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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 9 2015, 7:33am says:

B0ss please, I habe cansur, b0ss

+1 vote   media: something i found
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 9 2014, 6:59am says:

And his shirt kinda goes with the situation... "Alone in the dark"

+2 votes   media: ...
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 18 2014, 9:06pm says:

For how much longer will we be hearing zombie groans?

+1 vote   media: AIRFORCE GENERAL - WARDOGE IFV #1
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 18 2014, 8:44am says:

A carrot doing the Gangnam style dance... now I seen everything.

+4 votes   media: Smile{dot}
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Apr 17 2014, 9:43am says:

Ah 4chan, no matter how weird it can be, it never cases to amaze me with its greentext stories and pastas <3

+4 votes   media: This story man
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 22 2014, 7:54pm replied:

Natalia Poklonskaya. Also known as queen of /int/ board on 4chan, from where this >tfw gifs come from (/pol/ as well?) until it spread to reddit where its just le ebin maymay...

+3 votes   media: Y U DO THIS :'{
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 2 2014, 2:29pm says:

Wouldn't want to be in front of those guns!

+3 votes   media: Marauder Variants
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 3 2013, 4:09pm says:

And to add some more irony, the avatar pic in anti-aircraft lovers group was submitted by me (co-creator of aircraft lovers group) xD

+5 votes   media: Irony...
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 22 2013, 5:36am says:

Ah–har– iddle-dee-dee, being a pirate is all right to be! Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!

Well, at least (judging by -91%) we stay true to our pirated content unlike these filthy casuals that pay for game in the end :D

+3 votes   media: Yo Ho, Yo Ho....
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 2 2013, 10:03am says: +3 votes   media: SR-72
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 26 2013, 9:43am says:

It even has the arrester hook xD

+4 votes   media: Russia Superior
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 17 2012, 10:47am replied:

Well the title says artillery, and I don't remember any arty using straight fire except for AA arty

+1 vote   media: USA Laser Artillery M340 A1L
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 16 2012, 11:01am replied:

Maybe the laser fired will be reflected using satellite, like with the particle cannon. But then again I wouldn't see the reason why it would be mobile arty

+1 vote   media: USA Laser Artillery M340 A1L
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 2 2012, 3:53am replied:

U pravu si, a i kakav je bf2, bojim se da ce da deflektuje 90% projektila xD

+1 vote   media: Nora B-52 (by qwe7, Rade)
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 1 2012, 6:53am says:

Ekstra! Kad to opali ima zemlja da se trese! ima li sanse za novije verzije kao sto je ova:
Izgleda futuristicno :)

+2 votes   media: Nora B-52 (by qwe7, Rade)
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 5 2012, 7:57am says:

This is awesome, only few mods have such a detailed infantry!
Keep up the awesomely epic speed of yours :)

+3 votes   media: Saboteur and Hijacker
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 1 2012, 12:25pm says:

ZOMGZ, XFA-36A from Ace Combat 3 <3 <3 nice

+4 votes   media: Dun dun dun
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 22 2011, 7:19am replied:

This comment has been posted in a private group.

☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 9 2011, 6:02am says:

Nice, J-24 and MiG-1.45 look awesome!

+1 vote   article: C&C Untitled July Update
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 7 2011, 5:13pm replied:

Here we go again:
and again:

+1 vote   media: B-2 american long range bomber
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 21 2011, 6:34am says:

WOW this reflection shader is a lot better than ur older one, very realistic!

+1 vote   media: NEW W3D water model 2
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 16 2011, 9:10am replied:

You're right, since it has a cockpit, it can't be X-45 :P

+1 vote   media: Twenty of the most WTF aircraft I've ever seen
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 12 2011, 8:30pm says:

Generals Zero... you pirate! lulz, I have samo pirate version, both generals and zh in one setup! :D

+1 vote   media: WIN
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 10 2011, 4:30am says:

The theory is that large blotches of color with sharp outlines are easier to see, while "blurring" the edges of the colored patches makes the outlines, and thus the objects, harder to discern.
Take this for example: Upload.wikimedia.org
Zoom in, and you will see the outlines are blurred
Practically, this is nothing hi-tech, the better name would've been pixelated camoflage. It's just to confuse the eye. Imagine the digital pattern compared to woodland one in forest or something. Woodland camo's outlines are distinct, and once the wearer moves his position,you'll probably notice him, while pixelated one would probably be harder to discern.

+1 vote   media: F/A-18s with digital camouflage
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 13 2010, 3:29pm replied:

Where do you see the flag of Croatia? lol

+3 votes   media: some more weird maps of europe
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 27 2010, 9:07am says:

Is that MEC flag? ROFLMAO! ...And Vojvodina occupied Croatia? umm... ok

PS: How much does the Iceland cost?

+1 vote   media: some more weird maps of europe
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 4 2010, 10:34am says:

Is the good texture for digital camouflage! :D

+1 vote   download: Maps for Modern Conflict SP
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 30 2010, 4:42pm replied:

Yeah, terror bikes FTW, I remember I cleaned my friend's EMP patriot missile defense lines when I sent a column of 100 of those :D

+2 votes   media: 1.0 Screenshot
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 29 2010, 12:23pm says:

Damn, the GLA sure is ****** up now 0_0

+7 votes   media: 1.0 Screenshot
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 20 2010, 8:05am says:

These are Very demotivational posters, I think its from:

Just scroll back my images, I posted here the best ones I found, when I was on that site :)

+1 vote   media: w00tz :D
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 27 2010, 10:36am says:

Cool, is that Su-27SM?

+1 vote   media: MW Mod Su-27
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 8 2010, 2:09pm says:

Yay! Strela :D

+1 vote   article: Project Reality Highlights Reel #7
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 1 2010, 5:37am says:

Yayayay, proceed with New World Order: download the TEOD-06!!!

+2 votes   download: TEOD-06 Beta
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 30 2010, 6:14am replied:

That's what I was asking myself most of time! probably they mixed everything up and created abstract image, or maybe they are on the liberty island xD

+1 vote   media: Soviet Assault
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 24 2010, 6:22am replied:

He is baker :D

+1 vote   media: lolo
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 24 2010, 5:12am replied:

Lol, he was Colonel :)

And do you know what is he doing now?

+1 vote   media: lolo
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 23 2010, 6:10am replied:

RTS - Radio Television of Serbia. They interviewed him. I refreshed my memories tanks to YT (who would remember all this? xD)

I forgot to mention one thing: When his son asked him, what would he ask the pilot, if he could, Dani said he would say Hello Colleague, because he is professional, like we were too, We professionally done our job. I don't have anything against him, as I belive he doesn't have anything against me too. but after all, I'm glad that he survived.

