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basist66 Jan 26 2013 replied:

yeah, unfortunately, the gossips. Or the flame, or the holywars...
A bit pity to see this much rubbish on the page of the mod. Why don't people sort out the personal claims in personal messaging, like the big boys do? Why making it so hi profile? And again - where's the MOD-ERATOR? :D

ok, let's wish the team members to get into a sort of "time loop" to get 25 or 27 hours per day to have things done faster without damaging their real lives.

Good hunting, stalkers!

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basist66 Jan 24 2013 replied:

crossfire? can you please elaborate?

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basist66 Jan 14 2013 replied:

I don't think there' ever a "pony" kinder than you but I also hope he gets there and puts the experience in his diary ;-P

+1 vote   blog: LOST ALPHA: STALKER DIARY ( Various random entries )
basist66 Dec 25 2012 says:

Come on! Nobody likes the old hut or wut? Well, I do! :)

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha Christmas Screens
basist66 Dec 25 2012 says:

Merry Christmas, all Catholic stalkers!
Not to spoil the celebration, just kindly remind you that Orthodox Christmas is January, 7th (most stalkers in the Zone are Orthodox - at least I see the story like that). So, we'll have the chance to rejoice for the 2nd time!

+5 votes   media: For all who have supported Dez0wave
basist66 Dec 23 2012 says:

Lost Alpha is a fair choice!

+18 votes   feature: MOTY Players Choice Upcoming 2012
basist66 Dec 20 2012 says:

Hey Dez, it's basist66! Happy birthday and all!... I'm almost at the Wishgranter! Contact me when you are ready with your wish!... over!

+3 votes   media: Happy Birthday Dez!
basist66 Dec 18 2012 says:

I say you CAN develop games, and you are FAST on fixing bugs! *amazed and clapping my hands in awe!

+1 vote   media: Where is it? read the description -->>
basist66 Dec 16 2012 says:

Trailer is perfect and your mod is really-really good!
Please PM me in case you need any help in translations, I'd be glad to assist.

+3 votes   media: Paradise Lost mod beta - Trailer 2
basist66 Dec 8 2012 replied:

I'm fine, thanks for asking :)
It's just "the knot I can't untie" - as soon as I see a face or two in a picture, I start to invent their thoughts / emotions. These 2 pseudos look to me exactly as I described above.

+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha screens for December 2012
basist66 Dec 3 2012 says:

Same as numerous comments before - screens are really tasty and juicy. Can't wait for the release!!! NO, I CAN wait, but it's hard :D

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basist66 Dec 3 2012 says:

simply beautiful

+2 votes   media: Lost Alpha screens for December 2012
basist66 Dec 3 2012 says:

- C'mon, man! Don't get THAT mad at me! Don't, I said! U hear me, u mad **tch?!
- "don't get mad, don't get schmad..." gonna snap you right in the middle of your spine AND THEN YOU'LL SEE ME MAAAAD!!! ARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!

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basist66 Nov 28 2012 replied:

I hate jokes like that. - many can argue if it's fake or true but people should feel responsibility and face consequences. What if that screaming girl in elevator got battered? What if one of the nervous grandmas would be bold enough to poke a pair of scissors in her head? Now that would have been funny, ha?

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basist66 Nov 11 2012 replied:

yes, it is, man!

+1 vote   media: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Misery 1.2
basist66 Nov 3 2012 says:

1. Nice pic (as always)
2. The shadows projected by the lamp's grid are fine with the exception of the fact that the further the surface is from the light source, the more blurred the shadow should be - I think that was the point of Mr. CzechDeath when he said "shadows from that grid around light should be very blured almost unnoticable". But if my overall PC graphic knowledge is correct, it can be done with DX11 only. I think only CoP among all STALKER series can offer such shadows to us now.

+4 votes   media: Lost Alpha screens for November
basist66 Oct 21 2012 replied:

I couldn't agree more with d4v33edz and LostStalker!
The only thing I'd add is that small independent companies should stay independent (but richer proportionally to the great things they do!).
Imagine that in some awful parallel universe some big company buys the whole dez0wave out and puts them to making this company's awful lookalike conveyor-built games. Even if first (or few first) game(s) involving dez0wave in this company would be nice and cool, it seemed to me that 'the machine' would any way force them into doing what it wants but not what they want. I think you get my point.
And yes, we should support them! Community should remain a community and money should remain IN the community!

