I'm just your average Joe, who dabbles in PC's and Mac's, rides a motorcycle and lives in the UK. I've been playing 'Thief' for over 10 years and have played almost every mission released.

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0 comments by b1k3rdude on Jun 26th, 2015

"This is a relatively small, but very detailed and polished mission. When I started it over two years ago, I tried to limit the size and scope of the map to a manageable level to get something released sooner rather than later. The basic layout was quickly built and all that was left to do then was to flesh it out. Well, that got a bit out of hand. At some point I decided that it would take me too much time to keep up the level of detail I already had, and asked Bikerdude for help. Of course he said yes, and I honestly believe that the mission would never have been finished without him. He built several extra areas and the end result is really beautiful. Now it's finally done and we hope you enjoy this little addition to The Dark Mod."


  • Baal & Bikerdude

Build Time:

  • About 2 yrs


  • To the Dark Mod team and comminuty at large for helping to get this mission completed, and for putting up with all my questions.
  • Story and Readables: Melan, Sotha, Moonbo, Baal and Bikerdude.
  • Additional Sounds: Goldwell
  • Briefing Video: Crowind, Slyfoxx
  • Beta testers: Oldjim, Lowenz, AluminumHaste, nbohr1more, Goldwell, Cookie, Tr00pertj, Grayman, Arcturus, Ungoliant, skacky, Goldchocobo.
  • Additional Resource: Bikerdude & Dram (fire-flies)


  • TDM 2.03 is required for this mission.
  • The mission available via the in-game downloader.
  • Repeat after me, "Read and explore, Read and explore"


  • We have used LOD on a lot of objects in the outside area's to cater for people with low end machines, when in game go the video settings>advanced>Object details and then adjust to suit your system.

Report abuse A Noble Home (The Accountant Prologue)

0 comments by b1k3rdude on Mar 17th, 2014

A recent bad experience has left you with an urgent need to leave the city. You received an offer
from a fence who has a way to smuggle you out, but you've got to do to a job for him first. Tonight you will be meeting him in the sewers to find out more details.

The Accountant:
Part 1 - A Noble Home (prologue)
By Goldwell & Bikerdude

Many thanks to everyone on the TDM forum you guys are amazing and without your help this map would not be finished!

Special Thanks:
Dominus for the splash screen
Sotha for the rain optimizations
Aryx for the night time window effects
Arcturus for the water droplets
Moonbo for script revision
Deadlove for reverb effects to audio
Bikerdude for blinging things up!
Mike Fields for creating the intro video

Airship Ballet, Deadlove, Bikerdude

Voice Actors:

Whispers of sorrow by Bluedark

Sound effects:
from Freesound.org: D W (136971), axiyee (79078)
Tristan (18413), cubicApocalypse (195507), stk13 (121329)
Jovica (82938), mwirth (137174), knova (169668)
PatrickLieberkind (213083), ninebilly (173014)
acclivity (32839), baryy (163418)
jorickhoofd (160048), sangtao (189664)
Bubbling cauldron - Mike Koenig


Report abuse The Gatehouse

0 comments by b1k3rdude on Mar 17th, 2014

"I am Matthias, a Postulant in training for the Order of the Builder. I have been on a pilgrimage for over a year now and have finally arrived at the end of my journey."

Build Time:
About 3 months.

Mapping Team:
Evilartist - for letting me convert his D3 map, top man!
Bikerdude - map conversion, mapping, textures, sounds.
Goldchocobo - mapping, traps, puzzles and sounds.
AluminumHaste - textures and general testing.
Grayman - scripting of the mirror puzzle.
Obstortte - scripting and textures.
Mortem Desino - scripting.

- Beta testers: Goldwell, nbhormore, Aluminiumhaste, Nbohr1more, Moonbo, SirTaffsalot, Airship Bullet, Snobel, Xarg, MacD11 and anyone else who i missed of the list.

- skydrive
- taffers Paradise

Some people are experiencing a bug where they get a black screen at the end of the missing, the work around for this is to click the mouse or press escape.

Report abuse The Darkmod 2.01 is out

0 comments by b1k3rdude on Mar 17th, 2014

Shadowhide's upcoming mission

THE DARK MOD was once total conversion of Doom 3, and now is a STANDALONE GAME with the release of TDM 2.01!