+1 vote   media: lolo
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 22 2010, 5:03pm replied:

It was like this: Zoltan Dani was impresses how was it possible that there is an airplane invisible to radar. He asked his friend to translate him the word "Stealth". He translated it as Airplane of low radar visibility. He understood that the word Stealth-Invisible was just the marketing, and he understood there must be a way to shoot down that plane. In only 2 days, Dani has found idea how to shoot it down. He said it was very easy, but he had to risk his job, because, He wasn't allowed to modify the radar system. He did a risk. When he was scanning for enemy aircraft, there was nothing on display, so he turned on his innovation, and he clearly seen a dot on the radar. He ordered to shoot the target with 2 missiles. The first one past right next to airplane, and it was so violent, that it shook the aircraft. The next one detonated right under his wing(The Neva missile uses 30.000 pieces that shatter when detonated to actually "cut" the aircraft, and that's what happened). He risked his life, not to enter the 21st second of radar activity, because, after 21 seconds, he knew the NATO aircraft can detect him. And under 20th second he launched missiles, and immediately turned off radar. In only 16 second, the airplane was on fire.

3 countries that had problems with NATO offered him the sum of over 1Mil USD, to work for them. He denied it all, because he knew the money is fleeting, and many other values, the family values are much stronger, so he decided to stay, And fight for his country as much as he can(Altrough, Zoltan origin is Hungary)

The modernized radar: P-18 Spoon Rest:

Zoltan Dani-true hero and man

+7 votes   media: lolo
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 20 2010, 1:29pm says:

Omg, it took me 2 mins to notice the eyes x(

+1 vote   media: Nuclear Clown
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 20 2010, 1:27pm replied:

You can send the Col. Burton to plant the beacon, under her chair ;D

+4 votes   media: F-Bomb
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 18 2010, 1:28pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Fat ass
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 16 2010, 11:39am says:

Is that the Abram's barrel?

+1 vote   media: HAI GUYS! remember me?:D
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 15 2010, 11:22am replied:

And I could use ALL of those, to conquer the world x-O

+1 vote   media: So sad :(
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 18 2010, 11:26am says:

Well, this isn't FoxBat.

+1 vote   media: MIG-31
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 17 2010, 6:28am says:


+5 votes   media: motivating pics
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 3 2010, 9:29am replied:

No, not even a women :)

+1 vote   media: Lowrider tank
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Apr 30 2010, 5:14pm replied:

Meh, this is ICHD (Inter Continental Hot Dog)

+1 vote   media: The RUSSIAN HOT DOG
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 8 2010, 2:40pm says:

"let's fight the tanks!"

+2 votes   media: Tank Hunter
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 31 2010, 4:51am says:

Ahh,the lovely X formation...

+1 vote   media: King Raptor Airshow
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 28 2010, 2:53pm says:

This one has composite armor upgrade,right?

+1 vote   media: Renders
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 28 2010, 2:22pm says:

holy god,look at those details!

+1 vote   media: UK Supremacy
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 9 2010, 4:38pm says:

Damn,I'm getting a headache...I would rather capture the Nuke missile silo ...for the GLA!!

+2 votes   article: How to Make an Atomic Bomb In easy steps
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 9 2010, 4:26pm says:

Yup,you're right

+1 vote   media: MiG-1.44
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 5 2010, 7:44pm says:

Nice story :P will it create firestorm,since it has 3 barrels?

+1 vote   media: China Hellstorm Cannon
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 14 2009, 5:10am says:

Holy crap,only Mammoth Mk. II can deal with this O_O

+1 vote   media: Big Fucken Tank !
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 28 2009, 4:44pm says:

I was holding it once,it made me feel as a camoflaged warrior in forest xD

+1 vote   media: AK-47 Klashnikov
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 27 2009, 9:32am says:

Awesome mix!

+1 vote   media: China Boss General
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 19 2009, 10:27am says:

IDK if this are real life looking skins like before ? :-/ ? but good work

+1 vote   media: Improved skin style
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 30 2009, 2:38pm says:

so SDI would stand for Superweapon defence installation?

+1 vote   media: SDI Cannon
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 4 2014, 9:03am replied:

I think he meant to say he is going to download pirated version ("set the sails").

+3 votes   media: My Sacred 3 Review
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 31 2014, 2:52pm says:

Holy **** this made my day. I hope OP was actually b8ing tho.
Here's another funny one from /k/: I.imgur.com

+3 votes   media: Here you guys go
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 18 2014, 9:09pm replied:

From the article - As for the spider, Moore said: "I'm pretty sure the spider did not survive this fire. The whole wall went."
So most likely, yes

+5 votes   media: Blowtorch vs spider
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 18 2014, 8:58pm says:

Daaayum those models, I'm jealous :O

+3 votes   article: Report 050: Aircraft development
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 15 2014, 5:09pm replied:

Mission fragile cargo, ah I didn't need this feel right now...
Yes please do this for the sake of the old times!

+2 votes   media: Factory City
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 14 2014, 10:12am says:

I really hope we see a new release in the upcoming months, its been quite a long since the last one. But quality of this magnitude takes time and work, so I'll happily wait no matter how long it takes, as long as my nightmare of this mod being abandoned doesn't become reality.

+5 votes   mod: Command & Conquer: Untitled
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 7 2014, 11:24am says:

Tumblr "raid" was so pathetic:
Funny thing is the guys on /b/ organised it out of boredom so 4chan basically raided itself, pulling SJW's dumb enough to take the bait. The retaliation was so glorious as seen by the immense amount of butthurt fagblrs undergone...

+5 votes   media: Never forget the war of independence.
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 1 2014, 9:47am says:

-Act of churchluss
I see what you did there.jpg

+4 votes   media: have some more humour
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 30 2014, 11:58am replied:

Same here, and that's what makes me a good liar. People get used to you saying the truth all the time, and when you lie they'd still believe you're saying truth...

+2 votes   media: Smile.
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 20 2014, 9:14am says:

tfw you are saving money for new PC and don't want to waste any on summer sale
Life is hard :(

+1 vote   media: Lord Gaben!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 17 2014, 7:58pm replied:

I tried googling for part 6, no result, so yeah this is unfortunately last one :P

+1 vote   media: WW3 Country balls.
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 17 2014, 4:27pm says:

Awww, I wish this comic didn't end so soon...