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basist66 Oct 6 2012 says:


+1 vote   media: Lost Alpha screens for October
basist66 Sep 29 2012 replied:

I agree with every word, brother. People too often forget what is the REAL situation behind all these stories, desolated atmosphere and "lone wolf romance". Even the short cartoon in the beginning of this video is disgusting by its nature and is nothing but revolting to me.
I've seen a demotivator some time ago, it consisted of photo of Chernobyl liquidators with a phrase below "Tell 'em how cool you are in STALKER". To me, this seems the best demotivator ever, one that serves its purpose - to demotivate somebody from doing some stupidity. Unfortunately, it was posted in a social network group dedicated to STALKER game series and of course all the underage computer heroes started rebelling "hey! what does it have to do to STALKER game? It's not that I'm disrespecting or smth, but this dem makes no sense!" etc. I think GSC themselves, who gained world fame and whatnot by the series, haven't spent a PERCENT of what they earned to help Chernobyl area, victims of the disaster or Chernobyl liquidators etc. As I always say - I'd be more than happy to know I am mistaken on this...

Again, this video has nothing to do with Lost Alpha, IMHO...

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basist66 Sep 24 2012 replied:

Mudhut: hey, I got negative for asking a screenshot in a better resolution mode ;) if I may paraphrase a common phrase "you're not a latest DX11 graphics to be adored by everyone". Someone might find insult or stupidity in a most innocent word you post...

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basist66 Sep 22 2012 says:

I'd say there WAS a trend with STALKER game series that an improved graphics ate away from the atmosphere (mostly seen with Clear Sky vs. Shadow of Chernobyl, CoP got the balance back again, IMHO). But it's in the past, LA is nothing like that - it has both breath-taking landscapes filled with realism of light-reflecting surfaces etc. AND the dark, gloomy atmospheric, non shader-overused scenery of dez0lated Zone, the way I see it the best.

+6 votes   media: Greetings from Lost Alpha:
basist66 Aug 25 2012 says:

The idea is old as a wheel but it is the same efficient: bait.

Just to paraphrase the Streloker's post:
- Oh, a corpse, I think I'm gonna loo...
- Two corpses. Why are you always so naive and inattentive, guys?...

Reminds me a little of good old DOOM - a shiny armor or a nice gun in an empty room. You only have to step on it to trigger hordes of monsters appearing from everywhere to attack you...

+1 vote   media: Tejas Stalker's Zone Adventures
basist66 Aug 25 2012 replied:
please enjoy

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basist66 Aug 21 2012 says:

nicest ever!!!

+2 votes   media: Best game ever
basist66 Aug 16 2012 replied:

hey! another awful idea:
Cromm Cruac touches INTERNET...

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basist66 Aug 16 2012 replied:

exostalker, it's Ukraine, not ukraine 8-}

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basist66 Aug 16 2012 replied:

I was just struck by an idea: to avoid eternal endurance or total invincibility (in case with four or more Springs, for example, against gravity anomalies). The "match 3 or more" rule should be applied! So either you have to put on your belt different artifacts of same nature (one Stone blood, two Meat chunks and two Souls) or they get OFFSET and simply disappear :D or they just get pushed away from each other same as equally charged magnets do and cannot hold together for too long - get discarded from the belt onto the ground or back into your inventory!

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basist66 Aug 4 2012 says:

the "stalker charmer" pic

+1 vote   media: August Screen Bundle
basist66 Jul 29 2012 replied:

come on you guys! :) I never meant to be abusive or something!... guess it is my English that let me down... I meant that my only thoughts now are about Lost Alpha and there's nothing existing on the planet now to make me switch away from it!

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basist66 Jul 29 2012 replied:

I think it's some console command from these two:
r2_sun_near [1.000,50.000]
r2_sun_near_border [0.500,1.000]

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