My name is Markus and I hail from Finland, the land of frost and snow! I am a cellist, artist, visualist and a true Pagan by heart. My talents are many and besides art and music, I have extended my skills mainly in game design and writing. I have experience in all these fields and creating something visual has always been close to my heart. I am currently working on with a huge module for Neverwinter Nights 2 called "The Moonlight Path". More info can be found from the link of my homepage as well as from forums. Help me in my cause, and I am suren to return the favor.

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As amazed as I am, I survived the trip through Italy to Slovenia and the 6 days of brutal heavy-metal beyond measure in Tolmin, Slovenia, METALCAMP!

It was one of the greatest experiences, if not the greatest indeed, in what comes to festivals!
Despite the almost constant heavy and light rain, colliding thunderstorms and crap-load of mud on the ground, the whole group survived back and the amount of good time spent there is something I remember for all eternity, I am sure!

It was truly spectacular and has given me something to hold on to! Also it has given me a lot of inspiration and thus I am using this inspiration to continue working on with my module; The Moonlight Path, for Neverwinter Nights 2 + expansions.

Could put up some photos from the trip while here, not that I expect much viewers, but for my own amusement if not anything else!

Happy last quarter of the passing summer, folks!

- Markus.

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=EMPEROR= Jul 19 2009 says:

I see u had fun on metalcamp :D too bad the weather was ****,but i think u managed that and had fun :),i'm getting a group of people up to join me on the next metalcamp,it will be hell on earth i tell you :P

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=EMPEROR= Jun 30 2009 says:

Have Fun mate,next year i'll join the fun. :D

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Elementalist Apr 25 2009 says:

Whoops, sorry I took so long to reply.

Actually, interestingly enough, I just got a flute! Which I find to be a much more solo style instrument (Lord of the Rings anyone?), so I'm learning to play that as well now. It's coming along well. :)

Agreed with Bethesda, but hey! Who knows how it'll go with TES V. Probably even worse, yeah, but we can hope! xD

Sounds good for TMP.

Well, in about 3 weeks, my high school life will be completely over, and I'll have a period of about 2 months (sort of, I'm selling my computers because I'm moving away, so that time may be shortened) in which I'll be doing nothing, and probably could pitch in. I imagine mapping and scripting are things that I could do. All I know is art is completely out for me. xD

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=EMPEROR= Apr 23 2009 says:

You got yourself a deal man ;)
Next year we'll drink as long as we can stand imao.

*pulls out level 99 beer keg,Cheers*

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=EMPEROR= Apr 22 2009 says:

1 word - work........
I would like to go but i can't,effin work... :T
Maybe see you next year!?! :D lol

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=EMPEROR= Apr 21 2009 says:

Yes Tolmin is kewl i can't argue there,I am starting to fell bad
for not going it's going to be hell of a fun.
I just hope that there won't be a lot of sucky groups and enough beer...

Oh i'd like to warn you Slovenian beer is like warm ****! lol i would bring my own with me...

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=EMPEROR= Apr 20 2009 says:

Good,good,its sleeping in tents,drinking beer and headbanging all the time!! :D
No i wasnt there yet,but a lot of my friends were,they say its really sick(in a good way).

Have fun man,and dont drink too much!! haha ;)

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Elementalist Apr 7 2009 says:

Yup, I enjoy the clarinet. I prefer playing classical music more than jazz, which the saxophone is more suited to. Maybe I'm not playing it in the proper style, but haven't gotten the sax to sound right doing anything classical. As for the clarinet, it seems much better suited as a back up instrument, at least, for the kind of music that runs in my head. The violin has much more dynamism possible which intrigues me.

I liked Morrowind quite a bit, though agreed, quite a few issues. Oblivion pretty much only fixed the combat system. And even then, the combat system for Oblivion was fairly undynamic. But yeah, the things that I liked about them was the open-endedness and sheer amount of lore and information behind the world.

For TMP, how long is the intro section going to be? Because that's a problem I'm having now with Neverwinter Nights 2. I played the 'good' path the first time, now I'd like to try the Evil path, but I keep getting kinda bored before it starts to radically change. xD But now I haven't played it for ages, so when I have time I'll try again.

I've dabbled in modding a bit, here and there. Neverwinter Nights 1, tried a bit out for NWN2 never really pursued it much though. No particular reason why. My eventual goal is to become an independent game developer, so I try stuff here and there.

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Hang-Lip Dec 15 2009 replied:

Violins have the best tunes. :D

I love to listen to violin work.

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Elementalist Apr 7 2009 says:

Ah, I see. Good luck with the Cello. I've been hankering to get my hands on a violin, a bit tight on money and time right now. Plus, I've always had problems with string instruments. Sticking to the clarinet and saxophone for now.

The reason I was asking, is, have you ever played either Morrowind or Oblivion? Open-ended RPGs where the main quest is there, but more of a suggestion than a 'must-do' in the game. Then there's lots of areas and side-quests and NPCs to wander around and explore. Lots of replayability, and just plain fun and interesting. Maybe you could do that for your Dragon Age project? :) I would love to see something like that for a point'n'click game. Well, there are a few, such as Sacred, but they tend to forget the aspect of storyline and the RP part of RPG.

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