2009, 2:06pm replied:

dont forget to take a shower, unless your into that kind of "stuff" :P

+1 vote   media: SWOF Ion Cannon
Batuea Nov 2 2009, 11:33am replied:

do you know if the British Army will be added in 3.0 with the L85 rifles *I heard a rumor*

0 votes   mod: Insurgency
Batuea Nov 2 2009, 11:32am replied:

no not really, Although blood will stay on the player models, although I never really notice wounds * I am usually half way across the map looking through my scope, with One Shot One Kills being thrown at the enemy team.

I am Wilco I play on EGO servers *although much to their annoyance wont join EGO :P*

0 votes   mod: Insurgency
Batuea Nov 2 2009, 11:29am replied:

yeah it does, They used some nifty Custom shaders, my old vid card could not run it *in the View modes I had just a black screen* other than that, turning everything on low would probably be suffice.

+1 vote   mod: NEOTOKYO°
Batuea Oct 13 2009, 3:35pm says:

HEY NORM if you were a hot dog would you eat yourself?


+1 vote   media: The Mortewood Plaza - Run for your life!
Batuea Oct 7 2009, 4:18am says:

ok uh where the hell do I find the X-Virus Antidote, I only got like 8:00:00 left on my death clock :(

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Priboi Story
Batuea Oct 5 2009, 10:43am replied:


+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Priboi Story
Batuea Oct 3 2009, 3:55pm says:

if that is a mosin *which I am pretty sure it is* then DO NOT add foliage, remember the mosin was used in pretty much just urban environments which mean they usually rubbed dirt and pebbles on the canvas camo cover to help it blend in with the rubble and razed building so they could have the front sticking out with no one noticing, getting a greater vantage over more enemy's at once. Compared to standing far away from the window to keep the barrel hidden so its not easier to spot.

+1 vote   media: Sniper rifle camo blankets improved
Batuea Oct 3 2009, 3:49pm replied:

can I join the team as a weapons adviser *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* *say no more* *say no more*.

+1 vote   mod: Sniper Division
Batuea Oct 3 2009, 3:47pm buried:


Still Selling your "beta" huh, oh wait I am sorry reserving slots for "donators" yeah we will just say that.

-11 votes   mod: Dystopia
Batuea Oct 3 2009, 3:40pm replied:

yeah and another is ZPS actually is release not in "production" for 6+ years and with a Dev team wipe and them redoing and "dumbing" down a lot of it. I mean Christ it is going the rout of DNF.

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Panic: Source
Batuea Oct 3 2009, 2:04pm replied:

Yeah the anaconda was awesome *especially with the scope :)* But I really hope for the Beretta M93R pistol. I have a kjw M93R that I LOVE to shoot, I hate that it is not featured in more games.

+2 votes   mod: Firearms: Source
Batuea Sep 30 2009, 5:12pm replied:

well you CAN edit the trader-trader config file for him to sell it right off the bat for 1RU like I did I just pretended Sid went senile for a second and sold it to me for 1RU that and lots of guns and ammo. Yeah I know not realistic but its fun :).

OT: I am having another problem in the military base area, when I try to kill either one of the freedom front gate guards my game CTD. and I cant figure out why, my guess is the klaxon sound *IE alarm* for some weird reason CTD's my game, as I think it happens when the game try to play that sound.

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
Batuea Sep 30 2009, 10:44am says:

hey guys well I have a slight problem, every time I try to go to cordon now and I get close to the "town" it locks up for 15 mins but will start working again, even if it happens once, and I walk away then come back, it happens again and yes I have -prefetch in launch options. But I am having this problem recently after retrieving the info from the military base, after I do retrieve the info the trader is no long at the town, there is a yellow dot on my mini map but he is not behind the counter, nor is he "invisible" *IE he is there just cant see him*. So Is this "normal" and if not how do I fix this?

