I am a Steam and Source engine addict... Currently admin on a CSS server, and a beta tester of a few mods. The server is set to 3000 FPS, 4,000,000 kbs, 40 person, dust2 No AWP/AUTO, No Block, 16,000 cash each round, with HLSTATSX for player stats SERVER IP: Shinobi Prime (de_dust2)

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Awesome_ninja May 16 2012, 12:37pm says:

All these indie bundles are going downhill in terms of quality... At least HIB manages to get 5-8 quality games every bundle, Indie Royale on the other side started out with a fantastic bundle and since was getting worse and worse... This is another example of why the market is entirely flooded with indie games, and since all the good games are taken, they keep throwing some unknown/random ones... The only worthy game in here is Osmos personally, so buying this bundle for just one game, I'll have to pass...

+4 votes   article: The All Charity Pack
Awesome_ninja Dec 23 2011, 12:05am says:

I'll have to pass, or wait for a 50% off sale or something... with all the current deals on Steam, you can get way better game value for the buck. On top of that, its not on Steam, and having to launch desura is a pain in the *** honestly, cause I already have Origin for SWTOR and Steam for the rest...

+1 vote   article: Unepic Released on Desura!
Awesome_ninja Aug 26 2011, 3:09pm says:

lol Scout is so OP ^^ *cough*

Very nice feature!

-1 votes   media: HL2: Wars code progress 20
Awesome_ninja Jun 20 2011, 6:03pm says:

That is all... (I bought one =)

+1 vote   media: Get Mad
Awesome_ninja Mar 24 2011, 10:45am says:

This is one of these moments when I think: "Well damn.... I should of brough my PC with me on vacation =S"
Great work guys, will try it as soon as I can =)

+1 vote   article: Fistful of Frags 3.5 out!
Awesome_ninja Feb 23 2011, 10:31am replied:

bury him, QUICK!

+1 vote   article: Beta available in March!
Awesome_ninja Feb 21 2011, 4:40pm says:

Can't wait to buy it! oh man oh man, oh man! COOP! YESH!
Please tell me you will have a 4-pack on Steam? Please, please, pleeeeeese =)

+2 votes   media: Sanctum Beta Trailer
Awesome_ninja Feb 21 2011, 4:35pm replied:

more like free is you DL it.....
Go ahead karma me down, I'll still never pay for this.

-1 votes   article: Our office is cold during the winter
Awesome_ninja Feb 10 2011, 12:29pm says:

WOW! Just WOW!... I'm speechless....
Great job, guys. One thing I would like to point out:
Is there a hardcore mode without the crosshair? I know, its not about realism, but pure gameplay, I think it would be a cool feature to add.

+2 votes   article: Western warfare for you.
Awesome_ninja Feb 9 2011, 12:05pm replied:

go DL it elsewhere from a torrent of something, and use your CD Key =)

+2 votes   article: Crysis mods get Desura support!
Awesome_ninja Feb 6 2011, 11:58pm says:

I neat feature to add would be when you go backwards, there is a chance that you fall down, bcz you will trip over a bump (like you would do in real life).
Back on topic, this mod will be rated M for MANLY!

+2 votes   media: Consternation Developement Video 2
Awesome_ninja Jan 21 2011, 8:00pm says:

damn sexy!

+1 vote   media: 2005 Ford Mustang Police Interceptor - White (Old)
Awesome_ninja Jan 18 2011, 7:08pm says:

How about you release the 3rd person over shoulder view? That would be much more appreciated.
PS: don't tell me it doesn't exist, it's allowed on all L4D2 Alienware servers during events

+2 votes   download: Left 4 Dead 2 Third Person Mod
Awesome_ninja Jan 15 2011, 5:20pm replied:

I think you've mistaken it for the Killing Floor Xbow scope

+1 vote   media: City 17: Episode One | Quick Media Release
Awesome_ninja Jan 13 2011, 9:14pm replied:

well, I'm sure you will find a way to fix it...

+2 votes   media: Iron sights!
Awesome_ninja Jan 12 2011, 6:37pm replied:

Thank you, at least someone understands the issue.
I won't do any further, enough have already been said.

+1 vote   media: Iron sights!
Awesome_ninja Jan 11 2011, 9:12pm replied:

Just to finish of, I did a search for proofs that the team behind paranoia engine and the famous opengl32.dll clearly says that you may get VACCed:
---Quote from Wargon (one of the devs of Paranoia team):
"I already said in the description of the mod that VAC can detect it [opengl32.dll] as a cheat, and you will get banned"
Source: http://www.level-design.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=212
Source 2 (re-uploaded .dll with some modifications): http://www.overpro.ru/component/option,com_fireboard/Itemid,124/func,view/id,752/catid,23/
Source 3: Paranoia readme.txt

There, you have been warned.