+4 votes   media: WW3 Country balls.
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 14 2014, 1:29pm says:

I can't really remember the name of this ekranoplan, something like VVA...

+2 votes   media: Have some quizes.
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 6 2014, 3:23pm says:

>I was kidnapped by a mango because I needed to.
Ooook? Didn't know mangos can be that dangerous :D

+1 vote   media: In light of the Admiral Skeybar's request...
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 22 2014, 9:30am replied:

road of devolution*
(nothing against Steam and Valve, but being too lazy to pick up a CD is a bit too much :D)

+4 votes   media: Dis
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 18 2014, 12:48pm says:

Now that's the most badass way to make a double kill I ever seen!

+16 votes   media: DAT Physics
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 16 2014, 10:18am says:

Beautiful, especially the textures. I like the dark outlines around wings :)

+1 vote   media: China J-10B
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 14 2014, 1:42pm replied:

Found it: Youtube.com
enjoy! :D

+2 votes   media: Grand Theft Auto Naruto City - Gameplay Preview
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 9 2014, 8:48am replied:

Well it isn't called deviant for no reason, I remember finding a picture, more like comic of guy transforming into a diaper. Wtf wasn't enough to describe that sh*t x(

+2 votes   media: have some more humour
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 7 2014, 10:22am says:

Oh look, a satyr!

+2 votes   media: Stuff
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 7 2014, 9:54am says:

My head hurts from this much stupidity... gotta relax with some zen music now I guess...

+2 votes   media: Why IT is sick of luddites
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 3 2014, 9:16am says:

Three different skins, that's amazing care for details!

+1 vote   media: Serbian MiGs 29B and 29UB
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 26 2014, 10:30am says:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 19 2014, 10:08am replied:

-Jurassic Park Operation Genesis
muh nigga
an old gem, the only jurrasic park game I played... I wish there could be a sequel to it but THQ (the succesor of Blue Tongue Entertainment) got bankrupt so idk who would do it

+1 vote   media: Murika
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 13 2014, 1:28pm replied:

Reminds me of this
What an idiot...

+3 votes   media: have some humor
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 13 2014, 1:22pm replied:

I know, I seen the picture of that happening on wikipedia months ago... I had weird feelings for a few minutes after *_*

+2 votes   media: have some humor
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 6 2014, 8:58am says:

10/10 I cryed errytiem. Polan is of true hero

+5 votes   media: Countryball
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 9 2015, 8:05pm replied:

Strange :/
It works for me, All I did is click on one of pictures from the ad and those steps I mentioned, and it work, just needed to do this for both side and middle screen ads.

+1 vote   media: WHERE IS YOUR ADBLOCK NOW?!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 9 2014, 6:54am says:

It sure does look cool

+3 votes   media: MiG-21 in Digital Camo.
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 28 2014, 7:51am says:

Awesome and interesting looking vehicle!

+1 vote   media: China anti tank system
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 12 2014, 5:43pm says:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 8 2014, 5:04am says:

Professional sneaky-slavsquatting

+7 votes   media: Meanwhile, in the zone..
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 27 2013, 6:56pm says:

This can be applied to other games like WoT too

+6 votes   media: Being the last one left
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 27 2013, 9:07am says:

Youtube.com Enjoy this enchanting song as you empty all of your savings! \o/

+10 votes   media: Gaben
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 12 2013, 8:03am says:

Comrade, did you really have doubts about me? Дa, of course I voted!

+4 votes   media: RR - IOTY 2013
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 7 2013, 1:03pm says:

Looks interesting, I found some more info and pics:
Sitelife.aviationweek.com (same one higher res)

Source: W54.biz

+1 vote   media: Advanced Superduper.
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 23 2013, 7:56am says:

Ahahha epic :D

+5 votes   media: Teachers Caught Being Awesome
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 14 2013, 11:14am replied:

Same for me. Hell, I'm using one as a wallpaper right now!

+1 vote   media: Moar 'Murica
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 8 2013, 8:58am says:

This pic is so full of awesomeness that it almost makes me turn my monitor into portrait mode just to have it as a wallpaper @_@

+4 votes   media: And... You just got pwned with style
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 3 2013, 10:00am replied:

Wow, that first site sure has a lot of great information, not just about that war, but Russian ideals, roots and culture, thanks for that

+3 votes   media: Top 20 Soviet Snipers
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 14 2013, 5:52pm says:

This looks awesome I always liked aircraft pimped with canards like F-15 ACTIVE

+2 votes   media: YF-4E 62-12200
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 20 2013, 10:39am says:

Also there is a hidden UFO in the background!

+5 votes   media: some errors show thre truth
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 21 2013, 4:08pm replied:

They wont forget our *surprise buttsex* attacks on Rinas airport in Albania and on airport in Tuzla, BiH

+3 votes   media: NATO flyer you may haven't seen before
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 8 2013, 10:09am replied:


+6 votes   media: The Berkut,
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 27 2013, 4:10pm replied:

It sure does :( raptor, maybe you should post this picture there too, just to awake it a little

+1 vote   media: Something I've been working on.
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 26 2013, 11:11am replied:

It's Slovakian

+1 vote   media: The plane you can fall in love with
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 10 2013, 7:25am says:

My favorite in RA3 mostly because its amphibious

+3 votes   media: Imperial Tsunami Tank
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 4 2013, 6:18pm says:

Isn't it supposed to be Perspective? I know wiki says otherwise, but this makes more sense to me :/

+4 votes   media: Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 3 2013, 5:06pm says:

Ohoho ovo prvim put vidim, pravi Lazar 2 :D stvarno extra izgleda :D

+2 votes   media: Partner 2013- M.R.A.P. "Lazar 2"
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 3 2013, 5:01pm replied:

iza njega se vidi M-84AS... a sve nazive koje si naveo se odnose na taj tenk. Ovaj ispred je obican M-84AB sa ERA blokovima i sa mitraljezom na upravljanje sa BRDM kurjaka, multisenzorski TOMS ili kako se zove

+2 votes   media: Partner 2013 M-84AB
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 15 2013, 5:17pm says:

Playing alien invaders like a boss :D

+2 votes   media: Serb students hacked a billboard in Belgrade
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 14 2013, 4:53pm replied:

There is another theory saying that real Tito who was born in Kumrovac was killed in 1939 in Spain, and that he was replaced by Polish jew born in New York, the Walter Weiss, who was double agent working for both KGB and CIA so that no Serbian would take place as general secretary of Yugoslav communist party.

