I am a Steam and Source engine addict... Currently admin on a CSS server, and a beta tester of a few mods. The server is set to 3000 FPS, 4,000,000 kbs, 40 person, dust2 No AWP/AUTO, No Block, 16,000 cash each round, with HLSTATSX for player stats SERVER IP: Shinobi Prime (de_dust2)

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Cry of Fear

Game review


Game review

A similar game to www.ogame.org
You've said that it's based on Ogame, but then, what's the point of having a similar game that is different only in names/pictures?
Sure, this game is totally free, and you can't buy any premium stuff to gain an advantage over other players, but other than that, for now it's kinda dissapointing.

EDIT: I decided to give you a higher rating for the moment, because it just got released, and future custom features are planned. Good luck =)


Blue Portals

Mod review - 2 agree - 2 disagree

Some negative aspects:
1) Bugs that makes impossible to complete the chamber (like the fire cube that falls throught the floor in chamber 3 if you place a Portal under it, I can PM you the video)
2)Some jumps are reaaaaly more frustrating than challenging

This said some positive points:
1) Good pacing of challenges
2) Original ideas
3) Challenges that make you "Think with Portals"
4) Custom soundtrack and textures (and easter eggs =)


Zombie Master Black Edition

Mod review