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bartpp7 Nov 1 2014, 12:30am says:

so say you find info on them you would add them yes?
also id say that Scandinavian would be Nordic im not sure of the tribes though

+1 vote   media: screenshot of the religion map mode
bartpp7 Sep 8 2014, 6:49am says:

Well i personally like the 3rd one

+2 votes   media: Polish-Lithuanian Proposal
bartpp7 Feb 8 2014, 10:23pm says:

wow looks like a hi def version nice work :)

+1 vote   media: Syndicate Gatling Cannon
bartpp7 Dec 19 2013, 6:44pm replied:

they alread showed us the units the lists of units are in the features section on moddb

+3 votes   media: Twisted Insurrection: Public Beta 5 Trailer
bartpp7 Dec 12 2013, 7:26pm says:

i think it world of warplanes

+1 vote   media: Me 262 HG III
bartpp7 Dec 4 2013, 6:47pm says:

i have a Q is that blue tib in the middle? i do love the colour of everything very old school oh the 90s a great time for gamers :)

+1 vote   media: River Front (2-4)
bartpp7 Nov 18 2013, 4:27am says:

It does look like someting the germans were working on during ww2

+1 vote   media: MiG-9
bartpp7 Oct 8 2013, 7:51pm replied:

believe thats the same for west germans too

+2 votes   media: Take your pick.
bartpp7 Aug 5 2013, 10:49pm says:

This reminds me of the German Barracuda drone

+1 vote   media: MQ-4C Triton
bartpp7 Jul 14 2013, 11:23pm says:

is it just me or does this look like the result of the drone that iran shot down

-2 votes   media: MiG Skat
bartpp7 Jun 12 2013, 7:01pm says:

Are you going to add any of those skyscrapers they have? btw looks awsome look forward to seeing the finished product :)

+3 votes   media: Fall of Dubai pre-alpha
bartpp7 Jun 2 2013, 11:28pm says:

No its just that the design of the Abrams tank is well designed and so its a coincidence that it looks alike just like how every western modern tank challenger2 Leopard2 ect they all have parts that look alike because its works hopefully that makes sense

-1 votes   media: Iranian Abrams (Or close enough)
bartpp7 Jun 2 2013, 11:19pm says:

I find it odd that South Korea would have have Russian tanks

+2 votes   media: South Korean T-80
bartpp7 May 22 2013, 7:40pm says:

Yes the spiders here are big and scary it takes alot of Morten to kill em

+1 vote   media: Stralia
bartpp7 May 17 2013, 7:58pm says:

It would be interesting to see it fire and the damage it would of coursed

+2 votes   media: V-3 cannon
bartpp7 Apr 1 2013, 1:57am says:

Brings me back good times

+6 votes   article: The Red Alert 1.2 Released
bartpp7 Mar 28 2013, 4:09pm says:

What a waste of money :(

+3 votes   media: Lol
bartpp7 Mar 24 2013, 2:25pm says:

It has a tank! I love it big fan of the Leopard 2 tank

+2 votes   media: tank god/fairy edition!
bartpp7 Mar 24 2013, 2:09pm says:

what if it trasporting cargo like tanks or even an army Halo drop anyone? its stealth so i think its a nice idea but i think tomorrows aircraft air going to be robotic personaly as cool as an idea as it is i fear a irobot senerio :(

+2 votes   media: Sci-Fi Aircraft
bartpp7 Mar 18 2013, 2:20pm says:

They will be seeing combat soon than we think crazy north korea

+6 votes   media: M2002 PokPung'Ho III
bartpp7 Mar 17 2013, 7:16am says:

Thats guys screwed ffs just shoot him that Strykers right behind him im probably assuming the situation wrong it just looks like hes running from those tanks and strykers

+2 votes   media: Battlefield 4 cover
bartpp7 Mar 6 2013, 2:54pm says:

Always liked the T95 looks so cool with its 4 sets of tracks it looks like an advanced german Jagdpanzer or hentzer

+7 votes   media: T95 vs M22 Locust
bartpp7 Feb 25 2013, 6:22am replied:

