Hi, My name is Michael, or you can call me Battle. I play a wide amount of games, such as RTS,FPS, and TBS. I am a hardcore gamer and love gaming in every aspect. Game on and and let the best strategy win!

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Mod Review on Mar 31st, 2013

After feeling like a idiot for giving it a one out of ten. I decided to bump it up and right a proper review about it.

The mod is actually very unique compared to other C&C RD3 mods. It has the same play style and units from the first red alert.

Now, why I dislike it is for its to-close comparison and goal of trying to be like the first Red Alert.

Its modules well, are low-Polly and poor textures. They don't have this special touch when I move them around the battlefield, they are not special or felt like they had any real effort put into them at all. Bland is the word I guess I am looking for. They could have been made to look more exciting with better effects, textures and higher-polly counts.

The game play its self is boring. I attempted it multiple times to try to get somewhere with the game play and I felt it was not at all fun. I honestly can't give a great point about why I did not like it. But I can provide a feeling; uncomfortable, slow and boring.

It deserves a four for its creativity and its underlining goal. But, nothing more.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
4 Review

Game Review on Oct 26th, 2011

This game has always done well for its single player spectes but with no multplayer improvements from the previous one(OR Any of them). It has the same graphics, same multiplayer, just more guns, killstreaks and campign.

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