-2 votes   media: Iron sights!
Awesome_ninja Jan 11 2011, 8:38pm buried:


Maybe you didn't, but other did got banned...maybe not all of them, maybe just a few. Either way, lots of people reported that they got banned, and they are ****** at the Paranoia team...

I am not talking only about myself, but I am trying to warn others, so that they don't cry after if they get banned...
As for myself, I have PacSteam now, just in case

Just another SPUF Thread about it:

-7 votes   media: Iron sights!
Awesome_ninja Jan 11 2011, 3:16am buried:


To be clear, my point is:
I know your mod doesn't have Multiplayer, so you will not be banned for playing this mod. BUT! When you switch to another GoldSrc mod that has an online feature on a VAC protected server, such as Sven COOP or CS 1.6, you WILL get VAC banned if you don't remove the .DLL from the HL directory.
So I will be able to safely play your mod, but will it affect the other online mods?

@Sporkeh :
Thanks for clearing that up

-6 votes   media: Iron sights!
Awesome_ninja Jan 10 2011, 11:47pm buried:


Oh really? Wiki link:

"VAC2: The single-player Half-Life modifications Paranoia and Half-Life FX, which made changes to the engine's renderer that propagated to multi-player games.[citation needed] This still triggers a ban and no bans caused by it have been reversed."

You want more?:

Even more?:

I don't have anyone in my steam friends list who got VACed for this, but I heard some people did.

I play a lot of Sven-COOP and CS 1.6, and getting a VAC ban on my account with over 2000$ worth of games just because you haven't warned the players enough like the Paranoia team, will **** off a lot of people, including myself, because lots of Source servers in CSS have a plugin to check your VAC status, and jsut because you will be treated like a cheater!

-7 votes   media: Iron sights!
Awesome_ninja Jan 9 2011, 11:09pm replied:

Question taken from Paranoia ModDB page:
The HOT QUESTION about SAFE PLAY: I've heard that playing your mod is a big risk for my STEAM account. The playing PARANOIA online can make my STEAM account banned by VAC. Is that true?

The anticheating services WILL NOT BAN YOUR ACCOUNT IF YOU PLAYING OUR MOD ONLINE. The VAC will detect opengl32.dll as a cheat in case if you will try to play another HL1 mod (CS1.6 for example) online on the server with VAC protection. We have NO PRECEDENT that some account was banned, because VAC just prevent you from playing on the server with anticheating protection. If you want to play online with other HL1 mods, just delete opengl32.dll file (or replace it to other detectory), but don't forget to put it back when you want to play PARANOIA. Without opengl32.dll in the Half-Life folder, the new graphic effects in PARANOIA will not be available.

My question: will it be the same with Cry of Fear? I will have to delete the opengl32.dll every time I play another mod/game on GoldSrc engine?


-4 votes   media: Iron sights!
Awesome_ninja Jan 9 2011, 10:18pm buried:


so will there be the VAC ban controversy again? We will have to delete the .DLLs before playing online, like Sven-Coop etc... ?

-7 votes   media: Iron sights!
Awesome_ninja Dec 23 2010, 5:01am says:

Desura activation not working.... =(
I activate my key, and then nothing shows up in the games tab. I'll have a look at it again tomorrow, too sleepy right now.

+1 vote   article: Humble Indie Bundle 2, now with 11 games!
Awesome_ninja Oct 31 2010, 5:26pm says:

nice! Keep on coming man, your work is badass!

+1 vote   media: Jmod TMP lowpoly
Awesome_ninja Oct 3 2010, 1:45pm replied:

you can't play MC with Alien Swarm only... it is a Alien Swarm locked SDK kit

+2 votes   article: Modular Combat 2.0.3: Back to basics.
Awesome_ninja Sep 9 2010, 10:56am says:

Slice and dice baby!

+1 vote   media: Machete
Awesome_ninja Sep 9 2010, 10:54am says:

Thank god ZM will now be able to actually see on dark maps =)

+1 vote   media: ZM Nightvision
Awesome_ninja Jul 12 2010, 3:32am says:


+1 vote   article: Updates on Codename: JMOD
Awesome_ninja Jul 4 2010, 6:21am says:

Great work guys!
/me removes all torrents to save the bandwich to DL the mod...(5GB/month limit sucks =(

+1 vote   article: Firearms: Source Release Date, July 23rd
Awesome_ninja Jun 24 2010, 1:10pm says:

I wish darned Steam would let me play in offline mode... I would of tried it then =(

+1 vote   download: Bilians L4D2 Sound & Music Replacement Mod v1.0
Awesome_ninja Jun 17 2010, 2:16pm says:

awesum, now I will be able to (I hope) do apple juice xD

+3 votes   media: oc_harvest Apples
Awesome_ninja Jun 2 2010, 12:16pm says:

EDIT3: will you add some kind of system to pick up ammo so that YOU have to do it, and it doesnt picks up by itself. Like somekind of action that you have to do to trigger it or something similar.
EDIT4:And some nice WORK* there... it can be perfected, but it's already solid =)

+1 vote   media: Dave's Demo reel
Awesome_ninja May 31 2010, 4:14am says:

YES! Thank god you stopped this crap!

