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AzureEternal Apr 16 2013, 12:51pm says:

Hey, all, this may sound like a bit of a random question, but is anyone looking for a writer for any kind of mod or project? I've recently been trying to get more writing gigs/volunteerships, and given my love of the franchise, figured some Star Wars-related writing would be the ideal way to do just that.

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AzureEternal Jul 28 2011, 10:53pm replied:

The overall feel, style, and theme have been heavily influenced by anime classics such as Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, and Akira. Therefore, the game is intended to feel and look inspired by these great films, along with some other console masterpieces such as Final Fantasy and Metal Gear. Really, the project's style is a hodgepodge of various sources.

Thus, it is aptly listed under the "anime" theme for the aforementioned reasons concerning panache, story, and characters. That being said, just because the game is a Half Life 2 modification doesn't necessarily negate or discount its anime flare in any way, shape, or form. As a result, I believe the game can be appropriately categorized as having such a theme without being misleading.

Nonetheless, thanks for the question, cheez!

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AzureEternal Jul 21 2011, 10:24pm replied:

Thanks for the kind words, Zombie. Be on the lookout for some news and images of our progress in the next few days!

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AzureEternal Jul 19 2011, 10:24pm says:

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AzureEternal Jul 19 2011, 8:54pm says:

I just came across this mod... Wow, this looks amazing. Tracking.

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AzureEternal Jul 19 2011, 5:08pm replied:

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