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
Batuea Sep 27 2009, 11:57pm replied:

well I fixed most problems with this mod by uninstalling stalker and deleting the thq file, including the gamedata then re extracting the part 1 file *remember the part1 and part 2 are 2 parts of a split archive so just extract one and not both, install the latest rc patch, *do NOT install the older ones* also go to save folder in public documents it should be stalkerSHOC go ahead and delete the entire stalkerSHOC *warning these contain ALL stalker save files*. You might need to delete your old saved games too i found out. reinstall Stalker, patch to 1.0005 with the correct type of patch, IE: US WW DL versions. Then install the mod according to their directions, for me I had to disable dynamic lighting, and had to switch to static, everything else is at high but for some reason I get 1-2FPS with any lighting choice other than static.

EDIT I played 7 hours with no problems, except the menu cursor going fubar, but that's easy to fix by opening option real quick and while you on the video tab, hitting use. turns the cursor back to normal for a little bit until it goes fubar again. But after 7 hours I finally crashed *just now*.

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
Batuea Sep 25 2009, 8:14am replied:

yeah I figured out that part after "poking" around the gamedata folder, I tend to try EVERY thing when it comes to solving software/hardware problems before seeking help in forums, but it would be great to have a "tweak" guide included in the gamedata folder so if anyone else is trying to figure it out *took me 4 hours and 3 BSODS due to windows 7 rc >_<* they would have a nice little info guide on what lines affect what in those shader cfg files. That is just a thought, I might be willing to type it all up for you if you can give me some simple info on the cfg file structure seeing as you guys are probably busy.

+1 vote   mod: STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)
Batuea Sep 24 2009, 11:01pm replied:

wow fast response, cool thats great, but will this also work with LURK or is there a way to have both to switch between *with out installing STALKER ShOC again*

+1 vote   mod: STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)
Batuea Sep 24 2009, 9:50pm says:

Ok this is a good mod, some problems though,

A. I had to disable the motion blur completly to get more than 4fps, it was initially set so high that the slightest movement of the mouse to look around would cause the whole screen to blur.

B. Bandits seem to respawn extremely fast, so fast I have no time to loot and sell the loot before 10 more start firing at me.

C. The ai has way to good of aiming, its pitck black, I do not have my light on, the bandit is at the train bridge in cordon, I am at the Mill/factory place, they fire once and headshot me through a wooden wall *I know you can shoot through wooden walls* they have 1 shot me from the same distance with a sawed off shotgun with "shot" *IE not slugs*.

D. the cursor, I mean the yellow one with the spinning emblem for menus, screws up alot it seems to get texture "stuck" on some frames of the cursor sprite, but for some reason this also messes up the circle rectile when you are playing but do not have a weapon out of any type.

E. it seems silenced weapons have no use do to NPC's being able to hear them from any distance, longer distance than un silenced weapons.

F.randomly Blind dogs become invincible some how, as in I empty 3 ak74su clips into the dogs face and they still don't die *and yes I am hitting them, crap load of blood is coming out*

G.After playing for a hour in garbage I ended up with 150K due to the bandit re spawn time, and the fact every loner there has 5K to trade with.

+1 vote   mod: STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)
Batuea Sep 16 2009, 3:45pm says:

ok I just watched the m9 animations demo, you got a lot right, but the gun needs to stay sturdy while reloading, I mean, awesome animations, but don't have the gun move around just to show how detailed the animations are, you should drop the mag out insert new mag and hit slide release in a single fluid motion while NEVER taking your sights off of your intended target *IE not move the gun around looking at it, this has always baffled me about FPS's* I have no military training and I can reload a Taurus P247 in half the time of that m9 reload, and my friend who go shooting with, I am the slowest reloader in the group. But for their CHL's *Concealed Handgun License* they were taught to NEVER remove your sights from your intended target.

-4 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
Batuea Sep 16 2009, 3:31pm says:

finding the cake is as easy as 3.14

+5 votes   poll: What do you like better?
Batuea Sep 8 2009, 10:01am says:

can I get a +9 Fuzzy Comfy sweater of The Hugger? Well this seems interesting and gratz to you man, for trying something new here to your future success :CHEERS:

+1 vote   game: Extreme Hugtime Simulation Challenge
Batuea Aug 31 2009, 8:47am says:

DL Link Broken On File Front, is there a alternate location, I checked if I could DL other files from file front and I can, just not ZM:BE if this is my first bug, I might just skip the game altogether.