Always trust the Germans to be ahead of the curve in tech

+2 votes   media: Aerfer Sagittario 2 and Aerfer Ariete
bartpp7 Feb 25 2013, 6:15am says:

Looks like some prototype test I like it just needs bit of a beef up and we will have a modern Ra1 soviet tank

+7 votes   media: guess
bartpp7 Feb 24 2013, 4:09pm says:

Kinda looks like a Mig copy

+2 votes   media: Aerfer Sagittario 2 and Aerfer Ariete
bartpp7 Feb 24 2013, 2:12am says:

That would be sooooo loud

+1 vote   media: Flak 88 battery night full moon
bartpp7 Feb 24 2013, 2:05am says:

Someone ****** off that Linux Penguin LOL

+2 votes   media: PIENGUINS ALL AROUND US
bartpp7 Feb 19 2013, 6:01am says:

This is a great pic mate

+1 vote   media: only 2 days left till crysis 3 !
bartpp7 Feb 12 2013, 6:34pm says:

That looks awsome

+2 votes   media: EFW N-20 "Aiguillon" (Stinger)
bartpp7 Feb 12 2013, 1:31pm says:

either prototype of either the leopard 1 or challenger 1

+2 votes   media: Challenge #12
bartpp7 Jan 28 2013, 8:42pm replied:

Have you guys heard of Operation Cyclone was a operation probably still going to create and arm al-Qaeda remember who funded them the banks and people like Rothschild, Rockefeller and the Bush's

+1 vote   media: Soviet- Afghan War
bartpp7 Jan 17 2013, 4:53pm replied:

That would make more sence

+1 vote   media: are you?
bartpp7 Jan 16 2013, 2:44am says:

I believe there is a deleted seen from EP3 were Grievous kills shakk ti so the Star Killer story line doesn't make sense

+4 votes   media: are you?
bartpp7 Jan 16 2013, 1:31am says:

Also it should be noted that the US created al-Qaeda by recruiting rebels from peaceful groups like the Taliban to attack the Soviet bases on the border forcing the Soviet forces to invade so they could make people more Anti-Communist, personally I wish people would not confuse al-Qaeda and the Taliban, al-Qaeda is US created and the Taliban are a group of people that have lived in the Afghan region for hundreds of years they also despised groups like al-Qaeda that advocated violence.

+2 votes   media: Soviet- Afghan War
bartpp7 Nov 24 2012, 11:34pm says:

maybe someone lives in there like a hermit like Yoda

+5 votes   media: Rest in peace.
bartpp7 Nov 14 2012, 3:10pm buried:


I'd say this is here because this person is an idiot and we all know how we like to laugh at idiots LOL

-10 votes   media: Flawless WIN.
bartpp7 Sep 20 2012, 5:44pm says:

i wouldnt mind buying a couple you know for those long trips when im on holiday LOL

+2 votes   media: T-72BM
bartpp7 Sep 18 2012, 5:27pm says:

i think Ariels talking about when Windu actually captures Palpatine and about to kill him and Anakin runs in "oh dont kill him i need him" for the chosen one he sure is emotionaly weak hes suppose to be a jedi not an idiot but then again Luke was the same

+3 votes   media: How can anyone hate that friendly smile?
bartpp7 Sep 6 2012, 5:13pm says:

WOW thats Awsome

+3 votes   media: Darth Vader & Ahsoka
bartpp7 Sep 5 2012, 5:08pm says:


+2 votes   media: remake of albortz mountains in BF2 !
bartpp7 Nov 1 2011, 7:20am says:


+1 vote   media: Epic kamikaze fail
bartpp7 Oct 24 2011, 8:19am says:

I like the napalm storm idea, as you progress on ur mod u seem to get better with ur modeling Good on ya :)

+2 votes   article: The Heavy Tanks has been finished!!!
bartpp7 Sep 27 2011, 5:06am says:

Its like a mini overlord tank, not bad:)

+1 vote   media: Heavy Paladin
bartpp7 Aug 20 2011, 12:57am says:

nice place, i like ya glass floor nice touch to a place

+1 vote   media: Terraria
bartpp7 Aug 20 2011, 12:56am says:

yeh nice place, im trying to build mine outta gold but not much luck finding gold

+3 votes   media: My home
bartpp7 Jul 17 2011, 10:45pm says:

Looks good um are you going to change the rifle model it looks the same as the rifle infantry rifle?

