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War Thunder

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This game is a game that should deserve no respect. This game is a total failed rip off of IL-2, the developers made this game and decided to make it more of a arcade than a "simulation" as they call it. Its a total disappointment from my prospective, and the game could have been better if the realism was more focused and the devs used more graphic and game play design that they made in IL-2. I only like that the planes are Historically accurate, other wise, this game is terrible. I was very disappointed when I heard about this game and will continue to dislike this game till the day I die or when it looses most of its popularity and is forgotten. You have gone ****** it up Gajin by ripping of my IL-2!

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Aside from the Horrific planes, the Tanks are quite enjoyable, BESIDES the Russian Bias that I have seen with this game.It ****** me of that the Russian tanks and Aircraft are unbalanced, sometimes not very kill-able and down right overpowered.
They need to fix this issue or I am just going to totally forget about the potentiality of the tanks and just forget about the game again like I did in the past.

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