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BIGsmalll Mar 15 2014, 5:12pm says:

This is a really really really good picture. Love it.

+3 votes     media: Sun and bridge
BIGsmalll Mar 14 2014, 9:29pm says:

I thank you for this. Not enough MiG-19 appreciation out there.

+7 votes     media: MiG-19 Artworks.
BIGsmalll Mar 5 2014, 4:50pm says:

God these pieces of beauty and death are so amazing to look at. Sweet Jesus.

+5 votes     media: Havoc, reporting!
BIGsmalll Feb 11 2014, 11:43pm says:

That's the kind of flight you seen in Battlefield but gotdamn that man either is very drunk or know's his heli like the back of his hand
I wonder where they got the approval for this. "Sir, we're just gonna stress test it."

+4 votes     media: Mi-17 pilot, like a boss.
BIGsmalll Feb 1 2014, 4:02pm says:

The glory days of Battlefield 1942 modding.
So I guess this was the UFO's the German's were planning ;)

+1 vote     media: To the Moon !
BIGsmalll Jan 21 2014, 1:43pm says:

Vixen indeed. I always loved how this aircraft looked.

+4 votes     media: de Havilland Sea Vixen
BIGsmalll Dec 15 2013, 3:47pm says:

I don't know, but these single engine planes are damn sexy. And I'm more used to the twin engine Migs and Su's planes.

+2 votes     media: MiG MFI 4.12
BIGsmalll Dec 14 2013, 5:19pm says:

Leave it to the Russians to keep making badass weapons of destruction.

+6 votes     media: Su-47 Berkut and an interesting F-15 image
BIGsmalll Dec 12 2013, 4:20pm says:

I feel this group is lacking in the SU-47 Berkut department.

+9 votes     media: And a concept
BIGsmalll Dec 4 2013, 2:23am says:

The Viggen will always be one of my favorite looking aircraft.
God dang it, Bobby, that is one sexy plane.

+3 votes     media: The Saab 37 Viggen
BIGsmalll Nov 16 2013, 12:38pm says:

I just really love how this plane looks, especially the delta wing aspect. I know it's not the best aircraft not even for it's time frame it's just badass looking to me.

+1 vote     media: Have some MiG-21s
BIGsmalll Nov 16 2013, 12:37pm says:

[MiG pride intensifies]

+1 vote     media: Have some MiG-21s
BIGsmalll Nov 15 2013, 10:55pm says:

I love this plane.
But I confused it at first with a Mig-21.
There are not enough Mig-12's in this group
this makes me sad. :(

+2 votes     media: SU-17
BIGsmalll Oct 30 2013, 4:30pm says:

As far as looks go for me, these two SAAB's are just *unf*

+1 vote     media: Random
BIGsmalll Oct 28 2013, 4:29am says:

I didn't know if I would like the camos in BF4 for vehicles...

But you bet your *** I do now

+5 votes     media: A-10 Camos
BIGsmalll Oct 20 2013, 9:37pm says:

"Go ahead, speed, we dare you."

+13 votes     media: Man's night out.
BIGsmalll Oct 10 2013, 3:24pm replied:

SAAB planes in general are great.

+1 vote     media: The real Batplane.
BIGsmalll Sep 23 2013, 7:01pm says:

Hmm, it does say "WIP" at the top guys, don't think they'll count this as final production.

+2 votes     media: British Soldiers - WIP
BIGsmalll Sep 23 2013, 5:02pm says:

You wouldn't by any chance have the spawn commands for units and custom units would you?

+2 votes     mod: WIC: Modern Warfare Mod 4
BIGsmalll Sep 19 2013, 7:11pm replied:

Damnit, all this nostalgia is getting the better of me, must. install. again.

+3 votes     media: Ilyushin Il-76
BIGsmalll Sep 19 2013, 7:10pm says:

Oh.. World in Conflict.. That game. Such good, fun memories, shame a game like it won't be happening again. It was just so fun to play. :(

+3 votes     media: Ilyushin Il-76
BIGsmalll Aug 15 2013, 8:01pm says:

Actually dig these new Russian models a lot.

Also. Saiga with no magazine plus the assaults gun is missing the magazine. I wonder how they not notice these things before releasing? Not bothered, but my OCD is flaring red lights, man.

+1 vote     media: Battlefield 4™ Character Models
BIGsmalll May 21 2013, 4:05am says:

Glad to see this is still going strong. Forged through my disc stash and found WiC again, gonna give it another go. Hope you're still playing on the servers Blahdy, love to kick your *** at air again. ;)

+1 vote     mod: WIC: Modern Warfare Mod 4
BIGsmalll Apr 17 2013, 4:59pm says:

Is it Marlowe in the backround derping with his XM8?
No Marlowe, that's not how you aim, go home, you're drunk.

+6 votes     media: Find what is wrong in this picture :)
BIGsmalll Mar 28 2013, 8:33pm says:

Eject out, feel like Felix Baumgartner for 50,160 meters.

+7 votes     media: Il 2 Šturmovik 1946 - altitude record
BIGsmalll Mar 28 2013, 4:55pm replied:

Wow, 2 big changes. That's huge, please tell me there's nothing more I can't handle this!
They need to do Battelfield's thing, not try to copy CoD's action packed theme. I'm sure if DICE was still in control of their own game you'd see the best damn game ever. But thanks to EA, they'll ruin this game like they did Medal of Honor.

+3 votes     group: Battlefield Fans
BIGsmalll Mar 28 2013, 4:51pm replied:

Yes. Have you played any of the other battlefield games? 1942? Vietnam? Battlefield 2 or 2142? ALL With bot supported singleplayer and mod support. ALL of those games are still being played to this date and BF1942 came out in 2001. BF3 was aimed to take CoD's place. Glitchy animations, little destruction compared to Bad Company 2. Horrible gun play when EVERYONE uses a M16A3 with a kobra sight, foregrip and heavy barrel. It's not a battlefield game, it's not a true successor to BF2. This is EA's attempt to make money and they ruined a perfectly good gaming series. You little FPS fanboys can stick with it, I can care less, but I'll stick with 7 classes, bot supported maps, BALANCED gameplay and amazing teamwork that is the old Battlefield games.

+3 votes     group: Battlefield Fans
BIGsmalll Mar 27 2013, 9:33pm says:

Here's what I'm saying, secretly end game isn't the last DLC, it's BF4.
Battlefield 4 with MoH warfighter stuff put into it. I think EA is just trying to kill this game series.
They should've done Bad Company 3 or 2143.
2143 is probably gonna be a little add on like BFBC-Vietnam was. Which isn't all bad. But 2143 deserves to be a full game.
Now, hopefully with the fact it'll be on next gen consoles, it'll be better, and by better, I mean dynamic weathering and days/nights. Full destructibility like in BC2. Things that should've been in BF3. Along with mod support. I'm asking for too much there, but look at it, people are still playing BF2, AND BF1942 thanks to mods.
BF4 is just gonna be another flop, hopefully they make the multiplayer a little something worth playing this time around.

+5 votes     group: Battlefield Fans
BIGsmalll Mar 21 2013, 5:24pm says:

I swear... If they bring back naval warfare.. I might gain a little respect for DICE again after what BF3 was. Then again, they might just do with it like what the "Gunship" and "Dropship" is, just have the ships on unchangeable courses with players on the guns.
Either way
Excited for the 27th now.

+3 votes     media: BF4 Aircraft Carrier
BIGsmalll Mar 9 2013, 5:03pm says:

Will someone explain to me why Russia makes some of the sexiest looking aircraft?
Just look at that.

+2 votes     media: su 47
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