Sounds crazy to me, but only god knows what the truth really was :x

+2 votes   media: Josip Broz Tito aiming at Serbs
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 3 2013, 9:58pm says:

Just perfect, first time I see our MiG-29 in some mod :)

+4 votes   media: MiG-29 (Serbian air force skin, by FON Stepke)
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 15 2012, 3:15pm says:

Dear Santa...

+4 votes   media: mir
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 11 2012, 3:39pm says:

As Dr. Vojislav Seselj said once, we had one of the best looking infantry uniform in those days

+4 votes   media: Serbian WW1 Infantry
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 17 2012, 6:58am replied:

rkraptor70 I don't know what is that on left side of picture because on right is J-20, which makes it look quite similar just by looking it pictures of J-31 you posted earlier. J-20 having canards and no back wings and J-31 other way around. ok not that similar :)

0 votes   media: Shenyang J-31
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 16 2012, 7:05am says:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 15 2012, 10:45am says:

So Chengdu designed J-20 and Shenyang J-31 so that they can compete for China's next gen fighter? They look quite similar, except J-31 doesn't have canards...

+1 vote   media: Shenyang J-31
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 16 2012, 3:07pm replied:

I mean on dark skin tan you get from sun tanning

+2 votes   media: M-84AB1 Main battle tank
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 16 2012, 7:07am says:

Y u no like his sun tan!?

+2 votes   media: M-84AB1 Main battle tank
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 15 2012, 9:59am says:

Ekstra je, M-84 se bas lepo uklapa :)

+2 votes   media: ARMA 2 Serbian Army Wallpaper v.1 and v.2
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 6 2012, 11:15am replied:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 5 2012, 5:51am replied:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 26 2012, 6:41am replied:

Its the UI-4054 from Ace Combat 3

+4 votes   media: C&C Untitled 2012 renders
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 15 2012, 6:57am replied:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 13 2012, 11:29am replied:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 13 2012, 8:38am says:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 17 2012, 12:01pm says:

A must see video for every MLRS lover
Oganj in action, full burst fire baybe!!

+3 votes   media: Mud, fog and tanks!!!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 30 2012, 6:34am says:

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☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 15 2012, 3:17pm says:

repost: Moddb.com

+3 votes   media: Antonov 225 WTF...
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 3 2012, 6:43am replied:

I like how you model and skin all this aircraft, they are all excellent quality. I don't remember any mod with such large variety of jets, makes me less impatient on waiting for mod :)

+2 votes   media: Bonus content
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 2 2012, 12:30pm says:

Reminds me of F-117 Grey Dragon

+2 votes   media: Bonus content
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 28 2012, 9:29am replied:

Well, I haven't try this mod yet, maybe some later time if I get M&B warband, since our nation is only thing that caught my attention here :)

+2 votes   article: Europe 1200 - Beta 6 Released
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 27 2012, 3:04pm says:

Whoa, this is actually the first time I see historically accurate flag of Serbia, which indeed was red eagle in white background, not other way around

+4 votes   article: Europe 1200 - Beta 6 Released
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 24 2011, 6:49pm replied:

whatever, neither I said it was loudest, neither does the sonic boom sound much as fart.

+1 vote   media: The biggest(AND loudest) farter ever!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 24 2011, 10:20am replied:

I'm talking about its GAU-8 cannon which produces fart sounds -_-

+1 vote   media: The biggest(AND loudest) farter ever!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 23 2011, 6:36pm says:

And the best farter among all jets - ze Thunderbolt II !!

+2 votes   media: The biggest(AND loudest) farter ever!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 14 2011, 6:03pm says:

Odlicno uradjeno :D

+3 votes   media: Battle of Kosovo 2012
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 3 2011, 7:12am says:

It lives!!!

+12 votes   media: Tactical-Ballistic System
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 29 2011, 2:34pm says:

Ovo su transporteri od nekadasnje lune, dobra je ideja sto su ih iskoristili, al mogli su da stave vise od 4 cevi. Orkan M-87 je imao 12 za razliku od ovog M-96

+2 votes   media: Fire with "Hurricane"
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 25 2011, 8:26am says:

I think its S-75 Dvina and the other one isn't SAM-7 but SA-7

+1 vote   media: Sam-7 and i forgot the other one
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 9 2011, 10:58am says:

Ovo bese Milica, jel tako?

+1 vote   media: Serbian War Toys
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 7 2011, 12:37pm says:

Does design really matter so much? Its efficiency is what matters the most or its useless! -_-

+1 vote   media: some more tank porn
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 22 2011, 11:16am says:

Awesome clouds texture, haven't seen so good for long time

+1 vote   media: Sky
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 14 2011, 4:13am says:

Lepo, volim ovaj paint job xD ono ispod mu je dodatno gorivo, ne?

+2 votes   media: J-22 "Eagle" of Serbian AirForce
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 11 2011, 3:47pm replied:

But the China already developed the 150mm smoothbore for Type-99KM

0 votes   media: Swiss Leopard 2 (Pz87) with 140mm gun
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 10 2011, 5:32am says:

Cool, this looks more like some scene from film/game than real life xD

+3 votes   media: Mig 29 hits Gruzian UAV
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 20 2011, 8:58am replied:

Haven't you ever heard of NOTAR (NO Tail Rotor) helicopters?

+4 votes   media: ArmA III chopper
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 11 2011, 5:54pm says:

Wow that's one detailed YF-23!! good work!

+5 votes   media: Untitled
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 9 2011, 1:46pm says:

Happy Birthday, best wishes! Nice cake, it's delicious *om nom nom*

+2 votes   media: BANG BANG ITS MY BIRTHDAY!! XD
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 8 2011, 7:14am replied:

Yes, Mi-8T or Mi-17, we have both.

+2 votes   media: Storming the buildning
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Apr 29 2011, 5:07pm says:

Jel to onaj M10 napravljen u VTI?

+2 votes   media: Maskirni Dezen Vojske Srbije
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Apr 28 2011, 3:08pm replied:

And is smarter, since it has 2 brains :P

+4 votes   media: Eurofighter Typhoon
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Apr 28 2011, 1:32pm says:

Wow, I totally forgot V5.05 was out, gotta download it now. Hope I'll get less of those random "critical errors" :D

+2 votes   download: Reborn V5.05 Lazy English Patch
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Apr 3 2011, 7:36am replied:

If we were of Magnesium, it would look like fireworks :D

+24 votes   media: Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 28 2011, 12:58pm says:

Wow, that's a lot of air pollution lol

+1 vote   media: c-130
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 25 2011, 1:44pm replied:

Hell, his hart was probably full, imagine taking out machine that costs 20 mil $ with a rifle that cost 1000$ :D

+3 votes   media: Destroyed Apache
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 25 2011, 7:37am replied:

Yeah, but our country is not poor, there is money to finance a strong and well equipped army, but f*cking government keeps sucking money, which brought most of us to the edge of material existence. That's how bad it is...