+2 votes   article: Exodus: The Future Of The Mod
Awesome_ninja May 13 2010, 10:36am says:

wow, I got blown away... That was magnificent... and so shiny and beautiful! Excellent work guys!

+2 votes   media: Chamber 06 Sneak-Peak
Awesome_ninja May 11 2010, 10:32am replied:

did you meant stuff, like windows? Then yes

+1 vote   media: Vehicle Models
Awesome_ninja May 9 2010, 2:23pm replied:

or maybe both =@

+1 vote   article: Momentum, Crysis parkour mod, Release
Awesome_ninja May 9 2010, 2:15pm replied:

it doesn't lag too badly for me o_O...on maxed out settings and 1920*1080 I get an average of 34 FPS.... with my pretty HD 4980

+1 vote   article: NS2 Engine Test and Tools Just Launched on Steam!
Awesome_ninja May 7 2010, 1:38pm says:

but hey, how about you release THIS version as a new beta? I mean it would be much better already! if there are no (less) lag (the only reason I don't play this mod that much anymore).
And then, release an update to the beta with new implementations!
Anyone agree? Thx

+1 vote   article: We have obtained good results from testing
Awesome_ninja May 3 2010, 1:48pm replied:

what else do you think it is??? a model? dun dun dun

+1 vote   media: Forest Map (Color Correction)
Awesome_ninja Apr 30 2010, 11:58am replied:

well, you are currently helping them by tellign how to do it right =)

+1 vote   article: Angular and linear keyframe blending
Awesome_ninja Apr 29 2010, 3:46pm says:

can someone explain me what's the difference between this mod and PVKII?
I haven't played any of these, but I wanna try em. Which much is better? gameplay / fun / teamplay / ..?

+1 vote   article: Age of Chivalry's Grand Tournament
Awesome_ninja Apr 29 2010, 10:36am says:

hey, you said you needed beta testers, any places left? =)

+2 votes   member: gladers
Awesome_ninja Apr 28 2010, 10:32am says:

is it me, or I just saw claws at 0:57 O__O...
Looks freaking awesome

+1 vote   article: Momentum, Crysis parkour mod
Awesome_ninja Apr 23 2010, 12:40pm replied:

oh, THX a lot

+1 vote   media: 1187 - Live broadcast
Awesome_ninja Apr 19 2010, 10:33am says:

Like "IGotzNoSkittles78" said, you forgot the fog, and it's WAY too dark... In the series it was super bright

+1 vote   download: LeetWorld DeathRoom
Awesome_ninja Apr 12 2010, 1:52pm says:

Why just don't post the youtube vid here o_O...oh well, nice progress xD

+1 vote   media: New Uzi Animations WIP
Awesome_ninja Mar 18 2010, 10:47am says:

Well, I guess cya in Modular Combat =) ... I'll create a new character tho, a lvl 25 against new players is not fair xD

+1 vote   article: Gaming Events for March 20th and 21st
Awesome_ninja Mar 15 2010, 1:49pm says:

niiiiiiiiiiiiice xD, keep up the awesome work

+1 vote   media: AirExStart ( WIP )
Awesome_ninja Mar 2 2010, 10:36am replied:

why he got negative karma? Isn't it that obvious to use some kind of ingame recording? It's so much more demonstrative nad we can see the detail much better! Fraps or at leat in-game Source recorder... +1

+1 vote   media: Perfection - Week 7 Demonstration
Awesome_ninja Feb 17 2010, 3:30pm replied:

or simply get a stand alone version xD

0 votes   poll: Do you share your PC?
Awesome_ninja Feb 17 2010, 11:32am says:

nice work, keep it up xD

+2 votes   media: Dobermann Dog
Awesome_ninja Feb 10 2010, 6:22pm replied:

well, if u live in there yes....OVIOUSLY it's boring! It's a WASTE disposal, no one take care of it! Dun dun dun...
Anyways, nice job guys!