+2 votes   media: GDI Grenadier Squad
bartpp7 Jul 7 2011, 10:12pm says:

The Russian James Bond LOL

+3 votes   media: spec ops guy
bartpp7 Jun 29 2011, 2:31am says:


+1 vote   media: This might save some bullets...
bartpp7 Jun 20 2011, 6:59pm says:


+2 votes   media: Delayed.because im getting new game
bartpp7 Jun 12 2011, 2:42am says:

It reminds me of the ship during the Clone Wars

+1 vote   media: Home-coming
bartpp7 May 29 2011, 10:03am says:

Wont this be hard on the game to generate all those buildings?
I do like ur progress by the way

+1 vote   media: London (in Progress)
bartpp7 May 26 2011, 7:34pm says:

As much as i like the these tiberium i was woundering why its still in pod form, by the 2040's shouldnt the tiberium be beyond the pod form like what if you have small to medium sized crystals without the pods?

+2 votes   media: Green Tiberium ingame
bartpp7 May 19 2011, 3:44pm says:

Squadron Quad Victor ships look like LAAT gunships are they a decendant of them?

+1 vote   media: Krayt Empire "Light" Heroes
bartpp7 May 12 2011, 9:20pm says:

Awsome id love to see other units change sides id love to see a nod titan

-1 votes   media: The air transport units
bartpp7 Apr 6 2011, 7:16pm says:

Nice pic the units look awsome :)

+2 votes   media: Allied Rifle Man Squad
bartpp7 Apr 5 2011, 11:35pm says:

thats pretty awsome pic, will we be seeing any NOD and GDI remanents?

+2 votes   media: NOD's Pain
bartpp7 Apr 3 2011, 9:37am says:

Awsome great idea mate keep up the great work :)

+1 vote   media: SysMod : Shell Map
bartpp7 Mar 28 2011, 10:08pm says:

i really dont understand ppl dont like it it its an updated model of the one from tib dawn

+1 vote   media: Chemical Trooper
bartpp7 Mar 25 2011, 12:49am says:

Awsome, great work guys :)

+2 votes   article: Progress Report
bartpp7 Jan 7 2011, 1:32am replied:

So will it be a chaingun or just a big machinegun?

+1 vote   media: GDI Infantry
bartpp7 Jan 6 2011, 7:31pm says:

Will there be a zone trooper type unit/s?

+1 vote   media: GDI Infantry
bartpp7 Dec 10 2010, 11:13pm says:

Reminds me of the good ol days of tso

+2 votes   media: GDI Light Arc Artillery (WIP)
bartpp7 Nov 25 2010, 12:18pm says:

one word WOW, mate this amazing work

+2 votes   media: Improvements in Anomalous Materials maps
bartpp7 Nov 17 2010, 6:02pm says:

i like the style of the buildings looks awsome dark and mysteriouse.

+4 votes   article: Nod: Buildings
bartpp7 Oct 23 2010, 7:20pm replied:

thnx mate

+1 vote   article: EaW Space Addon News No. 15
bartpp7 Oct 23 2010, 7:16am says:

i have a sudgestion you could have the ships at the bases as an upgrade option either more shielding/armor of more firepower/docked ships? just a suggestion

+5 votes   article: EaW Space Addon News No. 15
bartpp7 Oct 23 2010, 7:09am says:

oyfg(oh your f'n god) that looks awsome :)

+2 votes   media: C λ S T E
bartpp7 Oct 18 2010, 10:44pm says:

Looking forward to this release!!!

+1 vote   article: Battlegroup42 1.7: RELEASE DATE REMINDER + More New Maps
bartpp7 Oct 13 2010, 1:36am says:

looks great good job :)

+3 votes   download: Ebon Hawk Version 2011
bartpp7 Sep 22 2010, 3:32am says:

is there a torrent?