+2 votes   media: 9K31 "Strela"
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 25 2011, 6:45am says:

??? They painted it almost year ago...

+4 votes   media: PAK-FA
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 16 2011, 2:22pm replied:

Agree, they're beautiful

+5 votes   media: Aircrafts
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 11 2011, 7:34am says:

Hehe, good ol' Yugoslav APC, this is just one of the 6 variants :)

+2 votes   media: BOV-3
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Mar 2 2011, 1:52pm replied:

Za F-117 ih je najvise bolelo sto niko nebi hteo da ga kupi, tek se oko toga se vrte ogromne pare ;) Mada ni to ne bi priznali da smo im oborili, ali mi smo imali dokaze koje nisu mogli da sakriju... najsladje od svega je bilo videti one cigane kako nose delove da bi prodali (staro) gvozdje ;D

+2 votes   article: Aircrafts destroyed during NATO aggression on Yugoslavia
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 28 2011, 5:33am replied:

Haha, pa to, ili lazu da imaju, kao sto je slucaj sa B-2 Spirit of Missouri, u izvestaju 2007. je bio, a 2000. su ga izostavili :P

+1 vote   article: Aircrafts destroyed during NATO aggression on Yugoslavia
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 25 2011, 2:42pm replied:

Covece, ja nisam ni cuo da su sruseni B-52H i B-1B,a kamoli da je to potvrdjeno, nadam se da je to tacno :D

+1 vote   article: Aircrafts destroyed during NATO aggression on Yugoslavia
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 23 2011, 5:09pm replied:

loolz, well said xD

+2 votes   media: TROLL BAIT :D
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 24 2011, 2:22pm says:

Yes it is, the early prototype of T-95, I seen this pic on some army forum

+1 vote   media: New Russian tank
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 18 2011, 4:57pm replied:

Not really, this is repost of a post that wasn't repost :)

+4 votes   media: Twenty of the most WTF aircraft I've ever seen
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 15 2011, 1:31pm replied:

Yeah, no one would think its a plane on this pic, but many parts are missing, this is how it really looks like:

+4 votes   media: Twenty of the most WTF aircraft I've ever seen
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 15 2011, 1:26pm replied:

I think it was XV-3 -> XV15 -> V-22
This is the other type of aircraft, the tiltwing aircraft

+1 vote   media: Twenty of the most WTF aircraft I've ever seen
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 15 2011, 10:30am says:

Aero Spacelines Super Guppy

+3 votes   media: Twenty of the most WTF aircraft I've ever seen
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 12 2011, 7:27am replied:

M-84AB1 Was the name for the Kuwait modernized version of M-84AB. Later, the order for modernization was canceled, probably because of brakeup of Yugoslavia. Now we made enhanced version of M-84AB1 called M-84AS. M-84A tanks in Serbia are currently undergoing modernization into M-84AS. I hope Kuwait will request modernization someday, I think it's worth it ;-)

+1 vote   media: Kuwaiti M-84
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 9 2011, 12:23pm replied:

Haha, good one! f*ck the grammar mistakes, point is we can understand each other. All Slavs have similar language, so we can understand each other, cause we are same people! ;)

+2 votes   media: Funny stuff
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 8 2011, 10:08am replied:


+3 votes   media: My error messages
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 8 2011, 9:05am replied:

loollz, we are going to safari then :D

+2 votes   media: My error messages
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 1 2011, 5:24pm replied:

Ja vise ne mogu ni da nadjem neke normalne zombie plague servere, ako znas daj neke IP-ove od nekih ne moddovanih zp servera :(

+1 vote   article: Counter-Strike 1.6: Clot Buster mod
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 31 2010, 8:20pm says:


+3 votes   media: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 21 2010, 9:38am says:


+2 votes   media: It's an angel?!?!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 13 2010, 6:26am replied:

100% agree

+2 votes   media: SHIT!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 23 2010, 8:07am says:

Ah, the apache's nightmare ^^

+1 vote   media: Work In Progress
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 19 2010, 2:53pm replied:

What's the name of one where you're on platform, and blocks are falling of, and you have to survive? I remember I was addicted to that game ^^

+1 vote   media: My favorite PSX games
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 27 2010, 4:37am replied:

Lawl, that was my logic too, I wonder why didn't they made rectangular intake =P

+1 vote   media: F-16U
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 19 2010, 5:52am replied:

How long it took you to find it? ^^

+2 votes   media: Aircraft fun
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 13 2010, 7:42am says:

Porvalio sam koji je to, to je MiG-21UM

+1 vote   media: 127. Fighter Sqn. "Knights" formation
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 9 2010, 3:12pm says:


+3 votes   media: LOL
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 9 2010, 3:11pm replied:

This is Optimus Prime, sending message to all autobots, your help is needed!

Can't ******* wait for transformers 3!!

+3 votes   media: LOL
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 9 2010, 7:37am replied:


+1 vote   media: Su-47
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 8 2010, 12:11pm replied:

You stolen SamSavoks's comment from other picture, how dare you!

+3 votes   media: J-14??
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 6 2010, 2:13pm replied:

Sukhoi PAK-FA T-50


Awesome pics that can't be found with google image search :D

+1 vote   media: Pak fa t-50
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 5 2010, 5:11pm says:

Damn! I wanted to post this yesterday! xP you got this from facebook group??

+1 vote   media: Pak fa t-50
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 30 2010, 8:57am replied:

That's right, the first version of Hind :)

+3 votes   media: Screenshots
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 21 2010, 7:08am says:

Holy **** xD

+1 vote   media: Some of my favorites
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 11 2010, 4:55pm says:

Congratulations general, you have been promoted!