A dark and moody stealth game, inspired by the "Thief" series by Looking Glass Studios, The Dark Mod includes creative new gameplay features, dozens of unique AI, and a complete set of custom art assets, allowing players and mappers alike to enjoy missions in a gothic steampunk universe. When you play The Dark Mod, you feel like you’re playing a gothic stealth game…there’s nothing left that’s recognizable from Doom 3.

This game is first and foremost a toolkit, allowing fans and team-members to create their own stealth missions in a gothic steampunk environment. But there are already 60 full missions for download, including some small campaigns, so it certainly feels like a game. The only difference is that you have to choose which missions to install and play.

It's that time again. Time to run your tdm_updater to get the latest Dark Mod Standalone release!!!
A small update, TDM 2.01 fixes several issues surrounding combat and makes some graphical improvements to character models.

Some technical fixes have also been added: Taaaki has fixed the issue with TDM failing to reload missions if your folder was not named “darkmod”, and grayman has solved some save/reload crashes.
The player was taking double damage from weapons in 2.0; grayman has fixed that, and Springheel has made several other modifications to combat, including making it harder to avoid weapons by running backwards.

The end result is that combat has been made slightly more forgiving at lower difficulty and harder at the higher difficulties..

Report abuse The Darkmod 1.08 is out

0 comments by b1k3rdude on Oct 18th, 2012

The 1.08 update contains nearly a year's worth of updates and improvements. So many, in fact, that it's hard to remember them all. Some of the improvements, like getting TDM ready to go standalone, are fairly transparent to the user. Others will have a noticable impact on your game.

IMPORTANT: Because of changes to the way TDM is run now, (in preparation for going standalone) the first time you run TDM 1.08, you will need to reset your keybindings and other settings. Additionally, "tdmlauncher.exe" no longer starts TDM. Users will need to change any shortcuts to "darkmod/TheDarkMod.exe", in Windows, and "thedarkmod.x86" for Linux users. As always with an update, saved games from earlier versions will no longer work, so finish any missions you're in the middle of!

Richer audio: TDM 1.08 should provide a much more immersive sound experience. We've added over 200 new impact sounds, as well as two new vocal sets. Many things that used to be silent now make appropriate noises. Falling bodies now make impact sounds, arrows have sound as they whiz past you, and AI make rustling noises as they move based on what they're wearing.

AI Improvements: The lightning-fast reactions of AI have been toned down, so that they don't leap immediately to combat after a half-second glimpse of you down the street. AI now react to things getting thrown at them, and can be knocked out by heavy things being dropped on their head. AI are smarter about using elevators and will use them while searching now. Several new AI character models have been added, including the Builder Acolyte and the Elite Citywatch.

Additionally, the Training Mission has been revamped by Bikerdude for 1.08, with a few new sections and beautiful improvements to the visuals. The team's second demo mission, The Tears of St. Lucia, has also been updated for 1.08 and is now included with the mod by default.

There have also been dozens of new art assets added, an entire series of new light entities, improved flame particles, performance improvements, additional animations, fixes to some physics issues, and well over 100 other bugfixes. You can see a full changelog here: Wiki.thedarkm...new_in_TDM_1.08

I have uploaded the full version of the update to moddb for convenience, but you 'll will need to run 'tdm_update.exe' to update the pack to the latest version.

The Darkmod 1.08 Full

Report abuse Dragon's Claw: Hollween speed building contest.

0 comments by b1k3rdude on Nov 1st, 2011

"I usually welcome the shadows, a place of refuge for a master thief like me. However, there are dark places that even I fear. That place being the plague ward at the edge of town. Rumour has it that it was cursed by a pagan witch and it's inhabitants died from an incurable plague..."

Download links:-

Build Time:
Update Build Time:'
3-4 weeks.

Prebuilt maps and textures - Flanders (The man who built the trianing mission donated 12 or so old maps which I hobbled together)
Readables - SirTaff (he has a wicked mind)
FeildMedic - ghost begger (didn't quite work for me, but he is working on an update!)
Springheel - jack-o-lantern (gotta have them)

As always espect to the Dark Mod team and for all the hard work they put and continue to put into it. Special thanks to Fidcal, Serpentine and others for their help on the forums and to my beta testers: Flanders, SirTaffsAlot, nbhormore, Pranqster, RPGista, Thor, Xarg, Glyph Seeker.