EDIT: JESUS I AM A IDIOT, the Moddb link is right on the front summary page, but just for other idiots, you should fix the file front problem.

+2 votes   download: ZMBE 1.2e Full Install (Windows)
Batuea Jul 29 2009, 3:19pm replied:

Um that's is because its live action with heavy post processing overlaid. That's why you can read their lips, because its real people, you know like Soilent Green.

+2 votes   game: Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
Batuea Sep 3 2010, 12:05pm says:

YAY its here. Sorry I could not join in the stress testing, had things come up all of sudden. But, nice video effects, and the song was fitting for the video and game.

+3 votes   media: Firearms: Source 1.0e Trailer
Batuea Aug 1 2010, 11:16pm replied:

That's what I am saying test players cant find everything, there never will be a bug free game/mod ever. Sorry but the world does not cater to your wants and needs, stuff happens. Some mods would take weeks to fix a problem like this, they did not even take 24 hours, you should be thankful they worked so fast. They are not even getting paid to do so. They are called bugs for a reason, they are hard to find. I was impressed with their speedy reaction and fix for this too.

So nothing is perfect... even if you think you are.

+2 votes   article: Firearms Source Patch 1.0d Release (FPS Fix)
Batuea Aug 1 2010, 6:31pm replied:

the only problem with that is they have such a small group, therefore a limited range of hardware setup for the players and server, so you cant always get everything with just play testers. Also STOP F**KING SPAWN CAMPING RAWKET *this message brought to you by Wilco*

+4 votes   article: Firearms Source Patch 1.0d Release (FPS Fix)
Batuea Mar 27 2010, 2:04am says:

for a sniper her eyes seem... a little "dazed and confused".

+2 votes   media: "Minsk"
Batuea Feb 5 2010, 11:53am says:

great industrial built look, it also looks really sturdy like it was built to withstand Dino's

+1 vote   media: Primal Carnage - Concept Art
Batuea Feb 5 2010, 11:50am replied:

hmmm I don't know, it just seems to blurry for the distance, I can never really understand DOF it seems like the character suffers from farsightedness, I mean I have astigmatism and can see far off objects less blurry, but maybe it will seem better when running, maybe when your standing still the blur could lessen as you eyes have time to adjust to the distance.

+1 vote   media: Primal Carnage - Ingame Testing
Batuea Feb 5 2010, 11:47am replied:

but my arms are to short Noooooooo!!!!

+2 votes   media: Ingame Test shots
Batuea Feb 5 2010, 11:45am says:

I love you, you love me, I am going to eat you whole. ^_^ man this looks freaking amazing.

+1 vote   media: Primal Carnage - In-Game Screen Shots
Batuea Mar 16 2009, 11:03pm replied:

well The m1911 is a giant heavy gun, now though you got the tactical frames that are scaled down bit *due to new milling technology*. but a old M1911 is big, and extremely heavy, it lets you know that your holding a instrument of death and not just a "gun".

+2 votes   media: Colt 1911 In-game
Batuea Apr 14 2008, 2:45am says:

I actually Prefer Simple Wall Papers like this one, ever hear the saying "To much of a good thing is bad"? this is nice and simple, not to many bright or overdone colors/graphics, it just has a nice calm look to it, plus this one wont hurt my eyes with the "desktop work" I do, meaning multi windows open while editing, and copying files and folders. Plus at night my eyes get tired because I wear glasses, and I prefer simple dark wallpapers. Plus this shows that they are not "throwing" there mod in peoples faces saying "Hey look we got a F'ing awesome flashy wall paper, because or mod is awesome!!!!!" instead it shows, "Hey here is a wallpaper our artist did, yes its simple, because he is busy doing work on the know so it will get done."

+2 votes   download: Wallpaper #1
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