+3 votes   media: Nukepocalypse!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 11 2010, 4:47pm replied:

In my house :)

+2 votes   media: Ио́сиф Ста́лин
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 10 2010, 4:33pm replied:

And by me

+2 votes   media: Ио́сиф Ста́лин
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 6 2010, 10:58am says:

Lol, nice find :P

+1 vote   media: Experimental & Planned aircraft of Germany
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 5 2010, 7:09am says:

Damn! if it was 1680x1050 it will fit my monitor since I'm 16:10 :P

+1 vote   download: 10 TLG wallpapers for tank lovers
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 4 2010, 5:55pm says:

Correct, and the S designation is for Swept, so before Su-47 name, it was called S-37, just like prototype of Su-27 was T-10

+4 votes   media: S-37 from AC04
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 4 2010, 1:28pm says:

lool :D

+1 vote   media: Ya eet deez :D
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 30 2010, 5:42pm says:

Actually, you should swap the purposes of F-35 and F-22, since F-35 is multirole fighter, and F-22 is for air dominance. Other then that, jets fit perfectly with the airfield :)

+8 votes   media: US airforce power
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 29 2010, 3:03pm says:

Lol, can it even move?

+1 vote   media: Concrete T-34... yeah, yeah CONCRETE
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 26 2010, 4:42pm says:


+1 vote   media: I'm a king of the... huarghhhh!!!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 25 2010, 2:29pm says:

How did he f*cking landed on f*cking moon, and who the f*ck f*cked the f*cking moon, when its so f*cking big, it could squeeze your f*cking balls if it would fall on you!

Overlol on bottom right part, and "HOLY LIVING F*CK"

+3 votes   media: lolo :D:D
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 23 2010, 11:31am replied:

Well, you can see the list of possible orders here:

And I don't know, mu country is in tons of **** because its leaders, the real a*sholes, money stealers, that wan't EU and NATO(even after the bombing) integration. I should not start about it, its the endless story...

+1 vote   media: B-52 NORA
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 22 2010, 4:01pm replied:

Yea middle picture really looks like shark, and engines under look like mouth :)

+3 votes   media: Tu-2000
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 20 2010, 1:19pm says:

Yeah, I know this one

+2 votes   media: Defcon
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 19 2010, 3:30pm replied:

Yeah. We need AF modernization, nothing was made/bought since 90's and JAS-39 is one of possible orders :P

+1 vote   media: B-52 NORA
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 19 2010, 3:00pm says:

Vtol??? jes ti pijan? xD

+1 vote   media: Soko G-4 super galeb
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 19 2010, 2:58pm says:

Ah, Strela-1 <3 <3 <3

+1 vote   media: serbian AA rocket
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 18 2010, 11:01am replied:

Oh, silly me :P I hope Sweden will in a few years have a new customer...but for the Gripens, guess who :D

+1 vote   media: B-52 NORA
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 16 2010, 11:44am replied:

Yeah, and the pilot speeds up before landing just in case he misses the hook

+2 votes   media: Close, but no banana!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 16 2010, 8:52am says:

It looks nice, I wonder how will new cactus ERA show in the battles :)

+2 votes   media: T-95 Black eagly
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 16 2010, 8:49am says:

Yeah very nice car :)

+1 vote   media: bitchez dont know bout my tuned Lexus
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 15 2010, 11:07am replied:


+1 vote   media: B-52 NORA
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 14 2010, 12:45pm says:

Holy ****, If he would do Pugachev's Cobra, we would see nice fireworks xD

+4 votes   media: HOLY SHIT i think we are about to die
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 13 2010, 4:16pm replied:

Cluster bombing is war crime, but don't worry, that was used too :P

+2 votes   media: B-52 NORA
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 13 2010, 3:59pm says:

I agree with u Alexei, the standard light grey skin is best fitting IMO.


+4 votes   media: 3d model
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 13 2010, 8:55am says:

Even the Tu-160 wants to take picture with bear :D

+6 votes   media: Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack and Tu-95 Bear
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 6 2010, 5:22pm replied:

this one ain't photoshoped :P

+3 votes   media: Antonov 225, WTF WIN :D
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 3 2010, 9:31am says:

I wonder why you never mention the Dzhugashvili in description? Maybe that would be too much for other people to read xD

+1 vote   media: Ио́сиф Ста́лин
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 30 2010, 5:08am says:

Such a sexy camo

+1 vote   media: China long range Airdefence
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 26 2010, 3:06pm says:

This reminds me of shockwave's MLRS <3 (I know, they aren't same)

+1 vote   media: death from a distance
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 24 2010, 3:11pm replied:

"I got him locked!"


+2 votes   media: Dual mount stinger
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 23 2010, 4:48pm says:

ahaha :)

+1 vote   media: lololololol
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 18 2010, 9:32am says:

This comment has been posted in a private group.

☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 18 2010, 7:32am says:

Lol, cutting zombies throat, what a randomness xD

PS: what car is that?

+1 vote   media: HANDSAW -imagine cuting zombies throats with it
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 17 2010, 11:03am says:

Yeah, best against headcrabs IMO :P

+2 votes   media: survival =P
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 15 2010, 2:46pm says:

You could carpet nuke bomb with this xD

+3 votes   media: Convair B-36 Peacemaker
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jun 7 2010, 7:33am says:

free gas for everyone! xD

+1 vote   media: BF2 T-90
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 26 2010, 9:50am says:

lol, EPIC x-O

+1 vote   media: WHY is my?
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 25 2010, 5:03pm replied:

Well, T-90's armor was tested against most advanced AT projectiles which are equal to the best projectiles for abrams's 120mm gun.

+1 vote   media: M1A2 Abrams
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 22 2010, 6:04am says:

I would rather save the planet than play the games on floating materials, lol! well, Chuck Norris can also donate them...

+1 vote   media: Very demotivational posters
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 20 2010, 8:08am replied:

lawlz!! :D XD

+1 vote   media: 10 more
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 12 2010, 1:26pm says:

ROFL, time to buy a new TV xD

+1 vote   media: funny shit
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 12 2010, 8:32am replied:

ZOMFGZ, why you bothered coming back from future? And ur still using the win XP :P j/k

+2 votes   media: Odd Windows Glich Anyone?
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 12 2010, 8:28am replied:

yeah, it was, there are many same images (not only of this)

+1 vote   media: F-22
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 12 2010, 8:27am replied:

Yeah, I have it too...

such a fast & maneuverable chopper got canceled :(

+2 votes   media: RAH-66 Comanche
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 11 2010, 7:58am replied:

well, thx xD thank god Serbian and Russian language don't differ so much :D

+1 vote   media: Guess what we got here)
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 10 2010, 11:16am replied:

PAK-FA is short in Russian (Перспективный авиационный комплекс фронтовой авиации)which means something like "perspective airplane complex of frontal aviation". I think I didn't made a good translation, since I don't speak Russian xD

+2 votes   media: Guess what we got here)
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 10 2010, 5:50am says:

yeah, lol :D

+1 vote   media: SU 37 and F 16
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 3 2010, 9:45am says:

Its very cool <3

+2 votes   media: Harpy MKII
☦BalkanB☢y☦ May 2 2010, 1:40pm says:

Poor guy in red car xD

+1 vote   media: lol one more
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Apr 26 2010, 5:49am says:

Ok Freddie, catch the frisby!! xD

+1 vote   media: Downtown Cook
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Apr 24 2010, 8:28am says:

"Was also used by the, Japan Air Self-Defense Force, Turkish Air Force, and the Luftwaffe."

