Hell i am Zel(From my Favorite Character in Supernatural,if someone dont know him,his name is oviously Azazel).I realy dont know how to do this but i wil try :D I like ROCK and only ROCK.Playing in my PC.Sometimes "twice in a week" go to Gym. my fav game.....i think the SWEAW+FOC,plus The LOTRBFME+2+2X and The Dawn of War series I think this is all u should know from me. Well...now i playing a LOT of RPG-s....and what the F... i like tham. I dont know how i can miss tham...but,newer to late right?

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Empire At War: Re

Mod review

Epic mod,great models,textures the efects are just WOW!! and the gameplay is just changed soo much with the new addons..its great
the only thing is just the campaign,have some abilities mmissing dats why not 10/10


Star Wars - Clone Wars

Mod review