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BarneyK Feb 7 2013, 7:14am says:

I'm using the unitys, but I thinking about to change it for a more reliable one.

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BarneyK Jan 6 2013, 5:28pm says:

I imagined this game with the core of another MMOs, so questing, leveling, mobs, professions, dungeons, gearing your character.
But I have extra features in it. I don't want to do Item Shop, or something like it, because I don't like the pay-to-win type games.
There will be some races with classes, but after a certain level (for example after level 40), you can decide, which side do you want to choose and play for the rest of the gameplay.
I want to make 2 factions: a good and a bad side (broadly explained). Each factions will have their own specialities and classes. For example you start a Barbarian class, and when you hit the level 40, there will be a quest, and at the end you have to choose to kill or help somebody. Your further gameplay will depend on what you do, and you became a new class. If you are going to help that somebody, you will be a Warrior, but if you kill him, you will be a Berserker. Each faction classes will have the base skills as the beginner class, but will earn new spells depending on the chosen side.
This is one of the extra features that I want to realize, but I got a lots of other stuff like this, but I keep it in secret :)

I hope you like this example, I'll update the features if it's in the game. I will release some pre-alpha versions of the clients as soon as I can get a server-machine to work with :)

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