...and is now used by GLA in contra :D

+3 votes   media: Lockheed F-104 Starfighter
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Apr 20 2010, 1:48pm replied:


+1 vote   media: heh
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Apr 19 2010, 3:38pm says:

Yeah, isn't it incredible to see 12 tons flying monster?

+3 votes   media: WIN
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Apr 1 2010, 1:02pm says:

Awesome, new palm & grass model ^^

+2 votes   media: Maps, New things, and a probable campaingn
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 28 2010, 3:25am replied:

Yeah, because of film called "Firefox"

+1 vote   media: Su-50
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 24 2010, 4:27pm says:

PAK-FA!? I'm gonna DL new version when it comes out, no matter what.

+3 votes   media: Hidden Object
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 22 2010, 12:02pm replied:

Yeah SU-37 with skin from tail number 711, and the other aircraft looks like SU-30 or SU-35BM

+1 vote   media: Mixed Wallpapers
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 21 2010, 4:04pm replied:

Yeah,Soviet stuff never get old ^^

+2 votes   media: SA-3 GOA
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 12 2010, 2:06pm replied:

Huh!? you were talking about F-35...

+1 vote   media: US Airforce
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 8 2010, 2:35pm says:

The answer: da, ja sam jebem mu... xD

+2 votes   media: Funny stuff
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 6 2010, 2:46pm says:

Wait a second, WZ-10 has commanche style tail, so this is tiger??? Its hard to find the answer, some ppl say its WZ-10 some say its tiger :-?

+1 vote   media: Mixed
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 6 2010, 7:37am replied:

This is ESSEX class carrier

+1 vote   media: Aircraft Pictures
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 6 2010, 7:34am replied:

A-10s? don't you mean harriers and hornets?

+4 votes   media: US Airforce
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 5 2010, 4:19pm says:

There not upgraded,radars are upgraded,but IDK the name of them :-X

+1 vote   media: SA-3 GOA
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 5 2010, 10:04am says:

of course :)

+1 vote   media: Aircraft Pictures
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Feb 2 2010, 5:24am says:

Yes,its SU-35BM.

+1 vote   media: uh....SU 30?
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 28 2010, 2:16pm says:

Agree *_*

+1 vote   media: BF2 Mashtuur city map adapted.
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 25 2010, 2:18pm says:


+1 vote   media: orca Fighter mk 1
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 24 2010, 5:32am replied:

So that's why it doesn't have six wings :)

+1 vote   media: SU-35
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 23 2010, 11:29am says:

PAVEWAYz baby! xD

+1 vote   media: HOLY CRAP
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jan 2 2010, 6:45pm says:

Very nice pic

+1 vote   media: MIG Firefox
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 31 2009, 7:46am replied:

I think you can download it (if you're using firefox) with video helper plug-in.

+1 vote   media: A short video about some cool guys
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 13 2009, 8:15am says:

Its a Virgin-Galactic "ENTERPRESE" tourist spaceship separated from its mothership.It will enter service in 2012,a card will cost you 200.000 USD.

+2 votes   media: A crazy futuristic spaceship
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Dec 12 2009, 4:56am says:

Eh?? OK

+1 vote   media: Cormorant
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 29 2009, 8:07am says:

*Insert hell march2 here*

+1 vote   media: Many Tanks
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 27 2009, 4:06pm replied:

Lol,you got me on this one,I was thinking it wasn't game.I couldn't find any pics of original img :P

+4 votes   media: Some Pictures made by me
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 26 2009, 4:08pm replied:

Read the TITLE,he made this picture,omfg

-1 votes   media: Some Pictures made by me
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 22 2009, 1:55pm replied:

Its the A-5 Vigilante

+1 vote   media: A short video about some cool guys
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 20 2009, 5:56pm replied:

The plane is from a game(possibly mod)but it was cut out into real environment

+1 vote   media: Whatafack!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 20 2009, 5:46pm replied:

Here's what the PILOT of F-117A said: when first missile was launched( MISSILE IS CALLED NEVA LAUNCHED FROM SA-3GOA) it hit very near the plane,and his plane was shaking.second missile hitted the IC countermeasures,and when detonated,it cutted of the whole left wing of the plane.

This missile was specially designed,even flares don't work against it,because missile detonates into small pieces cutting everything like knife.This is old missile developed in USSR,and one costs 200.000 euros.

+1 vote   media: F-117A's in formation
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 20 2009, 5:41pm replied:

But Ruskies have the anti-stealth tech,waiting to shot down F-22s ;-)

+2 votes   media: MiG-1.44
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 20 2009, 5:24pm replied:

So you like things like spectre gunship and AC-130 spooky,right? ;)

+1 vote   media: B-3 concept
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 18 2009, 4:53pm says:

Nah,this is the jump ramp from SA-MP!! xD xD

+2 votes   media: WTF is that
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 17 2009, 12:38pm replied:

Something like that,it hits the incoming missiles

+1 vote   media: Drozd-2
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 14 2009, 12:04pm replied:

I don't care,this is just for fun

+1 vote   media: Flying fortress VS. nazy UFO
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 14 2009, 4:52am says:

but this looks like a truck for snow (?)

+1 vote   media: Unknown
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 13 2009, 1:07pm replied:

me too,FF FTW xD

+1 vote   media: Flying fortress VS. nazy UFO
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 12 2009, 1:31pm replied:

ZOMG,what if they are both males?

+3 votes   media: Rule 34
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 11 2009, 4:18pm says:

The pharaon has returned...in AIR!

