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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 14 2011, 6:03pm says:

Odlicno uradjeno :D

+3 votes   media: Battle of Kosovo 2012
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 9 2011, 5:31pm replied:

Yep, in former Yugoslavia we had Lunas... looks like our guys didn't wanted to throw them away, so they made this lil MLRS xD

+1 vote   media: Fire with "Hurricane"
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 3 2011, 7:12am says:

It lives!!!

+12 votes   media: Tactical-Ballistic System
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 29 2011, 2:34pm says:

Ovo su transporteri od nekadasnje lune, dobra je ideja sto su ih iskoristili, al mogli su da stave vise od 4 cevi. Orkan M-87 je imao 12 za razliku od ovog M-96

+2 votes   media: Fire with "Hurricane"
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 25 2011, 8:26am says:

I think its S-75 Dvina and the other one isn't SAM-7 but SA-7

+1 vote   media: Sam-7 and i forgot the other one
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 11 2011, 7:00am says:

It's certainly not MiG-29, cuz only Sukhois have back sphere radars. Might be Su-27SM

PS: UI reminds me of Ace Combat 2 <3

+3 votes   media: Alpha Screens
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 9 2011, 10:58am says:

Ovo bese Milica, jel tako?

+1 vote   media: Serbian War Toys
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 5 2011, 11:19am replied:

Despite this group is 90% dead, number of members is still growing xD

+3 votes   group: Aircraft Lovers Group
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 4 2011, 5:46pm replied:

̿ ̿'̿'̿\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ this is a terminator, his mission is to kill bob. copy and paste him to everywhere bob is so bob can die.

+11 votes   game: C&C Generals: Zero Hour
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 28 2011, 5:45pm says:

PC old. In next few months I'll be finally getting new PC, after 6 years of torture with 1.5Ghz CPU and Radeon 9550 x(

+4 votes   poll: What do you game on mostly?
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 26 2011, 3:12pm replied:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 23 2011, 1:34pm replied:

T-90 = better armour
M-84AS/AB1/2001 = better maneuverability

PS: SRB-HawkEye- fix the link to M-84AS, it exist on the wiki

+5 votes   media: Serbian M-84AB1
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 20 2011, 2:42pm says:

I wouldn't like to see this thing erasing my house xD

+1 vote   media: Why Ender Dragons won't spawn in the main world
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 12 2011, 6:04pm replied:

Akula sub from RA3 :P

+3 votes   media: Яussian Power !!!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 12 2011, 6:01pm replied:

Hvala :D nenene, sad je redovno, ono kad si video da je 16 tad sam tacno namestio (pre toga je stajalo 18), i sad sam proslog meseca napunio 17 ;)

+2 votes   member: ☦BalkanB☢y☦
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 9 2011, 6:37pm replied:

Kill it with sword!

+1 vote   media: Enderdragon wing progress
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 8 2011, 1:41pm says:

Dude, this is the F/A-32C Erne from AC3 electrosphere? awesome :D

+2 votes   media: Air Force General Ernest
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 7 2011, 12:37pm says:

Does design really matter so much? Its efficiency is what matters the most or its useless! -_-

+1 vote   media: some more tank porn
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 22 2011, 1:50pm says:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 22 2011, 11:16am says:

Awesome clouds texture, haven't seen so good for long time

+1 vote   media: Sky
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 22 2011, 7:19am replied:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 21 2011, 3:09pm replied:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 21 2011, 11:26am says:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 14 2011, 4:13am says:

Lepo, volim ovaj paint job xD ono ispod mu je dodatno gorivo, ne?

+2 votes   media: J-22 "Eagle" of Serbian AirForce
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 3 2011, 11:29am replied:

Ma nije to nista, za par minuta sam to sredio, ako treba jos neka samo pitajte ;)

+2 votes   media: Some interesting pictures
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 2 2011, 5:30pm replied:

pardon ovde je original size, glupi tinypic resizovo xD

+2 votes   media: Some interesting pictures
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 2 2011, 5:24pm replied:

Evo sredio sam je malo u photoshopu i napravio 1920x1080 verziju:
Enjoy :)

+2 votes   media: Some interesting pictures
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 2 2011, 5:00pm says:

It somewhat reminds me of weeping willow xD

+1 vote   media: Ivy/vines
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 30 2011, 10:23am replied:

What about landing gear? xD

+5 votes   media: B-17G Crash landing
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 23 2011, 7:08am replied:

Jbg ostao sam bez neta dobrih mesec dana, a i redje posecujem moddb, najvise zbog mod watch-a, smorio me vec :-x

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