I'm just your average Joe, who dabbles in PC's and Mac's, rides a motorcycle and lives in the UK. I've been playing 'Thief' for over 10 years and have played almost every mission released.

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"The job in question was simple enough. All I had to do was break into some guy’s house and steal a ledger and then get out without being spotted. But that’s where my problems started, the house was owned by one Einrich Friedt. And unbeknownst to me at the time, was a usurer under the protection of the local thieves' guild. When word spread that it was me who pulled off the job, the guild leader who goes by the name of Lazarova gave the order to have my head on a spike. Naturally two leg breakers were dispatched, which meant I had to make myself scarce and lay low for a while.

After things had died down a bit I got in contact with an old fence of mine. He informed me that Lazarova is a wealthy and successful figure in undermarket circles. But what was unusual is that Lazarova is a woman, which belies her brutal and ruthless reputation. it’s likely she got where she is through wealth, meaning its possible she is of noble blood. My fence did a check of the Bridgeport registers and there is no noble family going by the name of Lazarova. So using an alias means she is someone who at the very least doesn’t want to see her dirty laundry aired in public.

The Thief’s guild hideout is rumoured to be located near the Old Mill somewhere in Langmillers Ward, Geoffrey's Wall separates the slums of Langmillers and Mirkway from the more wealthy parts of Becksgate. I will make my way there and see what I can uncover, but I will have to be careful. The City Watch don't venture much into the Tanners, and the Tagwell boy’s aren’t known for being as polite as the watch. Locating some information regarding Lazarova's whearabouts is my first task and with some luck I should find some incriminating evidence to use as leverage. Becksgate is like a rat’s nest, so there's bound to be a hidden stash or two to make tonight's endeavours worth my trouble.."

Build Time:
- About 2 years


  • Bikerdude - Allodric/Balakin manors, Canal walk, Builder warehouse, various apartments and brought all of this into a working mission.
  • Melan - The Great Stairs, Geoffrys wall, Rattlesbones way, street signes, readables and main story!
  • Noelker - the voice of Hadley - Saturnine (Rose Cottage) said Noel was the perfect 'Garrett'
  • Grayman - Fingrim & Cull st, Balakin manor, readables.
  • nbohr1more - alpha/beta testing, readables, and main story!
  • Flanders - Canal Walk, textures and objects
  • Obsttorte - Briefing video, Automap and various scripts
  • Skacky - Shingles Plaza, readables.
  • Serious Toni - loading screen & misc.
  • Tels - The Oldmill (base spec)
  • Fidcal - Horders
  • Springheel - models
  • Necrobob - textures
  • Dragofer - models
  • Baddcog - misc
  • Mortem Desino - misc

If I missed anyone or have forgotten what you did, please remind me so I can update the above list!

- Beta testers: Oldjim, Deadlove (Uber testers), and above, also anyone else who I missed off the list.

- An updated version is now available via the in-game downloader - v1.3


  • This is the prologue mission to the Crucible of Omens, work on the next mission in the series will start in the new year.
  • This map is challenging by design, but is more forgiving on lower difficulties.
  • The mission is fully l10n ready.
  • TDM 2.03 is required.

Known issues:

  • This mission will have less than optimal fps at some locations.
  • For very low end PCs I recommend the following settings: V-sync is off, AA is off, Aniso is 4x or lower, advanced settings are simple/default & Post processing of disabled.
  • A few people with very low end machines have had an issue with loading the mission, so we suggest the following -
    • " try backing up your TheDarkMod.exe, gamex86.dll, and Darkmod.cfg then delete them and run your tdm_updater to replace them. "
    • Try these image downsize changes to reduce the GPU impact -
seta image_downSize "1"
seta image_downSizeLimit "1024"
seta image_downSizeBump "1"
seta image_downSizeBumpLimit "256"
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The Gatehouse

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Good job!

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b1k3rdude Creator

heh, anything to promote thedarkmod my man!

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Now this is a freak'n PROFILE! WOW!

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