+1 vote   media: Some nice images
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 11 2009, 4:17pm replied:

Meh,this guys are trying to take over planet @_@

+1 vote   media: Some nice images
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 9 2009, 4:26pm replied:

Yup :) the best and my fav plane in the mod

+1 vote   media: B-3 concept
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 8 2009, 4:05pm says:


+1 vote   media: New budget HE bombs.
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 8 2009, 4:04pm replied:

GriffinZ quote-"Damn...page 97...page 98...page 99...page 211... hell where is this @#$%^&* (countermeasures) button?!!"
...oh here it is!
*ejects from the plane*

+2 votes   media: Do not sleep on your flight lessons.
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 6 2009, 6:01pm replied:

I rofled,nice one comrade xD

+1 vote   media: Merkava in action
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 5 2009, 3:55pm says:

Lol,so the Zero Hour is somehow realistic when it has the same number of missiles :P

+1 vote   media: Some nice images
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Nov 5 2009, 1:02pm replied:

I remember this plane from one book :P

+1 vote   media: Mitsubishi F-2
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 25 2009, 4:24pm says:

Jesus just imagine what this thing can do,when its better then Ka-50 0_0

+1 vote   media: Ka-52 Alligator
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 23 2009, 2:11pm replied:

I agree with you comrade,everything is possible

+1 vote   media: Tanks
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 22 2009, 4:19pm replied:

the texture is form BF2 :)

+1 vote   media: F/A-18
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 22 2009, 3:46pm says:

me too =)

+1 vote   media: Area 82: Military Base
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 22 2009, 12:51pm says:

Not maybe,it is! ;)

+1 vote   media: The pics:P
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 22 2009, 6:44am says:


+1 vote   media: Battleship Iowa
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 16 2009, 5:56pm says:


+1 vote   media: Sotp
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 15 2009, 5:13pm replied:

Yeah,me too

+1 vote   media: Fire Scout
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 14 2009, 5:59am says:

Yes this is the same MiG as in ZH.But I wish they had more missiles,so only one can make firestorm xD

+1 vote   media: MiG-1.44
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 11 2009, 5:22am replied:

There wasn't any use of it,when it was shoot down during NATO aggression,and detect by radar from 70's.No one would buy it :)

+2 votes   media: F-117A's in formation
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 11 2009, 4:27am says:

"AK 47s for everyone!!"

+2 votes   media: Rebel
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 11 2009, 4:26am says:

I knew it you will name this pic like that,even when I saw thumbnail xD

+2 votes   media: Colonel Burton
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 11 2009, 4:21am says:

I think this is sick,LOL xD

+2 votes   media: Water sky
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 10 2009, 1:29pm says:

Is this MiG-29 or SU-27? looks more like MiG-29 =)

+1 vote   media: For the Motherland!
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 10 2009, 8:23am says:

it looks cool <3

+1 vote   media: Snowy Supplies
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 8 2009, 4:39pm replied:

I was thinking about cabin only.

+1 vote   media: A129 Mangusta
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 7 2009, 2:18pm says:

This soundtrack reminds me so much of a first Chinese mission,when nuke is launched on captured US base :)

+1 vote   media: C_Chix01
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 7 2009, 2:16pm says:

Nice SCUD buggy x]

+1 vote   media: super-rocket-buggy
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 6 2009, 8:20am replied:

lol,So its removed with patch right? Or my game was ****** up when I was able to see it?

+1 vote   download: TEOD-Beta03patch
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 4 2009, 11:32am replied:

Yeah like mixed Chinese Z-10 and apache :)

+1 vote   media: A129 Mangusta
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 3 2009, 11:26am replied:

agree +1,I love long smoke and realistic smoke <3

+2 votes   media: Screenshot
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Oct 2 2009, 12:34pm says:

Its not Ospray,its Osprey x]

+1 vote   media: V-22 the heli-plane
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 26 2009, 1:18pm says:

I just love the black stripe on front,that's what every MiG has :)

+1 vote   media: Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF-75 Lancer C
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 21 2009, 6:08am says:

lol,made in Albania

+2 votes   media: lol
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 19 2009, 5:02pm says:

Damn,I tried to click on the promotion button x) I need coffee,lol

+2 votes   media: GLA Toxin General's Toxic Wing
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 15 2009, 4:13pm replied:

You can say: WTF xD

+1 vote   media: Kamov KA50 Blackshark
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 12 2009, 6:33am replied:

NOO,don't underestimate underestimated underestimating!!!

+1 vote   media: Kamov KA50 Blackshark
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 11 2009, 5:00pm says:

yeah,look at those rockets <3

+2 votes   media: AH-1Z Super cobra
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 11 2009, 4:58pm replied:

Don't u underestimate your mind,lol >:)

+2 votes   media: Kamov KA50 Blackshark
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 11 2009, 2:32pm says:

Apache's worst nightmare (muahahaha)

+2 votes   media: Kamov KA50 Blackshark
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 6 2009, 9:55am replied:

googling...I also found one pic where they are constructing it...must be fake too :P also real concept is still unknown

+1 vote   media: J-XX
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 6 2009, 9:40am says:

that's what WWII planes needed xD

+1 vote   media: A-10 Thunderbolt II attacking
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 6 2009, 9:38am says:

I know,just kidding :) harrier is gonna be remembered for the fist VTOL plane

+1 vote   media: Harrier
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Sep 6 2009, 9:36am says:

Lol,nah,this is design of US F-22 that many countries will copy for their own 5th gen fighters :)

+1 vote   media: J-XX
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 30 2009, 1:45pm says:


+1 vote   media: DF-11 deployed
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 30 2009, 7:43am says:

btw,ako igrash GTA san andreas,mogu ti poslati F-22 mod,samo posalji PM da ne moram da proveravam sliku xD

+1 vote   media: YF-22 Raptor
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 30 2009, 7:40am says:

Jeste dobar ali najbolji? njegov konkurent je SU-47,cik kad dodje do dogfight-a :) uostalom to je Barak odredio da se zavrsi proizvodnja jer ih ima dosta,ali zaboravio sam sta je pravi razlog :-/

+1 vote   media: YF-22 Raptor
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Aug 23 2009, 6:45am says:

agree pwn3d :P

+2 votes   media: SA-9 Gaskin
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 31 2009, 8:45am says:

SU-35...Sexy :)

+1 vote   media: HAWX
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 31 2009, 8:42am says:


+1 vote   media: My desktop
☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 28 2009, 5:06pm replied:

This comment has been posted in a private group.

☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 28 2009, 11:02am says:

This comment has been posted in a private group.

☦BalkanB☢y☦ Jul 17 2009, 5:05pm says:

Gotta lova the MTLB armed with STRELA's <3

+1 vote   media: GAZ Vodnik and MTLB
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