Known issues:-

  • Due to the deadline there are just going to be some bugs which I didnt have time to fix.
  • No map, its linear enough not to need one
  • Mission isnt challenging enough - I didnt have the time to tweak this at all.
Report abuse Business as Usual v2.0

0 comments by b1k3rdude on Oct 2nd, 2011

Business as Usual v2.0

"Visting a friend in the old quarter, has asked me to keep an eye on his place while he is out of town for a few days. Have a few errands that need doing, will know more when I get there...."

Download links:-
Business as Usual 2.0

Build Time:
Update Build Time:'
3-4 weeks.

As always espect to the Dark Mod team and for all the hard work they put and continue to put into it. Special thanks to Fidcal, Serpentine and others for their help on the forums and to my beta testers: Greyman, nbhormore, McPhisto, Lost_soul, Pranqster and the original testers!

# I have changed some of the Ai in the town, and added to the level of difficulty

Known issues:-
# Despite all the extra eye candy, this mission should perf well on even low end systems. P4+HD4650 gets around 20-30fps.
# As with all my missions, explore, explore, explore... you taffer!

Report abuse Fan Mission: Alberic's Curse by b1k3rdude

1 comment by b1k3rdude on Jun 19th, 2011

User Posted Image

"At night, they say, the Builders' hand comes loose from his mighty hammer and creatures wander out from their hiding places while he slumbers. But tis this night, above all others that unholy vapours cloak the land with gloomy curtains and night creatures dance and sing in the twilight."

"I can't say I'm looking forward to my endeavors this night.... I've been given a job by a Priest to retrieve two holy artifacts from an abandoned cloister in Eldin woods north of the city, simple job I thought, but the priest failed to mention the placed was haunted."

Download links:-

Build Time:
about 5 weeks

Respect to the Dark Mod team for putting up with all my questions and knocking up the various updates in short order!. Special thanks to Flanders and Springheel for their models and my testers for helping me squash all the bigs etc. for their help on the forums and to
Testers: Flanders, Jaxa, nbohr1more, Aluminumhaste, Baal.
Readables: Darkangel/b1k3rdude with suggestions from my testers.
Resource: Flanders/Springheel - art direction and models.
Misc: This is a homage to the original Thief2 mission from 2001 (The Cathedral of the Damned)

# Repeat after me, "Read and explore, Read and explore"

Known issues:-
# This mission will have less than optimal fps at a few points on the map, but most of my testers with lowish end rigs (P4/HD4650) are getting 30fps+ at the worst spots)
# For very low end PCs I recommend the following settings: V-sync is off, AA is off, Aniso is 4x or lower, advanced settings are simple/default & Post processing of disabled and as a last resort the command line arg ' r_skipFogLights 1 ' (turns off the fog)

Report abuse Fan Mission: Retun to the City v2 (01/03/2011) redimized

0 comments by b1k3rdude on Mar 2nd, 2011

Download links:


Back among these old walls again, it seems. The alleyways and courts beckon, the smells and flickering lights the same as ever. Have I been away so little that I remember them all?

No matter. This time, my objective once more brings me to the Builders: one of their workshops has recently received a shipment of potent explosives... Although inert before it is treated with a volatile compound, there is bound to be a mechanician who will pay a good price for the lot.

That settles my agenda for the night. I must be careful, since the Builders aren't known to be lenient with trespassers... and if they knew it was the same fellow who had already paid them a visit... but best not dwell on trivialities. I have found a way to the street where the storehouse is located, and hid myself next to the south gate. If I am unable to open it from inside when I am done, I may just have to find another way out. It is an hour before midnight. Time to go.."

Build Time:
3 months.

Huge respect to the Dark Mod team for such a great mod and for all the hard work they put into it and continue to put into it. Special thanks to Fidcal, Serpentine and others for their help on the forums. Melan for making the original map and puttin up with my constant tweaking, the beta testers: Serps, Grayman, nbohr1more, , NewHorizon, 7upMan and others who did an awesome job.

# On very low end PC's with a "Pentium"4 or "HD2400pro" that are even considered low for vanilla Doom3, I recommend the following settings:

V-sync is off, AA is off, Aniso is 4x or lower and "Ambient rendering" & "interaction shader" are set to their lowest settings.

Enjoy ^_^

Report abuse The Darkmod on Eyefinity

2 comments by b1k3rdude on Feb 4th, 2011

Finally got tri-screen working in TDM, though you guys might like to see.

Settings I used in the autoexec.cfg file

seta r_mode "-1"
seta r_aspectRatio "1"
seta r_customWidth "5160"
seta r_customHeight "1050"
set com_videoram "1024"
set com_allowConsole "1"