+6 votes   download: C&C 3: The Forgotten Version 1.0
bartpp7 Sep 5 2010, 3:10am says:

look pretty cool

+2 votes   media: C&C Renegade 2 test level
bartpp7 Sep 2 2010, 12:47am says:

its the alternative to raptors duh

+1 vote   media: Boss vs Boss
bartpp7 Jun 18 2010, 7:42pm says:


+2 votes   media: Fear the new russian soldiers - Womans
bartpp7 Jun 17 2010, 4:44am says:

thats from westwoods version right, always loved there units and ui style just check out that scrin logo totaly awsome

+6 votes   media: World map from C&C3 Tiberian Twilight
bartpp7 May 22 2010, 7:43am says:

i actualy like them, i never like the large EA tiberium, do the grow more like the EA tiberium?

+1 vote   media: Tiberium remake #123456
bartpp7 May 9 2010, 6:55am buried:


stop being so harsh jee man if u can make something better do it other wise shut up, i on the other hand think it looks fine :)

-8 votes   media: Point,,Marines'' background
bartpp7 Mar 31 2010, 3:35am says:

woot i've always wanted to play an axis campaign

+2 votes   mod: Axis Player
bartpp7 Nov 19 2009, 7:54pm says:

awsome mate im looking forward to playing with these

+2 votes   media: Pillbox concepts, 1-tier to 3-tier base defenses
bartpp7 Aug 25 2009, 8:08pm says:

i totaly agree im can't wait to play this!! :)

+1 vote   media: European Conflict Screenshot - Medium AC Army
bartpp7 Aug 19 2009, 6:25pm says:

why was'nt it use like if it had a texture i bet it would sweet anyway nice model :}

+1 vote   media: Unused EUDF units.
bartpp7 Jul 26 2009, 7:49pm says:

What is that monster i don't remember fighting it

+1 vote   media: Beta
bartpp7 May 19 2009, 12:33am says:

yeh that pretty cool :)

+1 vote   media: New Scud Storm Hud, WOW!
bartpp7 Feb 1 2009, 5:07pm says:

That look great it's what RA3 should of had in the first place great job keep it coming :)

+1 vote   media: Ore Bunch + Nuggets (RAR)
bartpp7 Dec 16 2008, 4:03pm says:

This will stop NOD from getting to our cake, the cakes a lie :)LOL

+2 votes   media: Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Redux Screenshots
bartpp7 Jul 19 2008, 9:09pm says:


+1 vote   media: civhouse
bartpp7 Jul 8 2008, 6:48pm says:

buity mate very nice trees

+1 vote   media: Tree's
bartpp7 Jul 1 2008, 11:52pm says:

this so goes with the storyline this is so cool

+1 vote   media: Mobile S.A.M
bartpp7 Jul 1 2008, 11:51pm says:

this is so cool if only we could see them getting built

+2 votes   media: Graphical Enhancements
bartpp7 Jun 15 2008, 10:43pm says:

fullysick guys looks cool ,it could be the water version of the orange weets?

+1 vote   article: Graphical Enhancements
bartpp7 Apr 21 2008, 7:47pm says:

looks good guys

+1 vote   article: OpenArena 0.7.6 Released
bartpp7 Apr 18 2008, 6:35pm says:

looks good

+1 vote   media: Final Reskinned Jet
bartpp7 Apr 10 2008, 6:30pm says:

awsome unit guys realy love the look of it

+1 vote   media: FA-37 Talon
bartpp7 Mar 24 2013, 2:22pm says:

LOL not something you'd exspect

+1 vote   media: Time for tanks!
bartpp7 Mar 24 2013, 2:13pm says:

Reminds me of the Banshe from Tib Sun what an awsome aircraft

+3 votes   media: Sci-Fi Aircraft
bartpp7 Mar 23 2013, 4:57am says:

Whats the download speed?

+2 votes   media: steam
bartpp7 Mar 18 2013, 2:11pm says:

So is that the prototype or the actual thing?

