Hi, My name is Michael, or you can call me Battle. I play a wide amount of games, such as RTS,FPS, and TBS. I am a hardcore gamer and love gaming in every aspect. Game on and and let the best strategy win!

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Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

Game review

Cold War 1975

Mod review

Star Trek: Armada 3

Mod review

I really like this mod for its AWESOME conversion of putting Star Trek into Sins.

The Units, effects, textures, buildings, factions and themes are fantastic.

I enjoy building a Galaxy-Class Starship and sending it into battle. I love trying to fight the Borg in a endless hope to hopefully win the battle (as I never win against the borg). I love the feel of the universe and the developers devotion to put out a great mod.


I came back to the mod and its fantastic. As I have watched more Star Trek and played a bit more, I got a lot more into it. The game-play has also improved since the last patch I have. (1.1 is a lot better)

Couple of bugs here and their in 1.1, and thankfully the developers are going to get most of those bugs in 1.1 nipped, so I am not to worry about it.

I been playing a lot more of Star Trek Armada 3: A Call to Arms and honestly, I am in love. I got a 7 hour game clocked in with a friend and we are simply just killing all the factions (except the Borg). I like the battles as at the larger scale, they are not very drawn out.



Mod review

This being of the first mods I ever downloaded on Moddb when I really started using the website almost two years ago, this is a fantastic mod.

The mod captures so much of Halo in a pretty close-cannon (and some non-cannon) style that really throws the player into a universe of Halo.

The UNSC are amazing, and play just like how I would think they would play.
The Strike craft like the Longswords are amazing, and feel like the ships they would be part of in every UNSC fleet.

The Corvettes feel like they are that "cheap and ready to go ship" that comprises the icing of the fleet, they are extremely good with there feel in the universe.

The Frigates, just like I expected, can't take a lot of hits, (in the same way of the corvettes) but can deal a bunch of damage down range when using their MAC guns against larger enemy ships.

The Destroyers are in the way like the Frigates, just more "tanky" (a EVE term) and just have that extra MAC gun to deal even more damage.

Then finally the Cruisers, the ships we have read in the books, the ones we fought on in the FPS games and seen in the cut scenes. This ships are simply astounding. Having amazing amount of fire power with their MAC(s) and their plentiful Archer Missile pods , their plenty of point defense and their overall sheen when going into combat.

The Structures and other utility units are also spectacular in their own way, feeling very rigid and UNSC like in their own aspects, and are very decisive in the war effort.

Overall, this mod deserves a 10 out of 10 for not only having good texturing, effects, sounds and its amazing connection to Halo, but its great community on its forums and some very talented developers.

(Will be updated EVERY patch)


Watch Dogs

Game review

Ultimate Apocalypse Mod (DOW SS)

Mod review

Double Action: Boogaloo

Mod review

******* amazing game. Its fun for a LAN party and its fun when you just want to do some awesome Hollywood-style gun battles. Its fun to play with a community also when you want to play something unique, as it sets out there to be cheesy, but also fun.


War Thunder

Game review may contain spoilers - 3 agree - 6 disagree

This game is a game that should deserve no respect. This game is a total failed rip off of IL-2, the developers made this game and decided to make it more of a arcade than a "simulation" as they call it. Its a total disappointment from my prospective, and the game could have been better if the realism was more focused and the devs used more graphic and game play design that they made in IL-2. I only like that the planes are Historically accurate, other wise, this game is terrible. I was very disappointed when I heard about this game and will continue to dislike this game till the day I die or when it looses most of its popularity and is forgotten. You have gone ****** it up Gajin by ripping of my IL-2!

Planes Review above

Tanks Review below

Aside from the Horrific planes, the Tanks are quite enjoyable, BESIDES the Russian Bias that I have seen with this game.It ****** me of that the Russian tanks and Aircraft are unbalanced, sometimes not very kill-able and down right overpowered.
They need to fix this issue or I am just going to totally forget about the potentiality of the tanks and just forget about the game again like I did in the past.


BSmodHQ Update v.3.0 for BSP

Mod review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Game review - 2 agree

Call of Duty: MW 3 was just another, "copy and paste" ,as I like to call it, CoD game that had that potential to change FPS forever, but squandered it with repetitive multiplayer with "more guns and kill-streaks" and a almost-there campaign that almost drew me in, but spit me out as it never lived up to MW2 or the original MW.

Activison. Change your game plan and make something unique and different this time. We will be waiting for you at the games of GameStop to buy it and love it. But please, stop making the same damn game. As some of us are not all here to just play video games, but here to have a unique experience every-time I play a game. Not another generic FPS as it has become now.

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