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Takes around 6-10 minutes to load a new map or save, very unstable, crashes randomly (My hardware is plenty sufficent). 98% of all weapons are hideous, has poor sounds and animations, if any at all, they often got the wrong scale (Especially the handguns).

some NPC's can't be killed, 60 rounds of 5.7 to their head, and they're still standing, then promptly kill you in return with short burst from their 5.45 rifle. An Izlom took 16 rounds of 12 gauge to die as well, stuff like that doesn't factor into difficulity, all this is on Master too, by the way.

the mod is packed with strange and new contraptions, most of which are so poorly translated and implemented altogether, you just end up ignoring it.

The hillariously bad late 90's ''slavcore'' is extremely annoying too when you enter combat, it's plain cheesy and takes away all immersion.

The collector mode was a good idea, and with the new areas to explore, I figured I'd have a good time, but at the end of the day, after downloading 5-6gb of compressed crap, it's just unplayable, from the poor models, textures, animations, unbalanced enemies that seem to alternate between not hurting you at all, then suddenly killing you in a nanosecond, the crash that will destroy your progress and make you load your last save for 10 minutes again, and a translation I'm fairly certain was put through google translate.

As for the positive stuff, you can come over some good music playing at both Sid's bunker and the barkeep, and probably the Army warehouse too, if the game didn't **** itself while trying to get there.

won't say it fits the atmoshpere 100% of the time, but it adds a nice touch nonetheless

And that's about it for the good stuff, I really wish I could have enjoyed this, as it's been too long since I've been in the zone.

If you do decide to go on ahead and waste your time downloading this mod, don't sleep for 8 hours, you'll fucken die of starvation, man.

And yeah, don't get the latest patch, it makes the game CTD



Mod review - 73 agree - 35 disagree

didn't experience a single crash, performance is okay at very best, economy is one of those things that have worsened since the last version as well, don't see any point in paying 47k+ to repair and AK when I can buy a completly new one for half of that.

everything seems to just be really brown and grey though, and then there is the fog damn near all of the time, none of that is pleasing to look at.

most new items seem to do absolutely nothing, or work as rags to repair equipment with, and you don't really want to eat mutant meat.

most guns on the other hand are still completly broken, most of which show no improvement from misery 1.0, some are even somehow worse.

Galil sight picture is clipping. tokarev, PPsh, K98, and a bunch more (nearly all) are all severly misalligned. then there are all the hideous vanilla stalker guns that have gotten a new mediocre texture slapped on top, and thats just the few ones I did see, I think I'd just be in for more disappointment if I kept on.

none of the handguns so seem to have proper animations either, most of them consists of changing an invisible magazine and drawing the slide 2mm back, no locking back on empty magazine, no hammer movement, nothing.

most animations in general are really bad, actually, makes you wonder if anyone at all worked on it.

realy don't know if I want to continue playing this, already really tired of the 2 guns that were actually well implemented, from the last three playthroughs I've done.

exactly what did you spend so much time on? apart from new useless items and mutant hunting, its as if I'm playing a slightly worse 1.2.

major props for options to turn off mask HUD and infinite NPC ammo though, you're also pretty good at photoshop to show off your mod.

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