+1 vote   media: AMX-56 Leclerc
bartpp7 Mar 10 2013, 5:19pm says:

Looks great keep up the creat work :)

+7 votes   media: Updated combine armory
bartpp7 Mar 6 2013, 6:02am says:

I love that ep Road to the Multiverse

+2 votes   media: Universe Without Christianity
bartpp7 Mar 5 2013, 6:36am replied:

I thought it was a sad ending i wasnt exspecting her to do that i would of done the same in her psution but as much as ppl hate snips I like her and her species she brings a good prospective to the clone wars

+1 vote   media: Ahsoka Tano & Anakin Skywalker - :(
bartpp7 Mar 4 2013, 6:56am says:

Its an online game so of course you cant mod it

+1 vote   article: Frostbite 2 or SAGE?
bartpp7 Feb 25 2013, 11:57pm says:

Ok just so i get this right, theres different company trees depending on the war front you play?

+2 votes   media: Infantry company - Italian front
bartpp7 Feb 24 2013, 3:59pm says:

OH i love this weapon, will the clipping of the weapon be fixed?

+2 votes   media: random screenshots
bartpp7 Feb 22 2013, 7:11pm says:

Absolutly beautifull :)

+10 votes   media: Topol-M demotivateion.
bartpp7 Feb 20 2013, 6:26pm says:

Thats awesome i wonder how it would of gone against any of the west german fighters

+2 votes   media: East Germans Mig-21's.
bartpp7 Feb 18 2013, 6:26am says:

Whats that name of that walker its like an AT-AT got its head chopped off LOL

+3 votes   media: Galak Fyyar at action
bartpp7 Feb 13 2013, 4:52pm says:

I think i had an ****** this pic is so awesome :)

+1 vote   media: Some awesome CGI.
bartpp7 Feb 12 2013, 1:44pm says:

i bet it looked pretty nifty in the day an old bird rusts so sad :(

+1 vote   media: Planes that once served the BAF.
bartpp7 Feb 10 2013, 8:39pm says:

Um the Chinese one is missing the little tank nothing that ive noticed missing from the rest but that little Chinese tank

+1 vote   download: ROTR Tech Tree Posters
bartpp7 Feb 10 2013, 5:30pm replied:

i can't make a fkn mistake now and then jez

+1 vote   media: Canadian M4A3 Sherman 76 (W) - "Sherman IVA"
bartpp7 Sep 11 2013, 7:04pm says:

Its a experimental generator for wind power i have no idea why its here

+1 vote   media: Holy Hell Swatter!
bartpp7 Mar 28 2013, 4:04pm replied:

Whats wrong with the Great Hamburger hes tasty specialy with salad mmmm im hungary now :)

+6 votes   media: F-117 on the Yugoslavian soil
bartpp7 Jan 31 2013, 11:05pm buried:


Shouldn't the flag on the armour be the old one with the union jack? also nice model :)

-11 votes   media: Canadian M4A3 Sherman 76 (W) - "Sherman IVA"
bartpp7 Oct 13 2012, 4:23am says:

Did no one see the 3rd Transformers movie where they showed a quadrotor V-22 which i believe was based on the real thing just like the rail gun on the ship in the 2nd Transformers movie which exist

+2 votes   media: V-44
bartpp7 May 29 2011, 8:34pm says:

WOW i had no idea they had a jeep version i reckon having it on a m3 halftrack would be awsome it would be a US version of the Katyusha

+1 vote   media: The Willys MB Calliope
bartpp7 May 23 2011, 8:00am says:

Rise of the Venetor :) I love those ships

+2 votes   media: By request here is a massive space battle!
bartpp7 Apr 13 2011, 7:42am says:

i liked King_Arfer's idea , having it be an armory would be a good idea :)

+3 votes   media: GDI Building
bartpp7 Dec 25 2010, 8:20pm says:

Looks like a 3D version of the RA2 Tech airport Great work :)

+4 votes   media: 1.1 Renders
bartpp7 Jul 30 2008, 2:23am says:

great work mate so excited about this mod since im a big fan of this game

+1 vote   mod: Wolfenstein: Source
bartpp7 Apr 26 2008, 7:28pm says:

totaly awsome guys great work keep it up

+1 vote   article: Are you picking this up?
bartpp7 Mar 12 2008, 5:49pm says:

Noooooooooooooo this mod is so good don't go on hold

+1 vote   article: TWA 1.5 for TW has been canceled
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