+2 votes   media: Waste Disposal Facility - Hallway
Awesome_ninja Dec 10 2009, 7:09pm says:

Excellent job... Minigun push ftw =)

+1 vote   media: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - Deathball
Awesome_ninja Nov 8 2009, 4:34pm says:

AWESOME!! New stuff =)
Is it possible to have a snapshot of the "Weapons" menu ? THX

+1 vote   media: Modular Combat v1.77
Awesome_ninja Jan 12 2011, 6:50pm says:

nerf the god damn Flamethrower.... It's like having Commando Pro in MW2 for marines -_-

+2 votes   article: Build 161 of the Natural Selection 2 Beta is now available on Steam.
Awesome_ninja Jan 11 2011, 3:25am says:

now that's just karma.... That's what I get for pressing F5 on ModDB at 4AM before going to bed... won't even load the video player -_-

+1 vote   media: Kingdoms Collide 1.0 Trailer
Awesome_ninja Jan 9 2011, 10:12pm says:

it's not dead! Hooray! Nice model too =)

+1 vote   media: 117 hp @ 13,000 rpm
Awesome_ninja Jan 6 2011, 10:49pm says:

let me guess, it's taking so long because lots of your team members start leaving the dev team? like "sn!pe" that joined Zombie Master 2 for example, etc? Correct me if I'm wrong

-1 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
Awesome_ninja Jan 5 2011, 1:38pm says:

You are so "intense"! Heh... Anyways, enought with stupid jokes, and back to serious buiseness. Is the comment subscribing is on your to-do list this year? I love the Youtube system, and I think it's the only major feature that this website is missing. Oh and, like "moci" already said, you should add a Clear all, and View and Clear options to the update =)

+2 votes   article: 2011 musings
Awesome_ninja Jan 4 2011, 11:06pm replied:

what's wrong with COD BO? It is so far the best COD! Now, being the best of the series doesn't mean it's a good, game, but Zombie mode is awesome! Got to wave 40 solo, then got bored, and suicided (took me 3 hours and a half to get there!, and legit =)).

0 votes   game: Magical Diary
Awesome_ninja Jan 4 2011, 4:19pm replied:

it's not fake duh -_-... You simply don't get the SourceSDK access like with Alien Swarm.

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Master 2
Awesome_ninja Jan 4 2011, 4:07pm replied:

people that don't check the forums, don't know it xD

+2 votes   article: January 2011 - Community Update
Awesome_ninja Jan 4 2011, 3:54pm replied:

Oh You_are_not_funny...
/me facepalm

-4 votes   media: citizen....
Awesome_ninja Jan 3 2011, 4:05pm replied:

no one is barely attacking now because everyone got some defences set up xD...
Looks like we need some Interplanetary missile wipe out, mwuhahaha

+2 votes   article: Magnetar3 released!
Awesome_ninja Jan 3 2011, 3:45pm replied:

*sigh* ...

+3 votes   article: Dead before Dawn - Director's Cut - Update
Awesome_ninja Jan 2 2011, 8:42pm replied:

hey man, do you know on what website you are? [pause for effect] *sigh*....

+2 votes   article: Nightmare House 2 source files released!
Awesome_ninja Dec 28 2010, 2:46am says:

I vote 1
it looks like a BFG to me
2 is more of a revolver
3 is "just" a regular shotty

+2 votes   article: The Great Tremor Art Vote - Part 2
Awesome_ninja Dec 27 2010, 3:18pm replied:

sarcasm xD

+2 votes   mod: Exodus
Awesome_ninja Dec 27 2010, 3:16pm says:

at least good to know you dropped all the other crap you made before, but as of now, there is nothing at all. You better show some media.

+1 vote   article: Exodus: I NEED SOME ASSISTANCE OVER HERE
Awesome_ninja Dec 26 2010, 8:20pm replied:

oh look, another combine on ModDB!

+4 votes   game: The Revenge
Awesome_ninja Dec 26 2010, 8:19pm says:

Great room, and mapping.
One remark: why did you used wood floor (I think it's what it is) texture for the ceiling?! I have nothing against it, but it looks odd IMO.

+2 votes   media: WIP Screenshot
Awesome_ninja Dec 25 2010, 9:45pm says:

can anyone tell me what's better, Stalker COMPLETE or this? I'm totally new to STALKER series, so I need someoone's advice. Thanks!

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
Awesome_ninja Dec 25 2010, 9:36pm says:

can anyone tell me what's better, LURK 1.1 or this? I'm totally new to STALKER series, so I need someoone's advice. Thanks!

+1 vote   mod: STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)
Awesome_ninja Dec 25 2010, 5:24pm buried:


@relifed: your face against the wall is awesome too

-7 votes   article: Players Choice - Indie of the Year
Awesome_ninja Dec 25 2010, 5:22pm buried:


seconded, it's a ******* gay game. Sure being creative if fun, but when its laggy as ****, with graphics worse than lego.... Congratz Amnesia!

-9 votes   article: Players Choice - Indie of the Year
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