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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 10 2009, 7:56am says:

YAY my request is done!!
EDIT:F-35 needed ASAP xD

+1 vote     media: SU-25
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 31 2009, 8:45am says:

SU-35...Sexy :)

+1 vote     media: HAWX
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 31 2009, 8:44am says:

ME 4

+1 vote     media: I will shoot that sucker
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 31 2009, 8:42am says:


+1 vote     media: My desktop
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 30 2009, 1:43pm says:

I hope my country military will keep few of these,as they are getting replaced :(

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 29 2009, 11:05am replied:

You mean on mission,when you arrive there and you see its launch from underground? If so I think its some other ICBM.I played COD4 long time ago :P

+1 vote     media: Topol-M multiple warheads explosion demonstration
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 28 2009, 5:06pm replied:

Thx tebra :)

+1 vote     group: Serbia Group on MoDDB
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 28 2009, 11:02am says:

Niste.Pozovite i zmajcek-a u grupu,on je aktivni srbin.Trazimo neke iskusne modere da se napravi mod za C&C generals zero hour.

+1 vote     group: Serbia Group on MoDDB
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 28 2009, 8:11am replied:


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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 28 2009, 7:48am says:

BTW,song is Hell March 3.I got it from youtube by free youtube to mp3 converter.Get it from here: Download.cnet.com

+1 vote     media: Topol-M multiple warheads explosion demonstration
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 27 2009, 2:45pm says:

It differs a little,also if you flip the Russian flag,you will have Serbian :) We are same people in blood :)

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 25 2009, 8:46am says:

So true,what would real Chinese nuke do to whole map? Even there own base would get destroyed :P

+1 vote     media: HAWK Mobile SA
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 22 2009, 10:34am says:

Yay,no more unrealistic Avanger,Yupi =D Great model Alexei!
Lol.Is this that:
Upload.wikimedia.org ?
EDIT:Damn,this unit is not in service :(

+1 vote     media: HAWK Mobile SA
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 20 2009, 5:19am says:

Its very good model,especially texture,but I'll miss the old one better,IDK why :\

+1 vote     media: New GLA CC
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 18 2009, 4:18pm says:

Looks like athena cannon,as aCNCfan said

+1 vote     media: Beam Truck
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 18 2009, 4:14pm says:

Yup,Atacm deals bigger damage,muhahaha!

+1 vote     media: M270
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 18 2009, 4:11pm says:

Nah,this is realistic camo

+1 vote     media: Screenshots
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 18 2009, 4:09pm says:

LOL,its not F-15,its MiG-31

+2 votes     media: Screenshots
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 18 2009, 4:07pm says:

One or two of S400 would clean the skies here.I'm sure GLA wishes to have them xD

+1 vote     media: Bunch of B-2s
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 18 2009, 8:30am says:

I love that chopper!

+1 vote     media: C&C Wallpaper
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 18 2009, 8:29am says:

I got wallpaper of this just in other position

+1 vote     media: C&C Wallpaper
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 18 2009, 8:26am says:

I LAWL'd so hard on this x) and on Invunarble chicken thingy x]

+1 vote     media: GERONIMO!!!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 18 2009, 8:21am says:

ZROFLZ,this is gonna save the world xD

+1 vote     media: Keep of the grass.
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 17 2009, 5:05pm says:

Gotta lova the MTLB armed with STRELA's <3

+1 vote     media: GAZ Vodnik and MTLB
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 17 2009, 5:02pm says:

Damn I like this,I have it in GTA:SA =D but it should bee 10 times bigger :P

+1 vote     media: "The big guy''
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 17 2009, 5:01pm says:

It has added: unguided rockets,those 4 rocket pods.

+1 vote     media: Attack helicopters
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 17 2009, 4:56pm says:

Yay,my second favorite plane <3

0 votes     media: Su-47 patroling
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 17 2009, 4:54pm says:

OMG,they look so realistic (0_0)

+1 vote     media: New F-22 Raptor
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 17 2009, 4:52pm says:

great model!

+1 vote     media: F-18
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 17 2009, 4:42pm says:

Lol,I remember when I pwn3d enemies command center with these

+1 vote     media: Railgun in action
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