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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 11 2012, 2:45pm replied:

Video sam taj mod jos odavno, al' hvala :)

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 11 2012, 2:32pm says:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 8 2012, 12:29pm replied:

Digital camo can be useful on ground (for example in forest)
This picture speaks for itself (you can clearly tell which pattern is hardest to see)
Now IDK how much it is useful for jets, since most of air to air and surface to air combat is done out of visible range

+1 vote   media: Slovak MiG-29 (2547) in digi camo
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 3 2012, 6:43am replied:

I like how you model and skin all this aircraft, they are all excellent quality. I don't remember any mod with such large variety of jets, makes me less impatient on waiting for mod :)

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 2 2012, 12:30pm says:

Reminds me of F-117 Grey Dragon

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 1 2012, 12:25pm says:

ZOMGZ, XFA-36A from Ace Combat 3 <3 <3 nice

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 28 2012, 9:29am replied:

Well, I haven't try this mod yet, maybe some later time if I get M&B warband, since our nation is only thing that caught my attention here :)

+2 votes   news: Europe 1200 - Beta 6 Released
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 27 2012, 4:26pm replied:

Haven't read comments above, my bad

+1 vote   media: Beautiful View :)
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 27 2012, 3:04pm says:

Whoa, this is actually the first time I see historically accurate flag of Serbia, which indeed was red eagle in white background, not other way around

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 24 2012, 6:26am says:

Is that M-84AS at the bottom or standard M-84A?

+1 vote   media: Beautiful View :)
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 19 2012, 10:08am says:

This tall trees really look cool, I would be jumping over them like tarzan xD

+3 votes   media: Green jungle is green
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 18 2012, 3:44pm says:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 9 2012, 7:03am replied:

Yes it does

+2 votes   media: F-15 Silent Eagle
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 7 2012, 3:52pm replied:

Koji bre ignore, slika predstavlja viteski red zmaja! ;)

+2 votes   media: Serbian Gendarmerie
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 7 2012, 11:01am replied:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 3 2012, 8:06pm says:

Happy new year everyone! cheers!!!

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 2 2012, 3:59pm replied:

Ok, it ain't spaceship, I haven't watched stargate! xD
But it ain't aircraft neither, because it can travel in space

+1 vote   media: The F-302,X-303,X/BC-304
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 31 2011, 10:36am replied:

Talking specifically about aircraft - vehicle that is able to fly by gaining support from the air, would not be able to reach space, because air is very thin in space. This would most fit in spacecraft lovers (which I don't know if it exist on ModDB) or Stargate fans group :P

+1 vote   media: The F-302,X-303,X/BC-304
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 24 2011, 6:49pm replied:

whatever, neither I said it was loudest, neither does the sonic boom sound much as fart.

+1 vote   media: The biggest(AND loudest) farter ever!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 24 2011, 10:20am replied:

I'm talking about its GAU-8 cannon which produces fart sounds -_-

+1 vote   media: The biggest(AND loudest) farter ever!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 23 2011, 6:40pm says:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 23 2011, 6:36pm says:

And the best farter among all jets - ze Thunderbolt II !!

+2 votes   media: The biggest(AND loudest) farter ever!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 20 2011, 3:32pm replied:

Well, I have original game, clean, patched to 1.50, core and levels of mod and patched to 0.32, still some maps don't work...

PS: Is there any active server out there? like above 10 players?

+5 votes   mod: Operation Peacekeeper 2
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 14 2011, 6:03pm says:

Odlicno uradjeno :D

+3 votes   media: Battle of Kosovo 2012
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 9 2011, 5:31pm replied:

Yep, in former Yugoslavia we had Lunas... looks like our guys didn't wanted to throw them away, so they made this lil MLRS xD

+1 vote   media: Fire with "Hurricane"
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 3 2011, 7:12am says:

It lives!!!

+12 votes   media: Tactical-Ballistic System
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 29 2011, 2:34pm says:

Ovo su transporteri od nekadasnje lune, dobra je ideja sto su ih iskoristili, al mogli su da stave vise od 4 cevi. Orkan M-87 je imao 12 za razliku od ovog M-96

+2 votes   media: Fire with "Hurricane"
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 25 2011, 8:26am says:

I think its S-75 Dvina and the other one isn't SAM-7 but SA-7

+1 vote   media: Sam-7 and i forgot the other one
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 11 2011, 7:00am says:

It's certainly not MiG-29, cuz only Sukhois have back sphere radars. Might be Su-27SM

PS: UI reminds me of Ace Combat 2 <3

+3 votes   media: Alpha Screens
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 9 2011, 10:58am says:

Ovo bese Milica, jel tako?

+1 vote   media: Serbian War Toys
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